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Home > Fanfics > Metal Gear Solid: Friends with the Enemy

Metal Gear Solid: Friends with the Enemy
By: "Solid Snake" on November 8, 2002

8:28 AM

Exactly one year, two days, three hours, twenty-eight minutes, and forty-six seconds after the whole Metal Gear Ray mishap, I lay awake in bed. I previously had a dream about my latest mission which involved me having to execute a drug deller selling pot and weed over to big cigarette companies to make their smoke "fresh". Bunch of bull I think. Even though it didn't involve any sneaking what so ever, I had been amused by the fact that the guy was a fat man that could not even support himself... standing up I mean. Oh well. I guess he took big craps at stalls huh? Am I sicking you out? Sorry. Hey, do you like stories. Then you might be interested in this story that I had experienced about nine days, eight hours, thirty-nine minutes, and three seconds ago.

1:00 AM back then

I am sitting in my rusty, old, blue car with a smell of nasty chili about to sleep. I have already stood up for twenty hours straight. Their was even one time I had tried to go to sleep but beeped on the the horn with my head causing the guy in the car in front of me to stick up the middle finger. Ass.O.k. right now I'm in Washington D.C. trying to get my frequency for Roy Cambell straight. Now he isn't the most down to earth guy but I respect him. two minutes later on the codec I hear "Hey Snake how is your time in George". "It is Washington Cambell, not George" I said. "Oh well" said Cambell stupidly. "Snake I have the objectives for todays mission".

"In Washington a giant first-class plane will be landing at about three miles, two inches, and eight centimeters east of the white house". "It is supposed to be there for the president but it is actually a coverup for the Japanesse mafia". "They will take this plane to Hawaii for a experiment of a new Metal Gear". "The name of this prototype is called Metal Gear Rain". "But, this Metal Gear's metal is made out of a metal alloy that can turn into liquid ".

"We call this alloy Liquidlibernate". "We haven't made this metal yet because one ingredient to make it would be cold fusion". "And since we have the man that can make the impossible possible, we want you to go on the plane disguised as a mafia boss named Yukuname Usamasa". "We already have him in prison for the rapeing of a judge that sentenced him to life"."The plane leaves at 6:00 AM sharp!". "But Roy..." I said. "Goodbye Snake" said Cambell. So you see as my life is not already full of crap as it is now. I have to go on a plane disguised as a pervert Japanesse constipated moron. Boy, I hate my life.

2:37 AM

I just arrived at a rest stop to just sleep for a few minutes until I saw a truck pass by with the name MGR. Now I don't want to freak you out but as it passed me, a body fell out of the trunk. So I shifted into gear and followed it. The road was deserted I mean hey would you stop crime at 1:00 AM? I didn't think so. The truck was an black eighteen wheeler with a huge front. So I'm riding up to the truck until the truck started going faster. And well I went faster. We were both at 120 MPH.

The truck rammed into me twice. So what I did was I went into the middle of the car and pressed a yellow button that said motorcycle. I pushed it down and in just three seconds the middle of the car shot out revealing a motorcycle. The rest of the car exploded. Now I ride up to the truck neck and neck when I take my pistol and shot the driver in the eye. I jumped on to the truck leaving my motorcycle in the middle of the road. I'm now in the truck when all I hear is yelling and people screaming and shooting. So I kicked the door open leading to the trunk and I saw a new friend. His name is Raiden. He is my apprentice if you want to call him that. I saw him with his katana slicing men in two.

They looked like those... M.I.B. people if you want to put it that way. But, unexpectedly a man behind him kicked him in the back with much force. thank god it wasn't to hard or his back is broken. I ran at him and tackled him. I held him still and then I shot him. "Thanks" said Raiden. After we killed them all we wonder who is driving the truck so we both jumped out of the rear and landed in the road. We watched as the truck fell over a street railing and into a cliff. "Thank god" said Raiden. "Yeah" I said.

4:57 AM

So with all that crap in the way I ask Raiden what he was doing at the truck. He said that he saw them carry information for the new Metal Gear project. So I asked him if he found it, and he said it was a trap. We were then walking on the road still after about two hours. Raiden told me that Revolver was in this plot once again and that they found four leaders.

He told me one was a guy named "Trigger Happy" who has an overdose of drugs which make his muscles excesivly large and has a giant boozoka he calls "Honey". Next, would be "Xion". He has mastered the art of the sword and has the ability to dodge any known bullet known to man. Then, their is "Sipher" a computer wiz that has his electronics do the talking. Then after, there is a woman that is the most divious female in the world. Her name is "Foxy red". And finally, "Mist" the best stealth master in the history of espionage. So you must be careful. So as you can see I have a big weight on my solders. "And Snake..." said Raiden. "What?" I asked. Do you know of someone named "Julia". And I stand their with Raiden. Two seconds later I faint at that name...

To be continued...


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