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F-A-T-E & F-E-A-R
By: Christine on February 27, 2002

Chapter 3: Prophetic Lust
The two brave warriors walked a long distance, down a steady hall. The light seemed to become more dim with each guiding step that they took. The carpet seemed to be torn and tattered, and the paintings all ripped, only fragments remaining in their frames. The girl walked slowly behind Dante.

" love me right? " She giggled, jumping towards him and nesting herself underneath his arm. Dante sighed and rolled his eyes.

" Don't jump to conclusions..." He muttered. " I only said I'd help you get out of here. I never said anything about a relationship...." The man coughed. Christianna's eyes slowly turn downcast, a low pitched whimper escaping her tender throat.

" B-but...." She started, before unraveling herself from underneath his arm and taking a few steps back, continuing behind him. "......Sorry. " she replied, seeming ashamed that she had even asked. The hallways continued to get darker, as neither of them could see where they were going. The only sounds that were heard were the sudden gusts of wind through the hallways, and distant cackling of the Sins. In a flash, the hallway went dark.

" AAH!" The girl screamed. Her hands swiped out Ebony and Ivory and started madly slamming her fingers down on the triggers. Once again, Dante had to dodge every bullet, as the walls and tapestries became totaled.

" WOULD YOU STOP DOING THAT?!?!?" He screamed at the girl, seeming a bit aggrivated. " If you don't stop I'm going to have to take those things away from you! ". Christianna just squeaked.

" I'm sorry...really I am." Grumbling under her breath and whining, the safely put Eb and Iv back to where they belonged. " It's just an instinct. I can't help but do it. When I'm scared I just seem to...." she started but decided that silence may have been the best thing for the moment. The only sounds that could be heard now were the clicking of their shoes against the cobblestone, and the occasional swiping noise that their hands made, brushing against the walls to keep track of where they were.

" Stay close to me...I don't want you to get lost ".Dante stated bravely, reaching around in the dark for the girl's hand. " I didn't know your hands were so cold....but I get this feeling that this isn't YOUR hand...." He quickly spun around and grabbed for Alastor, twirling it around in the air, sending a bolt of light through the room that light it up as bright as day. Surrounding the couple was a whole horde of Marionettes. Christianna shrieked.

" EEYAH!" She screamed, thrusting out Dante's guns and rapidly firing at the enemies. Brown blood splattered onto the concrete walls as they dissintegrated. Backflipping the bullets, Dante dashed towards the marionettes. With great skill he sliced through them. Between firing the guns off, the poor child looked in awe at Dante. His arms seemed to swell with such strength. Fiery eyes of his seemed to hold many mysteries behind them.

He rushed the other direction, his heart pounding, as he continued to decapitate the bloody marris. Backstepping each time, his new partner kept firing, sending little bolts of light through the room from the gunblasts. Soon the room was empty but the two of them, and the air smelled like sulphur. It just so turned out that Dante's hunch was right. Her reflexes DID come in handy.

" Are you alright? " He shouted to her from accross the hallway, sliding Alastor back into it's sheath and rushing over to her.

" Y-yeah...I think so." She replied, dusting herself off and straightening her bra.

" Good. Now STAY CLOSE! I don't want you wandering off that far behind ever again. I don't want to l--.....don't want you to get hurt." Dante didn't want to admit it. He'd never met a girl quite like this one. Even though he wasn't ready to tell her that he liked her a hell of a lot, he liked her. Each time he gazed into her eyes his heart raced. It was an incredible feeling that not even Trish had been able to give him.

" A-alright. Is this ok with you? " She weakly smiled at him, grabbing onto his arm and nuzzeling against it.

" If it makes me feel more secure that you won't wonder off, then yes. " He chuckled, somewhat enjoying her close presence this way. Christine held him tighter, smiling to herself. Satisfied, the two continued to walk down the hallway together. It seemed to twist and turn, the portraits on the wall and the carpet seeming to change around every turn. The gargoyles ontop of the pilliars that held the building up seemed to watch them with cold eyes of stone. As if they were plotting something, ready to report to their master.

