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Philanthrophy's Other Operatives
By: Jeff Rake on July 12, 2003

Chapter One

A shadow crept through the waters unseen by the many sentries, so diligently following their orders. The shadow soon grew as if whatever had created it was rising from the sea. The shadows creator was in fact a man. He had just rose to the surface and in the guise of a clomp of seaweed washed ashore. He soon crawled away from the seaweed and after finding safety behind a large stone he quickly plopped down and breathed in the much needed air.

"Oh yeah almost forgot" he said to himself as he looked around the rock.

He saw a odd assortment of seaweed and moved it to uncover a few large suitcases. He opened each in turn the first containing a radio and a marines outfit. The second contained a silenced beretta and a mine detector. The last contained numerous discs. After putting on his new gear, he quickly picked up the radio and waited. Finally he heard his awaited message.

The voice that erupted from the radio was a squeaky voice but,oddly enough, still manly. "This is Frag, Repeat this is Frag do you read me?".

The man brought the close to his face and spoke "Why marines?? Wouldn't it be better if I had some camo?".

Frag sighed "Not for this. remember we're with Philanthrophy now we can't let anyone know that Philanthrophy was involved. I know it may seem bad to set the blame on marines but...".

"Dont sweat it Frag, Im not getting caught. Besides its more comphy then this scuba gear."

Frag laughed and then cleared his throat "Anyway,remember your primary objective. You are to steal Cyprus's plans for metal gear development. But first you'll need to infiltrate that military outpost. Remember I wont be calling you again...Don't wanna make noise when your in stealth..So you'll have to call me if you need anything. My frequency is 141.67"

The man nodded and remembered he was via radio and couldn't be seen "Uh yeah I got ya. This is Falcid over an out."

After putting on all his gear and packing the discs in numerous pockets, he then put his gun in the holster buckled to his side. Falcid stood up and looked around the rock towards the outpost. It was about three floors high and from his position he coudln't tell how wide. From his position he could barely see 8 sentries making their rounds around the fortress, 2 on each floor. He wondered how many would be patrolling the shoreline and parameter of the base.

He shook his head "Maybe I shoulda payed alittle more attention during the breifing.."

He heard a slight shifting of leaves and quickly saw the cause. A sentry patrolling the shore was getting closer to his position but obviously hadn't seen him. Falcid looked around him for anything that would make a sound. He picked up a baseball sized rock and threw it far away from his position but close to the sentry. He watched as the sentry shakily raised his AK and walked slowly towards the sound. Falcid smiled and ran softly towards the nearby forest. He could hardly see around him but he managed to stumble through enough to see the base close up. He could see a few footprints showing that a group of three had come from behind the base and went to the other side.

"So theres three people patrolling the bases parameter...", He thought to himself and then realized they were traveling in a pack.

He and looked for any way into the fortress from his current position. He saw a small opening close the the ground. Just his luck he'd have to go through a vent. He shook his head and dove out of the forest and quickly ducked into the vent. He'd made alot of nose getting out of the forest and the small group might come. But as long as he was long away from the location he'd be fine. As uncomfartable as it was he made his way deeper into the outpost via the vent. He started to think the vent would never end when he finally saw an opening and crawled quickly towards it. He heard faint voices as he neared the opening and realized his first fear wasn't valid. They were obviously in another room judging by the volume of their voices. Still he looked out of the opening into the room. It was filled with food and other supplies. He grunted, obviously he'd ended up in the bases pantry. He crawled out of the vent and stood up stretching ruefully. He noticed the voiced had stopped and he decided it was ok to radio in. He drew his radio from his back and proceeded to call Frag.

"Hello Frag, ya there??".

Frags voice replied only in a whisper "Are you in?".

Falcid nodded again and cursed himself in his head "Uh yeah of course, Im in the outposts pantry. Got in through a vent can't say it was comfartable, but also cant say I coulda found a better way in."

Frags voice remained a whisper despite Falcids normal tone "Ok great job, you know your first objective?"

Falcid grunted "What you think I didn't pay attention during breifing? Of course I know, take out the outposts cameras by finding a computer center and insertin one of these cds."

