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Gran Turismo 5 FAQ

Last Updated: November 22, 2010

After 5 years of waiting, Gran Turismo 5: The Real Driving Simulator has finally arrived on the PlayStation 3. Why did it take so long to be released and what should we expect? Keep reading to find out. To search through this page, press ctrl+F.

This guide created by PlayStation Pro 2.0. Do not steal the guide and claim it as your own.

1. What is the difference between the Gran Turismo 5 standard and collector's edition?

The Gran Turismo 5 Collector's Edition comes with the game along with these extra items:

  • Custom etched Gran Turismo key chain
  • Exclusive limited edition Kyosho designed 1:43 scale diecast 2009 Nissan GT-R Spec V
  • A 300+ page book called "Apex: Ultimate Car Guide" written by GT creators, Polyphony Digital
  • Voucher for 5 downloadable exclusive cars (See Below)
  • Numbered certificate of authenticity
  • Custom collector's packaging

Apex: Ultimate Car Guide

Chapter 1: Driving Techniques
Chapter 2: Mechanism
Chapter 3: Tuning & Settings
Chapter 4: Photo Mode
Chapter 5: Track Index
Chapter 6: Car Index

The included Apex: Ultimate Car Guide book has history on the automobile, in-depth descriptions of cars and tuning, basic and advanced driving techniques, tips on how to take better pictures in the game's Photo Mode, and a detailed car and track index. The book has full color photos and is well written. The car index in the guide has almost all the cars in the game, as well as a selection of the game's tracks.

Sample book pages released by Sony:

The five downloadable cars in the Collector's Edition are:

-Audi R8 5.2 FSI Quattro Chrome Line Edition
-BMW M3 Coupe Chrome Line Edition
-Lamborghini Murciélago LP 640 Chrome Line Edition
-Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Coupe Chrome Line Edition
-Shelby Cobra 427 Chrome Line Edition

The total price for the Collector's Edition is $99.99.

For a video of the unboxing, see below. Click the HD button for best quality.

2. If I buy the standard edition, can I later buy the five downloadable cars on the PlayStation Network?

No, they are only available with the Collector's Edition and won't be sold on the PlayStation Network later. Maybe people will sell their unused voucher code on eBay but you won't be able to buy it on PSN.

3. How many total cars are in Gran Turismo 5?

There will be 1,031 cars in the game. See the full list here: Official Gran Turismo 5 Car List

4. What is the difference between the stardard cars and premium cars?

Premium cars in Gran Turismo 5 have detailed interiors camera views with the driver's hands visible and mimicing the players movements. Premium cars also have detailed car damage when you crash or hit another object and they have working windshield wipers and headlights (both high and low beams).

The standard cars have hood and bumper view like in previous GT games but you cannot see the actual interior of the car. They also have basic damage models and standard headlights. Textures on the standard cars are not as good as the premium cars.

5. Why didn't they make all the cars in the game premium cars?

A single premium car can take months to complete because they are built from the ground up. They would take hundreds or thousands of photos of a car and then the artists would create the car based on the photos. The interiors are the most difficult part because they are more complex and detailed than the outside of a car.

To make all 1,031 cars "premium" would take 10 years or more. As a result of that, they had no choice but to use some car models from Gran Turismo 4 and upscale the textures on those cars but they will never look as good as the premium cars when not in motion since they were not built from the ground up on the Gran Turismo 5 engine.

6. How many tracks are in Gran Turismo 5?

There are 71 different tracks in the game. Some are real-life world circuits and others are fictional tracks made by the developers of the game. Others are based on major cities such as London, Rome, and Tokyo. There are 3 dirt/snow tracks in GT5, with 9 total variations of those 3 tracks.

7. Does Gran Turismo 5 have custom soundtracks?

Yes, it will have custom soundtracks so you can put your own music in the game while you race. Gran Turismo on the PlayStation Portable had custom soundtracks too.

8. Is car damage both visual and mechanical?

Yes, for both standard and premium cars, the damage is mechanical. In other words, if you crash, it will affect your car's handling, stability, and other performance. Standard cars can get dents, scratches and dirt, but their body panels cannot get deformed or fall off. Premium cars have all of the above and can have the car doors, hood, and other panels fall off during the race.

9. Does GT5 require the game to be installed to the PlayStation 3 hard drive?

There is some data that you have to install which will only take a few minutes. If you want to do the full optional installation, it will take a little less than 1 hour to install to your PS3 hard drive. The benefit of installing to the hard drive is faster more efficient loading times, less strain on your Blu-ray lens, and less likely to see objects (such as trees) pop-up in the game when you are driving.

10. Is The Stig in Gran Turismo 5? What about Jeff Gordon?

Yes, The Stig and Jeff Gordon are both in GT5. There is a Jeff Gordon NASCAR School special event in the game.

11. How detailed is the GT5 course maker?

First you select a theme for your course. Do you want it to be a road (tarmac) or rally course? You can choose if you want the course to be a loop or one-way. Select how many sections you want your course to have and adjust things such as the road width and corner sharpness at each section. You can also choose the weather and the time of day.

The course maker is more about the layout of the course and less about the scenery. Do not expect to place trees, buildings, and other objects around your track. That is not what it is about.

12. Can I save and share my created track online?


13. Are there PlayStation Network trophies in the game?

Yes, there is trophy support in Gran Turismo 5. There are about 59 trophies that you can earn.

14. Is it possible to flip a car over in GT5?

In previous GT games, this was not possible but it can now be done in GT5. You will even earn a PSN trophy if you manage to flip a car over.

