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War of the Monsters Game Guide
By: Derek Croft

Last Updated: March 11, 2003

Battle 1

Enemys: Congar

Congar is not a challenge. Just learn the controls.

Tokens: 2,000-5,000

Battle 2

Enemys: Togera and Robo 47

Togera is not that hard, just stay healthy because as soon as he dies, Robo 47 will appear. First, kill the army. This will make things much more simple. Or just stay to the outsides of the city and avoid the tanks. They are powerful and will quickly kill you. Run in the middle of them and use a close range special, or throw stuff at them. Kill them off. Then, fight Robo 47 like any one else

Tokens: 6,000-8,000

Battle 3

Enemys: 8 small Preytors and a Boss

Preytors: Nothing here, very easy.

BOSS: First, this boss will throw bombs at you. Grab the first one (with circle), move, throw it at him, catch the third one and then throw it at him. He throws three of them right after each other. Continue this until he falls into the bunker and breaks out. Now, he will use another attack. Just hide behind the pillars or throw the boulder at him while he is charging up to attack. The boulder can be found on top of a pillar and will stop the attack. Continue this until he does other attacks. Mainly, the boulder is the best way to kill him. To avoid his big attack, climb the pillars but watch out they will break after a short while. Block to stop the combo and, again, hide behind a pillar when he uses the missile attack, he will die eventually.

If your having a hard time, just constantly throw the boulder. It will stop any of his attacks. If you are lucky, sometimes you can stand in front of him(strait in between the barels of his guns) throw the boulder at him, get it back, throw it at him again.

Tokens: 6,000-8,000

Battle 4

Enemys: Preytor and a Congar

This is a difficult fight. First try your long-range special and then climb the building on your left. At the top, there will be an antenna. Jump to the next building and take the special power up and use another special. Be careful young monster....helicopter hang here around these 4 buildings and nowhere else. Fight Congar first, he is the stronger of the two. Use the vast amount of antennas to impale him and then attack. Look for gas trucks to use. They are very much useful. They are the trucks with the big black trailer. Use the environment to your advantage. Then, take out Preytor.

Tokens: 5,000-8,000

Battle 5

Enemys: Two Raptros

This is yet another toughy. One stays close and the other starts from afar. Use the gas trucks, again they help alot. Also use the antennas around you.If you get caught on fire, just jump in the water to put yourself out (Duh.). Becareful, and try to take out one at a time because they tend to attack together. Did I mention they can fly?

Tokens: 4,000-7,000

Battle 6

Enemys: Buncha' Kineticlops and a Boss

As we have seen before, mulitiples equal simple.They are easy. To beat this part, destroy all 5 reactor towers. The place will soon have a core meltdown and explode. Have a gas truck with you to make the boss fight easier.

Second Boss Battle: Learn this bosses moves. His moves are: 1. Shoots goo that seperates and attacks you 2. A head attacks and chews you 3.Its roots attack you

This boss is very easy as soon as you learn the pattern. The pattern is: With 3 heads: 2 goo attacks, then bites With 2 heads: 3 goo attacks, then bites With 1 head: 5 goo attacks, then bites To damage the monster, pick up some rubble, avoid/dodge the goo attacks and throw it (lock on and it will lock onto the right head) when he opens his mouth to bite you. Do this twice on each head and you won. Also, the outside of the crater is electric. Easy huh?

Tip: If you have an explosive truck or are in the process of grabbing one when the countdown equals zero, you will have it during the boss fight. It should do enough damage to kill a head with one throw.

Tokens: 15,000-18,000

Battle 7

Enemys: Two Robo-47's

The 47's like to stay together, so be aware of this.. Focus on one at a time because as soon as one of them is dead, the other one is that much weaker. The tallest building has 3 antennas and an electrocution thing on it. Good to wear one of them down. Other than that, they aren't too hard.

Tokens: 6,000-8,000

Battle 8

Enemys: Agamo and Magmo

Kill the UFO's. The volcano is the easiest place because they come down low. Cause a volcanic eruption by doing a Jump, Up+Triangle on a mini-volcano look alike. Also, the boat in the sea can be smashed into big throwable pieces. Again, focus on one at a time, then the other. They are both very slow.

Tokens: 5,000-7,000

Battle 9

Enemys: Two Ultra-V's

Causing a tsunami will help you a lot in this battle. The Ultra-V's don't seem to stay together, other than that, this isn't a very hard battle. Like with all 2-1 battles, focus on one, rather than both. Remember that you have 3 lives and unlimited continues. Don't get mad, stay with it.

Tokens: 5,000-7,000

Battle 10

Enemys: Three Zorgulons

Use a close-range special right away, and get the special powerup, right in front of you. These aliens are strong together, but very weak alone. Try to space them out and kill one at a time. Watch out for the lasers in the places next to the ramps. UFO's will attack you on the top level. Not to hard here.

Tokens: 5,000-7,000

Battle 11

Enemys: Final Boss, Cerebulon

This monster has three forms. Each form has different attacks and different strategies.

Form one: Giant Robot

As a robot the only attack he uses is a laser attack. Grab for a throwable object and run, hide behind a pillar when he stops moving. You will get hurt, but not a lot. After the attack, Cerebulon will kneel and the shield around his brain will go away, throw stuff at him. Continue until the next scene *Cerebulon's robot loses its arms and legs

Form Two: Robot without arms or legs

This is the easiest form. Look for the giant pieces of his robot and throw it at him, they are the only thing that will hurt him. You will probably be attacked two or three times. The next scene will follow *Cerebulon ditches the robot

Form Three: Cerebulon

This is a hard form. Remember, if you die, you will continue on this form. That is a good thing. He will usually only use a 10-hit combo that will drain nearly half of your life. Just block it and come back with a combo of your own. Fight him like any other freek.

Tokens: 30,000-50,000

[Note: Please show respect for the author -- do not take this walkthrough and claim it as your own. Thanks.]

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