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PlayStation 2 DVD Compatibility List

Last Updated: March 7, 2004

The following DVD titles have been reported to have trouble running on certain PlayStation 2 systems. These reports have come from our readers and from our own personal tests. If you have the latest DVD drivers, some of the titles below may work just fine. This list is here to give you an idea of which movies may not run properly.

Update: If a DVD starts skipping on you after the layer change, simply turn off your PlayStation 2 and reboot it. Once the main menu on the DVD starts up again, go to the scene selection menu and select the scene just after the layer change. If you do it this way, the DVD won't have to change layers during the movie, so you can watch the rest of the film without it skipping. Please note that this does not work 100% of the time.

Update #2: Some people have asked how do you know when the PlayStation 2 is changing layers. Well, have you ever noticed that strange pause that almost always occurs in the very middle of the movie? That means that the PS2 has just changed to the second layer of the DVD. The same thing happens to stand alone DVD players as well.

8 Mile
A.I. [Artificial Intelligence]
Akira (Tin) (May not work at all)
Akira (Special Edition)
Amelie - 2 disc set (Disk read error on 1.20 and 2.10. Both discs do not work.)
Anger Management (Refuses to play on 2.10. Several confirmed reports)
Art of War
Black Hawk Down (May give problems on 2.10)
Bourne Identity, The (Seems to cause problems on 2.10)
Brotherhood of the Wolf
Bruce Almighty
Charlie's Angels: Special Edition (May skip near the middle of film)
Clerks Uncensored (Disc 2 may not work)
Cowboy Bebop Perfect Sessions
Coyote Ugly
The Emperor's New Groove (Collector's Edition)
Enemy of the State
Excel Saga (May not work on 2.10. Works fine on 1.20)
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (Skipping near the beginning)
Finding Nemo
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (May not work on 2.12)
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (May not work on 2.12)
High Fidelity
Higlander: Endgame
Holloween H20
Independence Day (Five Star Collection)
Iron Monkey (Skipping during chapter 14. Works fine on 2.10)
La Blue Girl 3&4 (May not work on 2.10. Works fine on 1.20)
L.A. Confidential
Men in Black II (May skip at layer change on 1.20)
Mexican, The
Mission: Impossible 2
Mummy Returns
Mummy Returns (Full Screen Edition)
Mystery Men
Old School
Perfect Blue (Skipping after layer change)
Pitch Black (Unrated)
Planet of the Apes (2001)(works fine on 1.20)
Remember the Titans (works fine on 2.10)
Ring, The
Swordfish (Skipping after layer change on 1.20)
Space Cowboys (Skipping after layer change on 1.20)
Three Kings
Titan A.E. (Locks up on 2.10)
X2: X-Men United

The position that your console is in (vertical or horizontal) CAN affect how your PS2 reads your dics. Try using different positions if you are having problems. Remember that North American PlayStation 2s that have NOT been modified can only play region 1 and region 0 DVDs. Please do not ask me how to modify your PS2.

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