Simpsons Skateboarding Codes

Hold L1, L2, R1, and R2 at the character select screen and press the following codes:

Big-Head Homer
Press O, X, Triangle, Square

Tightie Whitie Homer
Press Triangle, O, X, Square

Big-Head Bart
Press X, Square, O, Triangle

Gangsta' Bart
Press O, X, Square, Triangle

Demon Marge
Press X, Square, Triangle, O

Big-Head Lisa
Press Square, Triangle, X, O

Gangsta' Lisa
Press Square, Triangle, O, X

Big-Head Nelson
Press Triangle, Square, O, X

Ballerina Nelson
Press Triangle, Square, X, O

Men In Black Otto
Press Square, X, O, Triangle

Big-Head Frink
Press Square, X, Triangle, O

Groovy Frink
Press X, O, Triangle, Square

Business Suit Krusty
Press O, Triangle, Square, X

Big-Head Wiggum
Press X, O, Square, Triangle

Man-Eater Wiggum
Press Triangle, O, Square, X

Unlock All Skaters
Press O, Triangle, X, Square

Unlock All Boards
Press X, Triangle, O, Square

Unlock All Levels
Press Triangle, X, Square, O

Get $99.00
Press Triangle, X, O, Square

Fuzzy Skaters
Press X, Triangle, Square, O