" So...what exactly ARE we looking for...??" The girl asked her savior, with a great tone of confusion in her voice.

"......" Dante fell silent. ".....We're looking for a crystal. It's called the Pyramia Diamond." He continued, the serious expression on his face changing, to show his train of thought.

" What does it do?"

" It's the key to the Underworld's Mirror Realm. What it does is it basically gives me access to a whole bunch of treasures, weapons, and brand new skills. It's a gem that was passed down by the dark lords since the beginning of time. Mallet island just so happened to be the only place where the crystal could be aquired. The gateway however, is not even in this world. I have quite a bit more research to do before I find out where to get a hold of this gateway." He explained. The girl seemed in awe again, at what knowledge the man had. At first Christianna seemed to think that this dude was all brawn. Just muscle and no brain, a macho dude that was supposed to save the damsel in distress. But now she new that he had brains to. Not only was he the sexiest, strongest man she had ever met, but he was also now the most intellegent.

" ...WOAH! Sounds ...' important' " Teased Christianna, reaching her hand towards Dante's tight looking butt.

" Watch where that things going..." He joked back to her, brushing her delicate hands away from his rear end. The two soon arrived at a dead end, a large tablet that resembled the " Rosetta Stone " sat in the middle of an altar. The altar was decorated by many statues of the underworld gods. A huge, well carved titanium mirror fully covered the back wall. The surface seemed to ripple like water, dark water. It seemed to have an evil aura to it. One that Christianna couldn't quite put her finger on. Underneath the stone, there was a table. It seemed to be made out of Cherry Oak. Gargoyles, dragons, and demons were carved with an expression of pure agony on the legs of the table. The table was covered in a black satin tablecloth, over fifty candles surrounding the stone in a pentagram shape. Dark symbols of the underworld were carved INTO the walls, blood splattered all over them. The tablet seemed to emit a strange, blood red glow.

" ...What's this?" Christianna rushed up to the altar, raising her hand to touch the stone. Dante made a mad dash towards the girl and slapped her hand away.

" Don't touch it! " Dante shouted at her. He knew what curiosity could do in situations such as these, and he wasn't ready to go find some yellow orbs to ressurect this poor beauty. " Lets read it first ."

" I can't make the words out..." Her eyelashes fluttered, as she squinted her eyes at the large, diamond shaped stone.

" Only I can read it....and hear what it says" He replied to her in a tone that meant buisness.

" Well then what does it say?" She asked him, tugging at his cloak's sleeve like an anxious kid.

" It says......

When the two legends walk the pathway, the two destined, the stone shall shine. Only their emotions can be told when the sky is black and evil laughs to the angels. Feathers shall fall to the broken earth, tears of blood will be shed. Only a means of true light may break the curse. Water runs deeply through the course of time, shimmering like diamonds. The diamond stone will be aquired....once the waters flow has stopped, and the demons turn their heads. Two shall become one, the demon and the angel. The future will be unlocked and the gate to the Underworld shall be revealed. "

" What's that supposed to mean? " she asked curiously, holding her head tightly in her hands, suffering from a migraine.

