Enter The Matrix Codes

After opening up the hacking screen, type "cheat.exe" to start up the cheat code program. Now type the word "cheat" (or select it on the left side of the screen so you don't have to type it in each time) and enter in the following values below. Example) CHEAT 0034AFFF

All weapons and max firepower: 0034AFFF
Bonus test level: 13D2C77F
Double movement speed: FF00001A
Enemies do not detect you: 0034AFFF
Enemies do not hear you: FFFFFFF1
Faster Logos flight speed: 7867F443
Infinite ammo: 1DDF2556
Infinite focus: 69E5D9E4
Invisibility: 1DDF2556
Infinite health: 4516DF45
Low gravity: BB013FFF
Multiplayer fighting: D5C55D1E
Silent Mode: FFF0020A
Taxi driving: D5C55D1E
Turbo mode: 7F4DF451