Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Codes

Level cheat - R2,L2,Up,Down,Square,Triangle,Circle while on the main menu.

Enter these cheats while in the game. Do not pause.

God Mode - R2,L2,Up,Down,X,R2,L2,R1,L1
All Weapons - R2,L2,Up,Down,x,Up,Square,x
Slomotion - R2,L2,Up,Down,x,Up,L2
Full Heal - R2,L2,Up,Down,x,Up,Down
Punch Mode - R2,L2,Up,Down,x,Up,Up
Gravity - R2,L2,Up,Down,x,L2,L2
Lethal Charge - R2,L2,Up,Down,x,R1,R1
Bomb Mode - R2,L2,Up,Down,x,Up,L1
Megaforce - R2,L2,Up,Down,x,R2,R2 (restart level to remove effects)
Nailgun Mode (pins people to walls) - R2,L2,Up,Down,x,L1,L1