" Hmm......" Dante looked around. Each time he took a step closer towards the girl, he felt something about the stone. That feeling you get when something is about to happen. * When two legends walk the pathway, the two destined, the stone shall shine *. He thought about this. If they were the two destined, they already walked down the path/hallway to get there. Dante inched closer to her. She looked up at him with beautiful shimmering eyes, seeming as if she were about to cry. He lifted her chin up, so her face met his. Leaning in, he kissed her tenderly on her feathery soft lips. A bright red light suddenly shot through the room. Breaking the kiss, Dante looked at the stone. Sure enough, it was shining brightly. The engraving was glowing a blood red color, making the words stand out more. Even though it was written in a demon language, he was able to read it. " Great now that I've found that out.....oh no-" he was cut off, by looking at the girl. Her eyes seemed to have no shimmer in them, a blank stare. Her body was motionless, still continuing to stand. She had gone into a deep trace state. If he didn't solve the puzzle quickly, then he may lose the one he could learn to love forever. He looked around the room once again. It was pitch black outside. * Only their emotions can be told when the sky is black and evil laughs to the angels. Feathers shall fall to the broken earth, tears of blood will be shed *. He though of these words, hearing a low pitched, evil laughter echo through his mind. It almost seemed like a growl. Flashing a glance to his right, he noticed a demon statue facing the wall.

" I GOT IT!! " He shouted, rushing over to the statue and using all of his strength to turn it around. It was a demon statue alright. It had the upper torso like that or a dragon, the scales gruesomly detailed, shining like silver. A long tongue jutted from the long sharp face, it's nostrils flaring. It's Chaos wings spread out wide, it's claws open. It stood in a melancholy position, looking as if it were about to strike. It's long, scorpion like tail stood erect behind it. Something about the statue slightly made Dante edgy. He didn't get a good feeling about it. The long sythe it held in his hand, with the lower part as a machette, looked powerful and real. " Just hope this sucker doesn't come to life! " he joked, patting the statue on the back as he turned it around. Accross from the room was an angel statue, sitting on a pedestal. It was a woman, nude of course. Long flowing hair covered it's breasts, draping over it's shoulders. The feathers on the wings were tenderly carved. It's eyes were blank, seeming to look like Christines at the moment of her deep entrancement. A long flowing sash, almost like a sheet, wrapped around it's lower half, hanging onto the ground. It was holding it's arm, giving a look of pain. A bow and arror, greatly detailed, rested in it's hand of it's other arm. " My complements to the carver..." he chuckled, turning the angel statue to face the demon on the opposite side. Running over to the other side of the room, he turned around the angel statue so that it faced the demon one. Suddenly, a cracking noise was heard. The angel statue's wings seemed to be slowly cracking, the rock bits from it crumbling to the ground. Out from the crumbled rock burst a real pair of wings, staying frozen in time. A solitary feather from the snow white wings gently drifted to the ground. Slowly the statue began to cry tears of blood. This was normal for Dante. Wasn't the first time he had to solve something like that. Time was running out. * Only a means of true light may break the curse. Water runs deeply through the course of time, shimmering like diamonds. The diamond stone will be aquired....once the waters flow has stopped, and the demons turn their heads *. This wasn't that easy to figure out. It suddenly hit him. Gathering up all his strength, he wraped his arms around the large diamond stone, and turned it around in 180 degrees so that the glowing writing faced the mirror. A shooting pain rippled through his body as he touched the stone. Was this it's evil power? The rippling on the surface of the mirror stopped, and started to glow the same red as the writing on the diamond stone. Hurrying over to the demon statue, he turned it yet again so that it faced the mirror, doing the same to the angel on the parallel side of the room. The mirror seemed to glow even brighter this time.

" Snap out of it!! " He shouted at Christianna, slapping her hard accross the face. The leather of his gloves stung, as she came to. Her eyes filled back with light, as she looked at Dante's accomplishments so far.

" So you were able to figure out this much?" She asked him, staring blankly at the mirror and then back to Dante.

" Yeah...." He replied, looking into the air proudly. " What happened to you? "

" I...I-I heard this voice inside my head and it told me to close my eyes. As soon as I did they shot open and I couldn't control my body anymore. I felt like I had turned to stone..." She almost cried, holding herself. " I was scared..."

Dante just looked into her eyes, wanting badly to banish her fears and hold her tightly, being able to tell her that he'd protect her no matter what. But he'd wait. Wait for the right time to confess.

