Tekken 4 Codes

Play as Eddy Gordo
You must first complete story mode once with Christie Monteiro. During character select screen, highlight Christie and press TRIANGLE button to select Eddy. Eddy has amost identical moves as Christie.

Play as Panda
In the character select screen highlight Kuma (after unlocking him) and press either Triangle or Circle to play as Panda.

Unlock Dojo stage
Clear Tekken Force mode to unlock the Dojo stage.

Unlock Theatre Mode
Beat the game once in Story mode.

Unlocking Secret Fighters
Every time you beat the Story mode, you unlock one new fighter. Here is the order of how the characters are unlocked.

Jin Kazama: Beat Story Mode 1 time
Violet/Lee Chaolan: Beat Story Mode 2 times
Nina Williams: Beat Story Mode 3 times
Lei Wulong: Beat Story Mode 4 times
Bryan Fury: Beat Story Mode 5 times
Julia Chang: Beat Story Mode 6 times
Kuma/Panda: Beat Story Mode 7 times
Heihachi Mishima: Beat Story Mode 8 times
Combot: Beat Story Mode 9 times