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F-A-T-E & F-E-A-R
By: Christine on February 27, 2002

The girl coughed, as she looked up into the old castle. The stained glass windows were shattered, torn with age. The dust on the cobblestone completed the demonic, gothic arcitecture. She was beautiful, the girl that is. Wearing a lace-down, long sleeved shirt, deyed black. Made of the finest leather that her country had to offer. Her cinnamon brown hair, glistened in the dull light, making her golden highlights shiver. It was cut in a sharp angle, that started from the far back of her head, and sloped down to almost brush her shoulders, her bangs hanging in an " M " shape above her eyes, the same length as her hair. Her eyes, her gorgeous emerald smoke eyes, shimmered with fear and excitement. Her large breasts complemented her slim, luscious womanly figure. The double slit, mini skirt framed her fishnet clad legs nicely, the combat boots completing the garb. Her small, rosy soft lips pouted, in hopes to speak the words she had always wished to. She was in search of someone. An important someone. With her fist clenched tight, she swallowed hard. Her name? Christianna. Last name? None given. A woman of, no, girl of many mysteries. Christianna seemed around her early teens, about 14 to be exact. Quite young of her to be venturing out on this certain island, looking for a man that she wasn't sure even existed. The son of a great legend. Dante. She was jealous a little, admired his strength and skill. She didn't much understand what his quest was, but in her eyes, it was all in her eyes. Infront of her was two large doors, that led into the towering courtyard, completed with a sparkling fountain, surrounded by lion and angel statues against the wall. On the left there were various old paintings, and a door. An old door, creaking. As if it were to fall off it's hinges any moment. Golden designs marked the outer edges of it, leading into the doorknob. The pillars in the hallway stood tall and firm, despite their age. The bottoms swirled with old design, leading up to the top, which held up the ceiling that seemed to dome over the place. Paintings were scattered amongst the wall. Some of oldworld century people, nobles maybe? Others of landscapings....dark, evil landscapings. Gathering her courage, the girl shifted her foot, moving forward to one of the paintings.

"Gosh....this must be over a few hundred years old..." She muttered silently under her breath, reaching out her fragile hand. Her slender, long fingers touched the painting, swiping of the dust. A name was written in the corner, the artists name. Whoever it was, she couldn't make it out. Christianna seemed to be all alone in the castle, or at least she thought. Looking to her right, she noticed the twisted hallway, lined with a fine, regal looking red carpet, with more statues and paintings lining the wall. Suddenly, a small something or other hit her over her head.

"EH?" She squeaked, looking up. The ceiling had started to crumble, causing the stone to succumb to the gravitational law. " ....better move " she thought aloud, sidestepping away from the accident prone area. Then, a spine chilling, blood curdling scream was heard.

"Aheheheeee"! The voice echoes through the halls. It sounded like a feint cackle that came with the wind, like that of a ghost. Following the shriek, a loud metal scraping noise was heard. Like a blade being scraped against a stone wall, sparks flying. Christianna looked around, her heart racing, a burning inside of her filling her adrenaline. She got ready to sprint at any sudden movement. You see, she hadn't come prepared. How was a mere child her age supposed to get a hold of a weapon? And if she were to, how would she be aloud to use it?

Her fist loosened, her breath slowing down back to a normal pace.

"It's just the, I can't lie to myself..." She signed, starting to feel the fear build up again, her knees shivering." It was....was....." She stuttered as the scraping got closer, the cackling got louder. Her eyes widened, her pupils tightened, as all of her blood rushed to her head, her fleshy face turning pale. Her hands trembled,"!" was all she was able to pass from her shaking lips.


Then she saw it. The ghostly figure. A long, tattered, black cloak seemed to be suspended in mid-air, a greenish mist holding it up, flowing out the bottom. There was nothing for the head, but only a mask type antique, with a similar face to that of medusa, snakelike hair and deep green, scaly skin. Amongst this floating monstrocity was a large pair of shears. The blades nearing three feet long, rusted and covered in tainted blood, the bottom half of the cloak covered in it. The inner blade of the shears standing as sharp as ever, ready to tear and rip apart the flesh. It was one of them. Those.....those monsters. The ones she had only seen in that...that game. Or was this a game? Ever since that day....that day when she was sucked inside. Crossed over dimensions and introduced to a new world...strange things have been happening. Yes, she knew everything about who she was, and missed her family dearly. But she knew one thing, Christianna couldn't leave untill she had found what she was looking for, and completed herself in this world and the next. Being a normal teenage girl she wasn't used to this sort of thing, let alone being sucked into a video game. This wasn't just a was hell.