" I need your help " Dante sounded desperate, in a tone that almost cried out for her help. " Two shall become one, the demon and the angel. The future will be unlocked and the gate to the Underworld shall be revealed. "

Christianna thought about this for a moment....nothing came to mind.

But then again, Dante just got another Idea. < If I'm the demon....then she must be the angel!! When she was in a trance, her facial expression was exactly that of the statue... > He thought to himself, starring at her beautiful, angellic face. < But what does the last part mean....?>

" What is it supposed to mean when ' two become one '? " He asked her, his self esteem seeming to drop.

" It's an old term that was used for ' intercourse ' a long time ago. " She seemed proud knowing that she was able to be of any assistance.

" Intercourse? Doesn't that mean sex!?!?" He shouted, his eyes opening wide, jaw dropping at the girl.

" Yeah...." She continued. " And if you're thinking what I'm thinking...then it means that you and I, the demon and the angel, would have to engage in that act in order to open the gate to the underworld....." Christianna was barely able to choke those words out. Both of their eyes opened wide as they took a step back from each other....their hearts racing. The statues seeming to be smirking at the both of them..........

Chapter 4: Captured Sins, The Feeling Within

" There is NO way in hell am I going to screw a little kid! " Dante screamed, his voice taking on a higher pitch, almost like that of a girl.

" B-but I'm not a kid....I.." she started before dante hushed her with his hand. " No more!" He growled through clenched teeth. Christianna bit down hard on his hand. Dante hissed with pain as he waved his hand through the air.

" Let me explain! " She pleaded through half tears. " I'm not 14. I am a re-incarnation, a spirit if you will, that needed to find a host, a body. I found this poor girl lying on the ground, whispering feint goodbye's. I felt sorry for the poor child so I decided to preserve her body and at least finish my mission so she wouldn't have to die. My real name is Christianna, the demon princess of the underworld! This child however calls herself Christine, so I had to undertake that name as a source of cover. The girl is still alive deep within side of her. You could call me a split personality...." Christine's voice was a bit seeper, seeming sultry and sexy, but at the same time...evil! her eyes had lost their glow again, as if she were entranced like she was earlier. Her face seemed a lot paler . " I am infact 10,000 years old, and have been around since the beginning of time. The girl's spirit is weak, so I'll be taking over once in a while..." she smirked, giving off a demonic look.

" So let me get this straight, you're the demon princess of the underworld, saw this girl dying, posessed her, and are using her as a puppet to get what you want? " He looked somewhat shocked, but moved in closer, almost as if examining her with his eyes. Christianna nodded slowly, before she regained the light in her eyes.

" Mmh? what happened? " She shook her head, grasping it in her hands.

" It's alright..." Dante held her close, preventing her upcoming tears of pain. Her heart raced as she could hear his heartbeat. She lay her head on his chest. " Nothing happened. It's going to be alright. Once I find the Pyramia Diamond everything will be alright. Please don't cry " he comforted her. Sure he liked her a lot, but even though her body was only that of a kid he learned to care for her. Both of what she was. He didn't want her to cry.

" Will it be alright Mr.Dante?" The girl sniffled, holding back the burning tears inside of her head. She looked at him with sincerity and hope in her eyes. Dante saw that little flame of hope, and silently prayed that she'd never lose it.

" ...Yes it will. I promise." He smiled to her, removing his amulet and placing it around her neck. " My mother gave this to me when I was only a child, for my birthday. She told me to look at it and remember my family. I want you to have it, as a symbol that I'll keep my promise untill our journey is over." He smiled gently at her, looking at the red glow of the ruby that was in it's center. " Besides, it looks better on you than it does me..." Dante chuckled, rubbing her shoulder assuringly. Christianna looked over this new piece of jewelery of hers and smiled.

