Dynasty Warriors 4 Cheat Codes

Hints provided by WillisPanda.

Hidden preview:
Pressing Triangle at the movie selection screen to view a preview of Dynasty Tactics 2. Note: This game is titled San Goku Shi Senki 2 in Japan.

Opening Edit option:
Unlock all 42 generals in the game to also unlock the "Opening Edit" option.

Hint: Dian Wei: Level 10 weapon:
Play the Battle Of Wan Castle level. Defeat Hu Che Er, then join with Cao Cao. After the Cao Cao conversation with Dian Wei event, deplete about half of Zhang Xiu's HP and he will retreat. After the castle gate closes, clear the map of enemies for Cao Cao to advance. After Cao Cao reaches the dead end, two fire blocking exit messages will appear. After the Xu Chu breaks through wall event, Dian Wei earns his Level 10 Weapon.

Hint: Guan Yu: Fourth weapon:
Kill all the Wu generals at the Fan Castle level under the hard difficulty setting.

Hint: Liu Bei: Fourth weapon:
In the Battle of Ru Nan under the hard difficulty setting, meet with Zhao Yun after he appears on the map (about ten to twenty seconds into the game at the bottom right horizontal path). After the Zhao Yun swears allegiance event, defeat Li Dian, and join with Zhang Fei. At the Xiahou Yuan appearance, defeat Xiahou Yuan before Guan Yu appears (about 4:30 to 5:30 into the game), defeat Yu Jin, defeat Xu Chu. At the Xiahou Dun appearance, defeat Xiahou Dun, defeat Zhang He, and defeat Yue Jin. Note: Other than defeating Li Dian after meeting with Zhao Yun and defeating Xiahou Yuan before Guan Yu appears, all other enemy generals can be defeated in any order.

Hint: Lu Bu: Level 10 weapon:
Play the Lu Bu Rebellion level. Clear the entire stage of every enemy so that only Dong Zhuo remains alive. Be sure to kill every general and sub-general yourself. Lu Bu will earn his Level 10 weapon. Note: If the weapon does not appear after only Dong Zhuo is alive, move around the map awhile. There may still be ambush troops you did not encounter.

Hint: Lu Xun: Fourth weapon:
On the Battle of Yi Ling level under the hard difficulty setting, protect and keep Zhu Ran alive until he successfully triggers the fire attack. Enter stone maze, and pass through it.

Hint: Ma Chao: Fourth weapon:
In the Chen Du Suppression level go to the left side of the map to trigger the appearance of enemy back-up troops. Kill the enemy back-up troop generals Pang De and Ma Dai. Note: This can only be done in Musou mode, because the generals will be Ma Chao and Ma Dai in free mode.

Hint: Meng Huo and Zhu Rong:
Note: You must be in Musou mode. Defeat Meng Huo seven Times throughout the stage. At least one defeat must be a duel. Also, duel and defeat Zhu Rong. Complete Musou mode and Meng Huo and Zhu Rong will be unlocked.

Hint: Zhao Yun: Level 10 weapon:
Play the Battle Of Bo Wang Po level. Follow Zhuge Liang's instructions. First, lead Xiahou Dun to the designated fire attack spot in the middle path of the map left area. After the fire attack event, defeat Xiahou Dun. The Han Hao attack message will appear. Zhuge Liang next tells you to lead Han Hao to the designated ambush spot in the top path of the map left area. Guan Ping ambush troops will appear. Defeat Han Hao. At Zhuge Liang's next instruction message, lead Yu Jin to the designated ambush spot on the upper bridge. Guan Yu's ambush troop will appear. Defeat Yu Jin, Zhuge Liang. Order Zhang Fei to fire attack on enemy food supply. After the fire attack is successful, clear the path of enemies for Zhuge Liang to enter the enemy castle. The Zhuge Liang meeting Cao Cao event will appear. Zhao Yun earns his Level 10 Weapon. If after you have cleared all enemy generals and soldiers except Cao Cao, and Zhuge Liang stands in front of the enemy castle but will not enter, you can lead Cao Cao to follow you out of the castle to meet with Zhuge Liang.