15. What options do I have with the HUD? Can I turn it off completely?

There doesn't seem to be a way to completely turn off the HUD. However, you can change the size of the on-screen course map to make it less annoying. The interior viewing angle can also be changed from Standard, Narrow, and Narrower.

16. Is it true that standard cars can't have their rims changed?

Yes, it is not possible to change rims on the standard cars.

17. I'm a fan of the fictional tracks from the older Gran Turismo games. Which ones make a return in GT5?

Autumn Ring
Cape Ring
Deep Forest Raceway
Grand Valley Speedway
High Speed Ring
Special Stage Route 5
Special Stage Route 7
Trial Mountain Circuit

18. I'm a big NASCAR fan and I want to know how detailed the NASCAR mode of the game will be. Is it as good as a dedicated NASCAR game or was it just quickly added to appeal to NASCAR fans?

I am not sure yet how many NASCAR events are in GT5. I do know there is a Jeff Gordon NASCAR School event and you can do full NASCAR races. In the game, you can drive the 2010 versions of Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Tony Stewart, Jimmie Johnson, and Juan Montoya's Chevrolet Impala with their car numbers and realistic decals on the entire car. These NASCARS are the premium cars.

19. Is it true that the Bugatti Veyron in Gran Turismo 5 is only a standard car and not the detailed premium car?

Sadly, that appears to be the case on the official GT5 car list.

20. What are all the game modes in Gran Turismo 5?

GT Life

This mode is like the Simulation mode from previous GT titles.

-License Test: Learn everything from basic driving skills to advanced racing techniques.

-A-Spec: Become a profesional racing driver and move up the ranks.

-B-Spec: Become a director of your own racing team. You must train a computer controlled driver and help him reach victory. Train him well, or he will not always listen to your commands as the team director. Your AI controlled drivers have an ability gauge, condition status, and personality type.

-Special Events: Here you will find Go Karts, Jeff Gordon NASCAR School, the Top Gear Test Track, GT Rally, Red Bull X1 Challenge, and more.

Arcade Mode

If you don't want to mess around with License Tests and just want to race as soon as possible, then this mode is for you.

-Single Race: Race against computer controlled drivers.

-Time Trial: Standard time trial mode found in all racing games.

-Drift Trial: Your drifting performance will be assessed based on various criteria and scored using a points system.

-2P Battle: Race against a friend via split-screen display. It seems the screen can only be split horizontal and not vertical.

Photo Mode

Place your cars in various locations around the world and take photos of them. You can save the photos to a USB thumb drive or a SD card or memory stick if you have an older PS3 that supports them.

-Photo Drive: Pause a race replay and take a photo. Real-life photographers will be pleased at all the detail options you have to take photos of the cars. Everything from Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO Speed, and more are available to be adjusted.

-Photo Travel: Take your premium cars to many real-life and fictional places and take photos of it. These places are not only tracks around the world but places like busy downtown areas of London, Tokyo, Madrid, or a quiet parking garage. There is even a walking mode where you can walk around freely like in a first-person video game. This enables you to get the best shot possible.

Gran Turismo TV

Take a break from racing and watch some GT TV. Here you can watch videos from entertainment car shows such as TopGear or watch various Japanese car video magazine segments. There is also original content from the creators of Gran Turismo.

For example, in one 14 minute video you can watch GT creator, Kazunori Yamauchi, go behind-the-scenes of Ferrari's headquarters in Northern Italy. Or watch him talk with some of the people at Nissan about the development of the Nissan GT-R and how it become one of the most talked about cars in recent years.

Most of the things you can watch here are free and in HD.

Online Mode

Gran Turismo finally goes online and it was well worth the wait. Instead of something Polyphony Digital just tossed together, there is a lot of depth here in the online mode.

-My Lounge: Private lounge that only people on your PlayStation Network friend list can enter. You can pick the track you want to race on, the race rules, and even do practice runs around the track while you wait for everyone to get ready to race. 32 people can be in a single lobby and up to 16 of those people can race.

-Spectator Mode: Watch other humans race in real-time.

-Remote Races: This is the online version of B-Spec mode. Select your AI controlled driver and put him against your friends' AI controlled drivers.

-Gran Turismo Anywhere: Access some of Gran Turismo's online features from your PlayStation Portable, computer, smartphone, iPad, and more.

21. Does the time of day change in real-time or is it sped up?

The day-night cycle changes much faster than real-life. Not all tracks have these day and night cycles.

22. Does the online mode have voice and text chat?

Yes, the game has voice chat and standard keyboard text chat.

23. What is head tracking and how do I do it?

Head tracking enables you to look around the cockpit of the car and out the side windows by simply moving your actual head from side to side. It requires a PlayStation Eye camera to use the head tracking feature.

24. Can I output video from the Gran Turismo TV mode to my PSP?


25. Can I upload my replay videos directly to YouTube within the game?

Yes, you can do it within the game. There is no need to transfer the video to your computer and upload it from there. It can be done from the PlayStation 3.

25. Can I race Go-Karts on any track?

You can use Go Karts on all tracks except snow and dirt tracks.

26. What can I tune and upgrade on my cars?

You can tune and adjust all the same things as in previous GT games. If you are new to the series, you can tune and adjust the following items:

Intake System
Turbo Kit

Maintenance and basic tuning:

Car Wash
Oil Change
Paint Body
Paint Wheels
Change Wheels
Aero Parts
Overhaul Engine
Restore Body Rigidity
Racing Modifications

27. Do the Go Karts have visual damage in Gran Turismo 5? Can I crash and send the driver to the hospital?

Sorry, I haven't tried the Go Karts yet. I'm going to guess the answer is no, though.

[To Be Continued]

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