Christianna's eyes widened even more, her heart almost shooting up into her throat. Her lips opened, her lungs inhaled the musty air as she let out a scream, a glass shattering scream.

"EEEYAAAAAAH!!" Her throat emitted almost an unhuman sound, passing for a shrill cry for help. The ghoul moved in closer witlh great stealth, opening and closing the shears infront of her face, circling her like an eagle. Almost as if to say " Make one move and I'll slice your pretty little body to tiny pieces ". That was all the fear she could handle. Her legs shifted, making one swift jolt as she bolted in the other direction. In a fast pace she ran, ignoring the evil laughter heard behind her. She wished she could just close her eyes and make it all go away, to open them and find herself back home where she belonged. But that was something impossible, something out of reach for the moment. Her arms swung, her shoes slapping against the concrete as she ran, not looking back, as she continued to hear the scraping. Her chest moved in and out, breathing heavily, as her arms swung opposite to the leg that was running, helping her momentum speed up. The floor quickly passed underneath of her as the walls seemed to spin, the time running out. The whole world seemed to be swirling around her in one big mass of colors, a dizziness coming over her, her vision bluring. Everything came to a sudden stop. The floor stopped moving, the walls stopped spining, the cackling stoped. Dead end. There was a single picture infront of her, behind that?....a solid, cobblestone wall. She spun around quickly, only to meet her demise. Shrill laughter, that cackle, echoed repeatedly through her head, as the coldness of the spirit brushed past her face in a dark breeze. Christianna backed into the wall, holding her arms out, crossed infront of her face in feeble defence. The cold, hard wall seemed to close in on her, almost welcoming, awaiting her death. Closing her eyes, she held her breath, reading for the end as her vision faded to darkness. She could hear the opening of the shears, almost swearing that she already felt then nipping at her neck, tearing her skin into shreads. But no. Some sudden twist of fate interffered with her gruesome destiny. A gunshot echoed through the empty, haunted halls. The sound of the wind being cut spun, as a loud crash could be heard. Opening her eyes, and relaxing her arms. Infront of her lay the shears, on the ground, but no sign of the ghost. A small, low pitched chuckle could be heard as the weapon dissintegrated, shattering into a quarry of small shards. Her gaze turned upcast, only for her eyes to be set upon a very handsome, young looking man. His platinum colored hair was in a nice clean cut, short and complementing his face. His deep brow eyes seemed to be drowning in mystery and darkness, seeping in her fear, wanting more. His lips were curled into a grin, one that sent shivers down her smooth spine, causing bumps on her skin to arise. Tight, red pants hugged his figure, with black boots on his feet, seeming almost knee high. Another tight article of clothing, a darker red shirt, underneath a tighter vest, was atop his upper torso, almost completely covered with his blood-red cloak. Various buckles helped to strap on his outfit. Two guns, a black and a sliver, were clutched in his black-gloved hands, smoke rising from the barrels. A massive, heavy looking sword rested on his back, ready to be taken out in the head of a battle. To complete this mans look, was a silver and red amulet, hanging from his neck on a golden chain. He looked at her, with a smile of compassion now. Dante could feel a warmth in his heart that he never had before.

"Are you alright babe?" He smirked, twirling his guns around his fingers before swiftly locking them back into their holsters, around his brown leather belt. Christianna's eyelashes fluttered, her eyes slowly closing. Her heart raced faster than it had when she met up with that monster. She could feel her knees getting weak, buckling underneath of her. She felt the world rising upwards, as she could've sworn she was falling from a high mountain. Feeling the breeze underneath of her, her eyes closed. The blackness swallowing her whole as she felt her head slam against the cold, stone floor, her world fading to black.


