Onimusha 2 Codes

Unlock Easy Difficulty
To unlock Easy difficulty, die three times and continue, and that mode will be automatically unlocked. It's the game's way of telling you that you suck.

Unlock Hard Difficulty
To unlock Hard difficulty, complete the game once.

Unlock Man in Black Mode
To unlock Man in Black Mode, beat the game once. The Man in Black Mode allows you to play the game as the man in black. Run through the game and collect film rolls in order to unlock game FMVs.

Unlock One-Hit Kill Mode
To unlock One-Hit Kill Mode, beat Team Onimusha Mode. One-Hit Kill Mode is the same game, except you can only damage enemies with one hit kills.

Unlock Team Onimusha Mode
Beat the game once to unlock team Onimusha Mode, a special mini-game that allows you to play sections of the game through with a series of characters.