Castlevania: Lament of Innocence Cheat Codes

All Skills

Complete the game as Leon Belmont, select New Game, and enter your name as @LLSKILL.

Boss Rush Mode

Beat the game and save it. The mode will be available at the level selection screen with the same character you beat the game with.

Crazy Mode

Beat the game and save it; enter name as @CRAZY.

Jade Mask

Defeat the game with Leon and save it. The mask appears in Rinaldo's shop list for a price of 999 gold.

Play as Joachim Armster

Beat the game with Leon; enter your name as @JOACHIM.

Moebius's Brooch

Beat the game on Crazy Mode. It appears on Rinaldo's shop list for 20,000 gold.

Music Box

Beat the game and save the file; go to Rinaldo's cottage, and you will be able to buy the Music Box (play music at the main menu).

Pumpkin Mode

Beat the game as Joachim Armster; enter @PUMPKIN as name at the entry screen.