Xenosaga: Episode I Codes

Skip Cutscenes
This tip is useful if you didn't bother to read the Xenosaga instruction manual. To skip cutscenes in the game, simply press "start" and then Triangle.

Tip: Episode II save file
After you you beat the game and watch the credits, go ahead and make a seperate save file when it asks you to. You cannot load the file again until Xenosaga Episode II comes out. The file will probably earn you a rare item that will be useful in Episode II.

Easy Money
When you get the Casino passport from the casino on the Durandal, go into the passport and buy a amount of coins you can afford so you can play. Select Poker on the level 1 game and play that until you get about 1,000 coins. Then, move up a level or two. When you get about 2,000 to 3,000 coins, go to level 4 for the big money. When you get about 15,000 coins, buy 99 Recovery Sets for about 9,900 coins, leaving your about 5,000 coins. Sell the items that were in the Recovery Set for about 11,000. Then, repeat the process. The Recovery Set contains a Med Kit, Ether Pack, Revive, And Cure-All. You should have 99 of each when you buy the 99 Recovery Sets.