Pro Race Driver Codes

The game's codes are matched to the bonus code of each game, which will vary. The following codes will only work with discs that have the same bonus code. Note: To change the bonus code number of your game, you must delete your existing Pro Race Driver saved game files and log in again. You will be reassigned another bonus code number.

Any Bonus Code Cheats
SIM: Realistic Physics
DAMAGE: Realistic Damage
CREDITS: Show Credits

Unlock All Cars
Bonus Code 1010: SLDDLS
Bonus Code 1521: PLSZGF
Bonus Code 3956: MKWAVP
Bonus Code 8105: WOYHHI

Unlock All Championships
Bonus Code 1010: FMXXMF
Bonus Code 1521: FZYFLG
Bonus Code 3956: MZDHHA

Unlock All Pro Challenges
Bonus Code 1010: FGZZGF
Bonus Code 3956: RCVWCM

Unlock All Tracks
Bonus Code 1010: GLFFLG
Bonus Code 1521: YHYXMF
Bonus Code 3956: ZVIMEI

Unlock Easy Handling
Bonus Code 1010: YOOOOY
Bonus Code 1521: RWMRKV

Unlock No Damage
Bonus Code 1010: FYWWYF