Hint: Zhou Tai: Level 10 weapon (Dusk):
To get Zhou Tai's weapon, Dusk, play under the hard difficulty setting. Zhou Tai must have the weapon Dawn, at level 9. Go to the Nanman Campaign, and play on the Wu Forces. Using the Red Hare for this is recommended. Ride down and kill Wu Tugu, then get into Meng Huo's castle before Ahui Nan and Dong Tu Ne defect to the Wu side.

Hint: Zhou Yu: Level 10 weapon:
Play the Battle For Fan Castle level. At 10:20.00 into the battle, the enemy Supply Team will appear at the top right corner of the map and move towards the castle's right entrance. Defeat the Supply Team Captain before the Supply Team reaches the castle. Zhou Yu will earn his Level 10 Weapon.

Hint: Phoenix Tail (Edit mode sword):
At the Yellow Turban Fortress, as the Allied Forces under the hard difficulty setting, Kill the following in order: He Yi, Pei Yaun Shao, and Chen Yaunzhi. You must complete killing them in under six minutes. The weapon should have +54 attack power and at level 9.

Hint: Typhoon (Edit Officer level 10 weapon):
First, you must have an Edit Officer with a level 9 spear. Then, go to the Si Shue Gate level. Kill only officers that are not in one of the two fortress. Once Sun Jian retreats and Yuan Shao says "Is there no one who can defeat Hua Xiong?", defeat Hua Xiong. Next, go into the main fortress and kill the main general's two sub-officers. After awhile, Zhang Liao will appear as backup for the enemy. Kill Zhang Liao then go into the supply depot (the fortress nearest to your main camp) from the back entrance and kill the officers in there. Then, defeat all other enemy generals besides the main commander. Next, after all officers are gone, defeat the commander. If your weapon was level 9, it should now upgrade to level 10, Typhoon.

Hint: Hex Mark saddle:
Win all the Musou modes until you get the Yellow Turban Musou mode. Choose the Yellow Turban Fort Attack level. Win it, then choose the Liu Bei invasion battle. Defeat Zhou Yun and Guan Yu before all the backup troops arrive. Then, defeat all other enemy generals (to ensure Zhang Jiao's safety). Bring Liu Bei's health down to about half and the special item report should appear on the little island on the lower right corner of the level.

Hint: Red Hare saddle:
At the Battle Of Xia Pi level, while on Lu Bu's forces, do not kill any enemy officers. You can kill peons, it is recommended that you not do this until you have gotten the item. Let Guan Yu find the Red Hare, then defeat Guan Yu. He has high attack and high defense. To do this easier, play in two player mode. Use the second player to defend Lu Bu. When Guan Yu finds the Red Hare, go and kill him. This way you do not have to worry about Lu Bu dying.

Hint: The Way Of Musou:
First, get Guan Yu's Escape for Wei. Do this by chooseing Yellow Turban Rebellion first in Act 1, then in Act 2, clear both stages. After the Battle of Guan Du in Act 3, it will be Wei Tales, Guan Yu's Escape. When at Guan Yu's Escape, equip the Red Hare saddle, if available. Pass the fifth gate and a Supply Team will appear around the fourth gate. Dart back, kill the Supply Team, and get the item he drops. Forget about Guan Yu and all the other generals when you get the item, and focus on the Carriage. It is somewhat easy to defeat.

Hint: Wind Scroll:
To get the Wind Scroll (which boosts your weapon range), play the Battle of Xu Chang level as the Shu Forces. When Yue Ying begins to set up the Siege Ramp, protect her. However, you also have to kill Xu Zhu before your rear flank dies. Note: The Red Hare is recommended. Kill the people around Hu Zhi, and him if desired. Find and kill Man Chong. You do not have to kill Man Chong and Hu Zhi, but it is recommended. The Siege Ramp will appear. Find and kill Xu Zhu before the Flank dies. There will be a precious item report. The item will appear around the top of map, slightly off center. If that was too long to do, just make sure Yue Ying sets up the ramp and that you kill Xu Zhu before the rear flank dies.

Hint: Orbs:
You do not have to do anything special in order to get an Orb. They appear randomly.


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