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PlayStation Pro 2.0 Store

PlayStation Pro 2.0 and Play-Asia have teamed up to offer our readers a ridiculous amount of cool PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable games, accessories, toys, and DVDs. We are very excited to have Play-Asia as our official sponsor, and we sincerely hope you enjoy their products. Any items that you purchase directly from us, or through Play-Asia, really helps us out. Thank you for all your support! - Matt, Editor in Chief.

Click here to enlarge image Sony PSP Slim & Lite (Pearl White)
Go for style and join the next handheld generation with the exclusive PlayStation Portable Pearl White. This Japanese PSP has all the same slick features as its black counter-part, except it comes in a stylish ceramic white shell. The included accessories are also white to match the system. Normally only available in Japan, this item can play Japanese, American, and European games. New features include Improved display and Built-in microphone.

Price: $249.90 USD

More Details

Click here to enlarge image SmartJoy FRAG (Keyboard and Mouse Adapter)
The SmartJoy FRAG is by far the most popular item purchased through our web site. This nifty device allows you to use a mouse and keyboard with any PlayStation 2 game. Highly recommended for First-Person Shooters, but can be used with other genres. Compatible with all PlayStation 2 consoles (US, JPN, PAL), all standard PS/2 Mice, including USB Mice with a USB to PS/2 Adapter, and optical and wireless mice. Perfect for SOCOM II and the upcoming SOCOM III sequel. For a limited time, you may purchase this item through the PlayStation Pro 2.0 store for only $18.99! Regular price is $28.90 plus shipping. Number left in stock: 3

Retail Price: Not sold in stores
Our Price: $19.90 (Free shipping*, no sales tax)

Click here to enlarge image SanDisk Memory Stick PRO Duo 512MB
SanDisk’s Memory Stick PRO Duo is half the size of a standard-size Memory Stick PRO media and it offers the same features including high speed data transfer, built-in MagicGate, and high capacities. Perfect for storing movies, music, photos, and game saves on your Japanese, American, or European Sony PSP. Also compatible with some digital cameras.

Price: $5.90

Click here to enlarge image Official PSP Memory Stick Duo 32 MB
This official 32 MB Sony PSP Memory Stick Duo allows you to store game save files, MP3s, movies, and photos for your PlayStation Portable. Item is opened, but has not been used or formatted. This stick offers MagicGate copyright protection technology. Very limited stock available. Compatible with Japanese, North American, and European PSP systems.

Retail Price: $39.99 each (plus sales tax and/or shipping)
Our Price: $19.99 each (Free shipping*, no sales tax)


Membership to PlayStation Pro 2.0 Premium Network
If you want exclusive access to the FilePulse and PlayStation Pro 2.0 Premium Network, then please sign-up. Inside you will find exclusive game videos, including strategy guide videos for only $10 per month. Sign-up today!

Retail Price: Not sold in stores
Our Price: $10.00/month

Payment Instructions
If you wish to purchase an item or membership, please e-mail us and you will be sent a Google Checkout invoice. If you want to use money order or personal check, please contact us for the mailing address. Our items are shipped with delivery confirmation to show proof of shipment.

* Free Shipping is only available for customers in the USA and for items being sold by PlayStation Pro 2.0. Items sold via Play-Asia are subject to shipping fees. Please contact us for shipping rates outside the U.S.

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