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PlayStation Move FAQ

Last Updated: April 24, 2014

Motion-sensing gaming came to the PlayStation 3 on September 2010 and we know you have a lot of questions about it. How does it compare to the Nintendo Wii? Keep reading to find out. If you still have a question, contact us using the link to the left.

This guide created by PlayStation Pro 2.0 staff. Do not steal the guide and claim it as your own.

1. How much does the PlayStation Move cost?

Look below and determine which category you fit into. That is the minimum you have to spend to play PlayStation Move.

If You Own a PS3:
$69.99 for PlayStation Move Essentials Pack
It includes 1 PlayStation Move controller, a PlayStation Eye Camera, and a PS Move demo disc with 10 game demos.

If You Don't Own a PS3:
$349.99 for PlayStation 3 Sports Champion Move Bundle
It includes a PlayStation 3 system, 1 PlayStation Move controller, 1 regular PlayStation 3 DualShock 3 controller, a PlayStation Eye Camera, Sports Champions video game designed for PS Move, and a PS Move demo disc.

If you own a PS3 and PlayStation Eye camera:
$39.99 for the Move Motion Controller
You have the camera already so this is all you need.

2. Are the prices above really all I have to spend to play PS Move games?

Yes. There are other accessories that you can buy to help improve the experience but they are optional. And if you want to play Move games with more than one person, then of course they will need to bring their own PlayStation Move controller from home or use any additional ones that you have. Here are the prices for the optional accessories.

PlayStation Move navigation controller $29.99 (Optional)
PlayStation Move charging station $19.99 (Optional)
PlayStation Move shooting attachment $14.99 (Optional)
PlayStation Move motion controller $39.99 (Required for additional human players*)

*Some games allow each person to take turns sharing a single controller.

3. When was the PlayStation Move released?

October 21, 2010

North America:
September 17 - 19, 2010

September 15, 2010

The official North American date is September 19 but some stores such as, GameStop, and Walmart sold it a few days early.

4. Is the PlayStation Move better than the Nintendo Wii?

PS Move is more accurate and allows smoother and more precise movements than the Nintendo Wii. To be fair to Nintendo, of course the PS Move hardware would be better considering it is being released several years after the Wii.

If you are asking if Wii games are better than games compatible with PS Move, then that is subjective. PS Move games are better looking than all Wii games because the Wii cannot display games in high-definition (HD). All PS Move titles will be in HD and should offer much more detailed graphics due to the PS3 simply being more powerful than the Nintendo Wii. Despite this, some people may still find Wii games more fun. It just depends on the person.

5. I have a really old PlayStation 3 from launch day. Will it still work with PlayStation Move?

Yes, PlayStation Move works on all PlayStation 3 models.

6. What games are compatible with PlayStation Move?

List Updated April 24, 2014

Existing games

The follow games were released before PS Move and will require you to download a patch to enable you to play the game using your PS Move controllers.

Heavy Rain
High Velocity Bowling
Hustle Kings
No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise
Little League World Series 2010
Planet Minigolf
Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11
Toy Story 3: The Video Game

New Games

These games will support PlayStation Move right out of the box. (Partial List)

Ape Escape Fury! Fury!
Beat Sketch!
BioShock Infinite
Book of Spells
Brunswick Pro Bowling
Buzz!: The Ultimate Music Quiz
Counter Strike: Global Offensive
Dance Dance Revolution
Dead Space: Extraction
Deadliest Catch: Sea of Chaos
Disaster Report 4
Dungeon Defenders
Dust 514
Echochrome II
The Fight: Lights Out
Flight Control HD
Get Fit With Mel B
Grand Slam Tennis 11
Gran Turismo 5
Heroes on the Move
Infamous 2
John Daly's ProStroke Golf
Killzone 3
Kung Fu Rider
LittleBigPlanet 2
Michael Jackson: The Experience
NBA 2K11
Ninja Gaiden 3
Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath
SingStar Dance
The Sly Collection
Sports Champions
Start the Party
The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest
The Shoot
Time Crisis: Razing Storm
Tron: Evolution
TV Superstars
Under Siege
Virtua Tennis 4
Zumba Fitness

7. Can I play PS Move sitting down?

Yes, you can play the PlayStation Move sitting down on a couch or in a wheelchair as long as there is nothing blocking the camera from seeing the glowing sphere.

8. I'm looking at the archery game in "Sports Champions" that comes with the PS Move and it shows a person holding two Move controllers. Do I need two of them to play that game? What about other games?

You can play Archery with one Move controller but to play the game like you are holding a real bow and arrow, then you need two of them. PS Move games won't force you to buy two controllers but for the best experience for some games you might need two of them.

9. If I don't want to buy the charging station how will I charge the controllers?

You charge them just like you charge your regular PS3 controllers. Just use the included USB charging cable. The charging station dock is just for extra convenience and slightly faster charging time (four hours instead of five), but isn't required.

10. What colors do the PlayStation Move controllers come in?

It currently only comes in black. If you're talking about the spheres on top of the controllers, that is actually a LED, so it can change to over a million different colors depending on the situation. If your character is almost dead in a game, then the color might change red or it might flash red when you are taking damage in a game.