The girl slowly opened her eyes, regaining conciousness, only to stare into the most beautiful hazel eyes she'd ever seen, in a smoky grey tone. Her head pounded, hammered with pain, from fainting so quickly. She looked over her own, torn body. No blood at all. Christianna seemed amazed. She looked up at the man, who was holding her gently in his warm, mighty arms, smiling in a loving way.

" Are you alright miss?" He smirked, seeming overly concerned...a bit out of character. The girl looked over him again, if examining him, as if to ask herself if he's the right one.

" B-but ....dindn't you just shoot me? " She looked confused, fear taking over her beautiful emerald windows to her soul, her eyes. The man just chuckled, giving her a look that said " You've got to ge kidding "

" Haha! No..I just saved your life. And this is the thanks I get? " He grinned, holding her closely, offering his hand to her. Taking his hand, he pulled up upright, her body swaying a bit. She still felt dizzy and afraid, but it would soon pass over.

" Say, what's your name gorgeous?" He looked her over with animal lust in his eyes, like the little devil he was. Undressing her silken body slowly, taking in every inch of her beauty, before the daydream disapeared in a puff of smoke.

" I-its Christianna...but friends call me Christine..." she glanced away, looking at the goth architecture, and then back at her savior. " And you?"

The man just stood tall and proud, grabbing Ebony and Ivory from their holsters, twirling them around his fingers, and clicking them back into place. " The name's Dante. Pleasure to meet you Christine " He licked his lips suavely. Dante. That name ran through her head a million times, the voice seeming to come with the wind. Her heart and mind became all fluttery, a slight pink hue taking onto her cheeks. Could this be love?

" I...I don't know how to thank you...OH! " The thought just clicked into her head. Aside form the horrid atmosphere, what did damsels in distress usually give their knights in shining armor after being saved? That's right.....

Christine slowly paced towards her new man, hips swaying as she walked, breasts bouncing slightly. She cuddled up next to Dante, letting her hands run over his smooth vest. The leather seemed unscratched, almost brand new. All tight and squeaky. He smelled so good too, manly. The scent made her knees quiver with lust.

" Mmph..there's one thing I know I can repay you with," she whispered into his ear, letting his soft skin hit her lips, gently blowing in it. He towered over her almost, about a head or two taller than her. Christine gently cursed herself under her breath for being so short. Dante had immediate shivers up his spine, as small bumps appeared on his skin. He liked it. Even though he couldn't quite admit it, or put this feeling into words, he liked what this girl was doing to him. He thought that he was usually the dominant one, but...being dominated by a WOMAN? That surely wasn't him. Feeling confused, but arounsed, he closed his eyes,pressing his lips together. She just giggled at him, before running her fingers through his soft, silken hair. Caressing his warm cheek with her hand, she let her eyelashes tickle his in a butterfly kiss. Dante wraped his arms around her, holding her close.

< Wha...what's the warmth I'm feeling. Is it ...this girl?>

Dante thought, rubbing her straight back with his hand. < Could she be what I've been fighting for all along?....> His self questioning wat broken by a tender kiss. As she kissed him, he body scorched with a heat pulsing through his veins. A warmth he had never felt. Dante could have sworn that he was dead, in heaven. Being kissed lovingly by this angel, this precious angel that he longed to call his own.

" D-dante..." She whispered through the kiss, feeling his feathery soft lips against hers, pressing together with such passion. The kiss lifted, the girl's eyes fluttering open only to meet his again. Dante was speechless. No words would escape his lips at this moment.

" T-thanks?," He answered to the kiss clumsily, releasing her from his arms, adjusting his cloak.

" Tee was the least I could do Mr.Dante " She giggled, seeming like a little child.

" MR?? Hmph, I'm still single kid.." He joked, in his mind repeating the words < not for long though...not for long!>

"S-sorry." She apologised, taking a shallow bow. " I'm just so thankful that you came to my rescue."

" No need to be so formal. It's only me you know.." He smiled back at the girl. Dante only wished that he could touch her. To reach out and hold this delicious woman in his arms again. But he refrained from doing so. Devils weren't supposed to feel love, or were they?