" Thanks. It's a promise...." Holding up her hand, she slid off a beautiful, sapphire ring. It was in the shape of a heart, with to small diamons on the left and right side. Dragons and serpents swirled around the ring, engraving the design on the bright gold. She slid it onto his pinky finger. " Remember me always. I want you to have this, just to keep our promise solid. Ok?". Dante held back the tears. He'd never felt so complete in his life.

" Ok..heh!" he smiled at her, giving her one last hug. " One thing bugs the hell out of me still. How are we going to get on the other side of that mirror if I can't even----" Dante was cut short. The glass from the glowing mirror shattered into a million pieces, making a high pitched crisp noise as it broke into tiny shards, scattering over the floor. Out from the other side of the mirror a large figure towered over Christianna. It was a dark knight, clad in a deep black armor, a charcoal color. Something that looked like tiny veins were pressed throughout the armor, and glowed with different colored light, as it seemed to power up the core of the armor. The mask was that of a dark demon. The eyes, only mere yellow slits, the horns twisting form the top, the mouth of the mask in a deep grin. A large sword was sheathed to it's back, for easy access. Dante almost froze in his tracks. He was only able to mutter out a short " B-brother!?!?" before he rushed towards the girl.

" EEYAAH! " Christianna screamed, feeling her heart almost burst out of her chest. Her adrenalin shot through the roof, making her dizzy. Dante couldn't do anything. He seemed frozen. He wanted to move. Badly. But he somehow couldn't. It was as if he were under a deep deep spell, and unable to break it. The demon smirked at the girl. Christianna rushed down the hallway, pushing against the wall to pick up speed. Her golden hair and skirt flowing behind her. The demon calmly raised his hand as Christianna froze, standing straight up. She looked as if she were made of stone, standing frozen.

" DANTE! HELP!!" She shrieked at the top of her lungs, her knees beginning to shake as the demon drew nearer.

" I CAN'T!! It's like I'm under some sort of spell. I can't even move!" He yelled back to her from the opposite end of the seeming to never end hallway. Nero Angelo neared closer to her as he effortlessly picked up the light girl under his arms. She still couldn't move. Swiftly, he dashed to the large stained glass window on the side of the hall. It was a beautiful design. With angels and demons on it, looking like they were together in harmony, with flames separating them, and a full moon caressing the battleground. Nero jumped through the glass, the girl still under his arm. The last thing Dante heard from the girl was " DANTE!!" as Nero Angelo disapeared from sight. He could finally move again. He rushed over to the window, tears in his eyes.

" CHRISTIANNA!" He shouted through burning tears, throwing his arm out infront of him, trying to reach for her, but she was nowhere in sight. Faliure. Those words ran through his mind like a terrible curse. There was NOTHING that he could to but search for her. He had failed her. His promise. But not yet, there was still that shining hope that she was alive out there. He twisted the ring around his finger and clutched it tightly. A teardrop hit the heart shaped emerald on the ring, as he whispered " I'm so sorry I failed you...". His heart felt like the mirror, shattered and torn into a million pieces. The small glass shards from the window and mirror crunched under his boots and he slowly paced away from the window. Dante put the ring back on his finger, looking at the large gateway in the mirror, leering.

" I'll get you brother...if it's the last thing I DO!!" He clenched his fists so tight that underneath his gloves he was cutting off the circulation. " Why...Why didn't you take me instead...!?" He hissed through his teeth, turning away from the mirror, holding his head in his hands. " ...WHY!!" Dante screamed in agony, dropping onto his knees, bursting into tears.

Author: I'm sorry for the shortness of this one. Nero Angelo, I took your advice. Now all of you out there know the REASON why this chick ( aka ME in the story ) is so young. It makes sense. I shouldn't get bugged about the age anymore. I got off of my lazy butt and wrote this chapter. Thanks for all your words of encouragement. It's my wonderful fans out there that help me keep writing. The plot thickens now eh? Find out in chapter 5 what Nero does to her, and what Dante is willing to risk to save her. Please send me feedback! Hope you liked it.

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