Frag sighed "Sorry I didn't mean to offend you... it just seemed like you were sleeping with your eyes open during the breifing...Anyway just get to a computer. Although you didn't follow the plan and go through the discussed entrance...".

Falcid grunted again "Over and out".

He reholstered the radio and slowly opened the door. He peeked his head out and looked around. The hall appeared to be in an L shape from what he could see. He was at the end of the L so he only had one way to go. He slowly walked towards the corner of the hall when he heard shouting. He drew his beretta and kept walking pointing it in front of him. He heard more shouting, from what he could make out it seemd as if they'd spotted an intruder and were cornering him in. His eyes grew wide as he spotted a man backing up into the corner firing rapidly. He realized they had spotted another intruder. He kept his gun pointed at the sentry but stopped inching his way towards the halls corner. He then heard gun shots ring out from around the bend. A split second later he saw the sentry on the floor after being riddled by bullets. Falcid listened closely but heard nothing more. He began to inch his way forward again. He was nearing the corner and possibly nearing whoever else was intruding. He dove around the corner and pointed his gun down the hall. There was nothing there but 3 dead sentries and a bloody door.

"What the hell...." Falcid looked at the dead soldiers, "Damn who could of...". He shook his head and drew his radio still pointing his gun at the door. He looked at the sentries equipment, they all had b. armor and ak's, he couldn't see how this could of happened.

He had forgot he radioed in and he came back to reality hearing Frags angry voice "Hello Falcid? You there? This isnt funny..".

"Oh sorry Frag, I sorta spaced out fora second there.There seems to be someone else here...".

"What a sentry why are you talking to me then!?!".

"No Frag.. Another intruder but...I dont see how they can be so...incredible.."

"Another intruder?!? Falcid youve gotta be kidding?".

Flacid sighed angrily "I am not playing around!! This...PERSON just killed 4 sentries. At once...all of them had aks and b. armor.".

Frag laughed nervously "That cant be...How could anyone..".

Flacid started to get annoyed "I don't know!....Hey I'll get back to ya when I find out more... over and out".

Falcid stood up slowly and holstered his gun and radio. He then made his way to the door looking back once at the damage done by...whoever. This guy wasn't to be messed with...and whoever it was he might interfere with the mission.

Chapter Two

Falcid reached for the doors handle when he heard screams and gunfire on the other side. His eyes narrowed as he yanked his beretta out of it's holster. He quickly opened the door and rolled out his gun pointing down a long narrow hallway. There appeared to be a fork in the middle and, as he made his way to the fork, he holstered his beretta and picked up a fallen sentries ak. He took from another sentry a clip which he stored in a sidepack. When he reached the fork the screams had become louder and the gunfire more frequent. He looked to the left, the gunfire was obviously coming from there. He slung the ak over his shoulder and radioed in.

"Frag you have a map of this place right?" Falcid shouted over the gunfire.

Frag clicked his tongue "You don't have to hurt my ears...of course I have a map, and I've already pinpointed your position...well unless your far from the pantry."

Falcid laughed "No I'm at a fork, not too far though its the next room over."

"Ok great, the quickest route to a computer station from your location the right and then straight through a door. then turn"

Falcid interupted "Whoa slow down there, I can find my way.."

Frags voice rose "What you think you can just wander aimlessly till you find"

Falcid interrupted again but this time sincere "No I didn't mean it like that...I see a map in one of the sentries hands.."

Frag tone lowered a bit "Hmm...It's kind of odd if you ask me.. Why would a sentry need a map of his workplace?"

Falcid had already picked up the map and saw a highlighted area. he smirked and spoke again "He doesn''s a map of this floor, and it details his routine."

Frag almost gasped "What?? Your lucky those gaurds are being taken out.."

"What why?" Falcids voice was, for once, concerned.

Frag replied calmly "Its nothing..That map just means that the gaurds frequently switch their routines.. But it appears that the floors gaurds are down so you have nothing to worry about."

Falcid narrowed his eyes "No me and the other intruder are going seperate ways..My side of the floor will still have sentries..."

Frags voice came back on the radio after a few moments "Hmm the gunfires ceased..guess hes away from you now..Well anyway go your way the computer room is the red square on your map get to it. Frag o and o."