" If you really want to thank me then..." Dante stopped to think for a moment, letting his eyes wander around the room, his boots clicking against the cobblestone as he slowly walked ahead, feeling the cool draft of the castle against his face. " Then you can join me. I could use a bit of help.." He drifted off. Help? Since when did he need help!? He was the strongest man he knew of, but needing help from a mere girl that he just had to save? That was ludicrous. He knew though, in the back of his mind he knew that it wasn't her help he was after.

" H-help you? But how? I dont' even have a--" She was cut short as Dante lashed out Ebony and Ivory, and tossed them to her. She clumsily caught the steel weapons, accidentalyl droping one.

" Oops!" She slowly bent over to pick one up. Her cleavage slightly showing from her lace-down gothic garb. Dante just...stared at her wide-eyed, mouth opened, drool trickling from the sides of his mouth. Christine stood up again, holding both of the guns, looking over them curiously. He didn't know why he had given his most prized weapons to this girl who probably didn't even know how to use them.

< Why did I DO THAT!?!?> Dante cursed himself in his mind. < Those were my guns. MY GUNS!> He just sighed and equiped his shotgun, firing off one round to make sure it was loaded. That scared the crap out of the poor girl.

" AAAH! " She shrieked, thrusting out her arms and firing the guns rapidly, not watching her aim.

" GEEZUZ CHRIST!!" Dante shouted, dodging the bullets, sidestepping a few times each second. The girl had her eyes tightly closed and teeth clenched tight, as her fingers wouldn't stop hammering onto the triggers. Suddenly the loud banging of the guns stopped, the smoke cloud disapearing. She opened her eyes, only to notice Dante, standing in the midst of things, one leg lifted in the air and his arms outstretched, blocking. She looked around the room once more, most of the paintings were now ruined, splattered with holes. The statues seemed to be invalids now, most of the arms, legs, and heads blown off. The walls were crumbling from most of the stone being chipped off. The curtains on the small windows were ripped and torn, several of them on fire. Stained glass and chipits of rock were scattered accross the floor, making a crunching sound as Dante put his foot down on the ground again. He just stared at her wide eyed. Sure this girl didn't have the best of aim but...those reflexes sure could come in handy when he needed it most.

" WOAH there. Are you sure you're not too dangerous with those things? " He chuckled, staring at the girl quizically. Christine dropped the guns, hearing the loud clank as they hit the stone floor. Her hands stopped trembling as she let her hands cup over her mouth, her face getting hot, blushing as she looked at Dante.

" Hahaha! Just look at the mess you've made missy! " He laughed, pointing out everything in the hallway, which was now either unuseable or utterly destroyed.

"...oops." Was all that squeaked out of her mouth as she put the guns underneath her belt as she tapped one of them with her finger." These aren't all that bad you know...but I would have preffered something more...explosive." She admitted. Honestly, Christine liked the feel of having a gun. Two actually. Being able to protect herself. The feeling of cold steel slipping through her fingers, the force that almost knocked her back everytime she fired, and the loud banging that echoed through her head each time a round was shot.

" EXPLOSIVE??" He honked, imagining the damage she would do with something like a grenade launcher. The thought almost made poor Dante nervous. " I think I'll leave that untill you're more experienced.." He managed to choke out. He looked at her once more. The fishnet stocking sure did complement those sexy legs of hers nicely, and the double slit knee high skirt looked good on her, so did the combat boots. Dante thought something dirty. If she could just bend over enough, he'd get a good panty shot. Oooh, that made him horny. Her large breasts, purfectly cupped with that lace-down gothic shirt, and the bell sleeves looked marvelous. Her metallic light purple lips shimmered in the light, as well as her honey golden hair. Her eyes though, oh her eyes. He could just drown in them.

" Well shall we get going? " Christine smirked, walking past Dante, her chin high in the air, and her chest puffed out. Her shoes made a crunching sound against the debris.

"......" Dante was speechless again, as he looked over her once more. Wow! He'd never met anyone as...unique as this girl. Such an intriguing personality, a wonderful smile...and a...a TONGUE RING? Didn't she just...french him? The thought made him shiver with pleasure. He followed closely behind her, ready to draw his sword from his sheath from any sign of trouble. All he could say repeatedly under his breath was...

" What a woman......"

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