Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2 Codes

Secret Characters
To get secret charcters do the following:

In L.A. on top of the brick building you will see a girl sitting down. Do an adrenaline trick in front of her that equals 20,000+ points to unlock her. You can manual in between tricks, as you don't have to do a 20,000 point single trick.

Day Smith:
In OK City, go up to the ramp that you put in place with the fork-lift and into the secret garage. Grind on the black box, and it will open up into a vert vamp. Use the ramp to grind onto the bullhorns, and jump into the small room to have Day Smith join your road trip.

Beat the game by completing all of the objectives

Unlock Bigfoot
In Portland, get across the river and perform an adrenaline trick between the two kicers at the bottom of the hill. There is a camera between them. Bigfoot will appear.

Unlock Day Flatland Video
Choose Session and select 2 minutes, then choose Day Smith and score 250,000 points or more in those 2 minutes and when times up the screen will say ''Unlocked Flatland Video''.