Falcid reholstered the radio and turned down the hall his recently aquired ak bouncing back and forth on his back. The door at the end of the hall was locked and try as he might he couldn't open it. he stressfully ran his hands through his black hair. he shook his head and back away from the door, then charged at it and launched a full drop kick into the door. He ended up sprawled out on the floor with a strong pain in his back and legs. he brought his head up to examine the door. It hadn't budged an inch and no dent was left. he slowly got to his feet and took the map out of his pocket. He saw the fork area and could find only one route from there to the comp. room. It was long and he could encounter some intruder trouble but it was that or having the door kick his ass. He kicked the door softly and turned around heading to the end of the hall. He saw blood on the walls and 2 soldiers bodies.

"Thats 8 hes taken down..that I know of.." falcid thought to himself.

He moved a sentries body out of the way and opened the door uncatiously expecting only to find more dead bodies. Instead he heard gun fire and saw a person backpeddling quickly at him while sentries fired at them. Shot whizzed past his head as he grabbed the back peddler and closed the door and locked it. He held them tight and felt a bulge in their chest.

He let them go quickly and asked foreignly "Your a..women?"

The lady was clad in a skin tight black suit. She quickly turned around and raised her 2 uzis right to his face. She narrowed her eyes as she stared down the barrel of his beretta.

"Who are you?" Falcid asked as if grasping a new concept.

She smiled and shook her head her light brown hair spreading over her shoulders "I could ask you the same thing..."

Falcids eyes narrowed and he frowned " My name is...Falcon me Falcid."

She lowered her guns and smiled " So we're goin with codenames huh? Well you can call me Reign..or dead if your planning on firing that gun.."

He opened his mouth and grunted lowering his beretta. He was about to speak when he heard the soldiers outside the door yelling about blasting the doors down.

She frowned at the door then looked at Falcid "We'll talk you know a way out of this room??"

Falcid shook his head somberly then looked at her brightening a bit "Well actually theres a locked door at the other end of the hall but its bolted shut..No chance of gettin through unless you hava key.."

The door jolted as the gaurds screamed obsenities and prepared for another blast. Reigns face became more desprate "Well how did you get in??"

Falcid turned and ran towards the door leading to the pantry "Come on".

He heard the door shatter behind them as the busted into the L hallway and bolted towards the pantry. They heard many footsteps and shouts in the hallway as they crawled into the vent and made their way to the forests outside area. When they finally crawled out they stretched for a little before entering the woods. After they were inside the forests protective cloak they began to talk.

"So your with the marines huh?" Reign asked quickly as they leaned on seperate trees.

Falcid looked at her and nodded "Thats right..What about you? You obviously have some skill..killing 8 sentries..or was there more?"

Her eyes narrowed and her voice grew stern with her reply "I didnt kill those people...I'm with a special squad...Another member of the team took those guy out but he split up with me..Which is when you found me runnin from the trouble he started."

Falcids eyes widened "Squad uh, how many came in with you?"

Reign looked at him before answering "7...huh? What about you?"

"What do you mean?"

She looked at him sternly "How many came with you?? Marines don't do solo ops..and they don't usually infiltrate through vents either.."

Falcids eyes widened "My team was uh, wiped out on the I took cover in the vent and decided to go on with the mission."

She crossed her arms and looked him over " Last time I checked only 2 men were patrolling the could one team" she was interupted by radio static.

Falcid began to reach for his but heard her talking and looked up to see her talking into one.

"No..No...Well of course I got alittle off track! It tends to happen when someone starts a ruckis and leaves you to blame. Ugh I know...Well actually I've found some help of my own. Hes a........marine. Mhhmm. You may see him yet. Okay, kudoz." She looked up at falcid afterwards and saw his hand by his own radio.

She smiled "So you have a radio? Well if we ever split up remember my frequency it's 153.79."

Falcid nodded and turned to walk away when her voice called to him "Hey your ditchin me already??"

He turned around and crossed his arms "My mission isn't to be compramised and since I have no affiliation with your team or any knowledge of them..I just cant trust you yet."

He turned around and walked away through the forest hearing her sigh behind him. he wanted to trust her, he wanted the help. But frankly he couldn't have it without compromising his mission. So for now he was going to have to once again go solo.



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