Or the system might change the color depending on the environment that you play games. For example, if all your walls are painted green, then the system might change the color to something that might be easier for the camera to track in green environments. Hey, don't laugh. I once knew a guy who had awesome green walls.

For multiplayer games, the system might change the colors on each sphere to help the camera track each one individually.

11. Once I sync my PS Move controller to my system can I use it on other PS3 systems?

Yes, you can take your controller to your friends' house or use his/her controllers on your system.

12. Can I use my Move controller to navigate through my PlayStation 3?

That is correct. If you aren't playing a game, you can still use your Move controller to navigate the XMB (XrossMediabar). The sphere won't be lit up while you do this, so don't worry, it's not broken.

13. How many human players can play Move at once?

Move games can support 1 to 4 people playing at the same time. It can get crowded with four people moving at once so make sure you have enough space. Depending on the game, each person might need their own Move controller or the game might have each person take turns using the same controller(s). Sometimes the games will have players playing on the same team or against each other.

14. Does the Move controllers use AA batteries like the official Nintendo Wii controllers?

No, it has a built-in rechargable lithium ion battery inside. You cannot open and replace the battery on your own.

15. Can really tall or really short people play PlayStation Move?

It doesn't matter how tall or short you are as long as the camera is positioned correctly.

16. Where do I put the camera on my TV?

Put the camera centered above or below the TV. For best results, place the camera so that it is shoulder height if possible. For most households, this is above the TV but if you have your TV placed higher than usual, then you should place it below the TV. It doesn't have to be absolutely perfect since people playing Move will be different heights but it should be average shoulder height for the players. It is safe to place the camera on top of the actual TV but make sure it is secure and doesn't fall off.

17. How far can I stand from the PlayStation Move Camera?

You can stand as far as 10 feet away and it will still work but the ideal range is 5 to 9 feet according to Sony. It can also work at as close as 2 feet but it isn't recommended that you stand that close.

18. Can I play PlayStation Move in the dark?

Yes. It does not like extremely bright rooms or lights shining directly into the camera. You might need to close the blinds if too much sunlight enters your room.

19. Can left-handed people use PlayStation Move?

Yes. Just tell the game you are left handed in the options menu.

20. Is it required that I buy a PlayStation Move navigation controller?

No, the navigation controller is not required and is completely optional. You can use your regular PlayStation 3 controller to navigate if you wish. The Nintendo Wii has something similar to the PS Move Navigation controller but on the Wii, this controller is absolutely required to play some Wii games.

21. Does the navigation controller have motion-sensing abilities too?

No, you do not wave or point the navigation controller around like you do with the PlayStation Move motion controller. For this reason, the controller has longer battery life than the Move motion controller.

22. Can I play 3D games and Move at the same time?

Yes, of course. Some Move-only games are in 3D, such as "The Fight: Lights Out."

The Fight: Lights Out can also be played if you don't have a 3D HDTV.

23. Is the PlayStation Eye Camera that comes with the PlayStation Move bundle a watered down version of the camera or does it have all the same features?

It has all the same features, such as a microphone, so you can voice chat over the PS3 even when you're not playing a PlayStation Move game. The microphone also has multi-directional voice location tracking, echo cancellation, and background noise suppression. The camera can capture video at 640480 pixel resolution and you can video chat with your PlayStation Network friends using the camera.

It has head tracking which moves the camera with your head's movements even outside of Move games. This has been implemented in some games such as Gran Turismo 5, where the camera moves with your head so you can look around inside the car and out the side windows like you're really in the car.

24. Someone told me I need a camera for each human player. Is that true?

No. One camera can track four human players just fine.

25. Can I use my existing Logitech or Microsoft camera to play PS Move?

No, they are not compatible.

26. What does the shooting attachment look like?

This is what the official Move shooting attachment looks like. There will also be 3rd party shooting attachments made by other companies. The controller fits into the gap in the top so you can hold it like a real gun.

27. If I already have a PlayStation Eye Camera, can I get one of those PlayStation Move demo discs?

It appears that you cannot get a demo disc unless you buy one of the PS Move bundles. There are free Move demos downloadable from the PlayStation store, though.

28. Which sports are in the game "Sports Champions" that comes bundled with PlayStation Move?

Table Tennis, Volleyball, Gladiator Duel, Disc Golf, Bocce, and Archery. Some people want sports like Bowling, Golf, and Baseball like Wii Sports but those sports are actually already available for PlayStation Move in separate PS3 games such as High Velocity Bowling, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, and Little League World Series 2010. MLB 12: The Show also has Move support.

29. How many PlayStation Move units have been sold so far?

As of November 2012, 15 million PS Move units have been sold worldwide.

30. Can I use my PlayStation 3 camera on the PlayStation 4?

No. The PlayStation Eye is not compatible with the PlayStation 4. You must buy the PlayStation Camera if you want to use PS Move features on the PS4.

31. Can I use my PlayStation Move motion controller with the PS4?

Yes. The PlayStation 4 Camera can recognize the PlayStation Move motion controller just fine.

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