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Grand Theft Auto 3 FAQ
Here are some of the most frequent questions people have been asking me about GTA3. I am no longer updating this guide. Sorry.

Last Updated August 21, 2002.

1. What is the fastest car in the game?

According to the producer, the police car is officially the fastest car in the game. Yes, even faster than the sports cars.

2. How do you fly the plane on the 3rd island?

First, find an uncrowded area with plenty of space to gain speed. I recommend using the runway at the airport. Hold "up" on the analog stick and punch the throttle all the way. Eventually, the nose of the plane will scrap the ground. At this time, ease up on the analog stick and the plane will start to lift off of the ground. Never push the stick towards you to lift up the nose of the plane! This will only cause the plane to stall and crash.

As you gain altitude, the air plane will suddenly start to point back towards the ground again. Don't panic. Just let go of the analog stick and the plane will start to level off on its own. The rest is self explanatory. As long as you don't push the stick back towards you - you should be fine.

3. Where do I find the dune buggy car thingy?

After you get to Staunton Island, return to Portland and you'll find the BF Injection in the park where you pick up Misty. It's less than 30 seconds from the save point in Portland. The car will only be there between 19:00 - 24:00. (read: night time).

4. Where do I get the tank?

Either beat the game, get 6 stars and steal a tank, or use the "tank cheat" found in the codes section. (note: You can only get 6 stars when you reach Shoreside Vale)

5. Is there any way to get into Luigi's sex bar?

Uh, no.

6. Where do I found the car with the sweet hydralics that you can move up and down?

I always find it in front of the parking garage in Staunton Island. Just press the "horn" button to bounce around.

7. Where do I get the sniper rifle?

The weapon shop in Staunton Island.

8. How do you swim out of water?

You can't - unless you're in really, really shallow water.

9. Can you send me codes for this game

Look for it yourself in the codes section you lazy bastard.

10. How do I take out the police helicopters?

Use your trusty rocket launcher.

11. How do I get to the lighthouse in Portland?

Use the plane to fly there. There is nothing there to aquire though.

12. What about the observator on top of the mountain in Shoreside Vale?

You can try flying there, but you can't land on the mountain.

13. I heard that you can change characters during the game. How is this done?

Use the costume cheat code.

14. How do I get me one of those lovely hookers?

Simply park next to them and they will eventually get into your car. Then take the ho to a secluded location to commence the love making.

15. Where do I found NOS for my car?

You've been watching too much of The Fast and the Furious.

16. How do I beat the Turismo mission?

Use a police car instead of the sports cars. This is a common mistake.

17. How do I get into the football stadium?

Don't even bother trying. I flew into there once and my character "clipped" through the field. I tried running around and I fell into an invisible hole in the field and suddenly I was outside of the stadium with my face planted into the ground. No lie.

18. How do I get the secret package on top of the hospital in Staunton?

Find an ambulance and park it next to the building. Get on top of the ambulance and jump onto the roof.

19. What about the package on the building across from the bitchin' dog food factory in Portland?

Get onto the el track and jump from there onto the building. Run across the roof and grab the package.

20. How do I make the tank fly 2,000 feet in the air?

Enter in the "low gravity" cheat. Then, get into a tank and turn the turret around so that it is facing behind you. Go to a place where there is a lot of room and start driving at full speed. Next, while holding down the "X" button, press "circle" continuously to fire your rockets as fast as you can. Eventually, the tank will start to take off and will go higher than every building in the game. Enjoy!

21. How do I pack more cars in my garage?

Use one car from preventing the door from closing by placing it underneath the door so it cannot close. Then try and jam as many cars as possible into the garage. Be careful though. I've heard of the game crashing if you put too many cars in at once.

22. How do I obtain "Infinate Run"?

You have to complete level 12 in the Ambulance missions. It's tough but well worth it.

23. Is there really a 4th island?!

Nope. There is a "ghost town" were the bank scene was held, but thats about it. To find it, use the Dodo and fly behind the observation tower. You should be able to find it.

24. Where can I find GTA3 lyrics?

Check the "game lyrics" section using the navigation menu.

25. Can you explain the 7 lifts secret to me?

It's just a rumor. Nothing happens when you get all seven of the Mafia cars onto the lifts near the bridge in Portland.

26. Is it true that you can get to DisneyWorld and beat up Mickey Mouse?

What do you think? This is the reason why I don't host message boards on my site.

27. How do I get into the helicopter?

You can't.

28. Are you sure that there isn't a Carser City cause I heard that it was in the game?

Once again, don't believe the B.S. you find in message boards.

29. Is it true that you can make cars invisible?

Yes. See the GTA3 cheat code page.

30. I figured out that when you shoot the moon with the sniper rifle that it grows and shrinks with each shot. What does this do? Does it open anything up?

It doesn't do anything except make the moon larger and smaller.

31. How do I make the prostitutes naked?

That's only possible in the PC version of GTA3.

32. In the GTA3 commercial, there is a scene where the main guy and some of the mafia guys raise their shotguns at you. I've beaten the game but I can't find this scene. Where is it ?

It's only found in the commercial.

33. Some times when I play the game I move faster than the game can load the textures. How do I fix this?

Try turning off the "trails effect" in the options menu. It's normal for the textures to some times load slower than you can drive/run.

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