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Silent Hill 3 Walkthrough
By: Derek Croft

Last Updated: November 12, 2003

I just want to give a big thanks to my friend Denise R. for all her help with SH3 and this guide. I had one hell of a time with this one. Also, I will have a puzzle specific guide ready soon. Note: To help you find what are you looking for, press Ctrl + F.

“Normal Mode”

Dark amusement park

In the opening movie, you'll see a dark amusement park, with some shots of some kind of monster thru it. You'll then see Heather walking in that park. She doesn’t know where she is. Here you gain control of her. First, look at your inventory. You some weapons (handgun, submachine gun, steel pipe, knife), some healing items, a radio and a flashlight. You can explore this area as much as you want. There are some nice shots of the bunny costumes, and cages with weird monsters in them. In the next room there's a big pit, and a couple of monsters. You can enter a store, but there's nothing to find.

If you enter the next door labeled Mountain Coaster), you'll have to fight some tough monsters again, and even if you survive that, there will be more monsters in the next area. Basically you have to die to move on, but if you survive the monsters there’s a much more interesting way to die. If you make it all the way trough the park, you'll arrive at Mountain Coaster. If you start walking on its tracks, Heather will get hit by a cart, and die! Splat!

'Normal' Shopping Mall

Heather wakes up in a restaurant of some sort. She knows it was all just a nightmare. After leaving the restaurant, she goes to a payphone and calls her dad. There's a pretty useless conversation between them: Heather tells him she loves him, and that she failed to get the thing he wanted or something. After the conversation, Heather is approached in the empty mall (it must be around closing time) by Douglas, an officer. He's one of the main characters in the game. He says he has got to show Heather something important, something that has to do with her birth, but Heather isn't interested and asks Douglas to leave her alone. He does. Heather enters the women's bathroom. This is where you regain control of her.

In her inventory, Heather has got her house-key, her lucky pendant, and a knife. On the mirror is a red sign. This is a save-point. You'll find these things throughout the game, and they are marked on the map (but you don't have one right now). If you examine it, Heather will say she knows the sign from somewhere, she has seen it before. If you knock on the locked toilet door, you'll hear an answer. Someone is in there. Anyway, Heather doesn't want to go back because Douglas is still there, so exit out the window. You'll be in an alley, there's only one way out, through the door further down the alley. You'll be in some kind of corridor, it seems to be for the shop owners and mall employees. Just walk through it, only the doors at the end can be opened. This next area is a small part of the mall. There are several stores, but only one is accessible. Go to the store with the half- closed shutter and enter.

Here Heather will find a GUN lying on the ground. She picks it up and then sees a monster in the store. The monster seems to be doing some nasty things to a human. It notices Heather, and attacks her. Heather empties her gun on it, but it's still standing. She's starting to freak out when the monster falls down anyway. After you regain control, check out the dead monster and the human body to find out what Heather is thinking about them. Pick up the HANDGUN BULLETS on the bench. Get behind the counter and open the door there. To your left will be double doors leading back to the previous corridor, but all you'll find there are two Double-heads, so stay out of there. Check the board opposite the elevator to find the MAP of the mall. Exit through the door labeled 'Exit' and climb the stairs.

In here you'll encounter a new type of monster, called Numb Bodies. Anyway, kill it, and then head into the corridor. Most doors are locked, except for two on the north side. The first one has a Double-head eating some beef jerky. Kill the Double-head or not (it's your choice), but remember to get the BEEF. It serves well as a distraction. Back in the corridor, turn right, and check the doors on the right to find the second opened room. In here, there's a save-point, 2 HEALTH DRINKS, HANDGUN BULLETS and a 'table' with a key under it in the corner. You can't get the key, Heather can't reach it. If you save here, Heather will once again try to remember where she saw the sign before. She brings up a book and an altar, even though she doesn't know where that altar came from. Anyway, exit the save room and make your way to the central area of the mall.

Many parts are closed of. There are 2 Closers (big monsters) walking around the gap to the first floor. Try to avoid so you can save ammo for when you need it. There are only two stores here that are of significance. One is the bookstore, but it's locked, the second is the Bakery. Go there now. Here, pick up the PAIR OF TONGS and read the brochure on the counter if you want. Head back to the save room and use the pair of tongs at the table to get the key to the bookstore. Go there now, it's in the same area as the bakery, the store is called 'My best-sellers'. Note that after you got the key, the hallway next to the save room will be filled with Numb Bodies.

This is your first puzzle. Your growing up so fast…

There are 5 books on Shakespeare lying on the ground. They are labeled I to V (Roman numbers). Before starting the puzzle, check the rest of the store. There are some HANDGUN BULLETS on the counter. Behind the counter is a locked door with a keypad. I’ll let you do it. It’s very simple. If lots of people have problems with it, I’ll make a puzzle guide.

Enter the code in the keypad on the door behind the counter. In this next corridor, Heather sees a woman. Glad to finally have found someone, she approaches the woman and asks what's going on. The woman says that the monsters have come to witness the new begin, the rebirth of paradise, and that Heather will play a big part in that: she'll lead them to paradise with bloodstained hands...creepy. She introduces herself as Claudia. When Heather asks her if she's responsible for this mess (she seems to know more about it anyway), she suddenly gets some sort of headache. You hear crying, it sounds like a baby. As Heather breaks down, she sees Claudia walking away. After that the headache is gone. Heather wonders what Claudia wanted her to remember.

When you regain control, go to the elevator. Enter. When the elevator stops, a RADIO will fall from it's ceiling. Pick it up. This radio has the same function as in SH2: whenever a monster is nearby, it starts emitting static. Exit the elevator.

Dark Shopping Mall

You enter another elevator. It's dark. When a light suddenly flashes, Heather sees a monster outside the elevator-cage. She ignores it, and as the elevator starts to move she wonders how she got into this mess, and if it's all just another dream. In the next hallway there are some Double-heads to be fought. Near the toilets you'll find the first-aid room. Enter. Here you'll find HEALTH DRINKS, an AMPOULE, and a save-point. Head out, and to the north.

In the central area there are 3 Closers walking around. Avoid them if you can, or try to kill them, this takes lots of ammo though. As you exit the corridor, make a right, then left into the narrower hallway. Follow it. Enter the room to the left of the women's bathroom. Here you'll find your trustworthy FLASHLIGHT, as well as some HANDGUN BULLETS and a FIRST AID KIT. Exit and enter the women's bathroom (this is the one you started in). Take the BLEACH (not on easy riddles mode), and while your in there, knock on the door. Continue to the east. You'll arrive in the part of the mall that you visited as first. Go to the clothing store again (where you got your gun). Take the HANGER, and grab the BULLETPROOF VEST hanging nearby. Head back to the central area with the 3 Closers, enter the door on the northwestern end. There's a ladder hanging from the ceiling in this room. Use the hanger to get it down, then climb up.

You'll be at the west end of the 2nd floor. Go up the escalator in nearby. There's a Closer in this area, and a Double-head nearby. You can enter the women's bathroom here, but its empty. Opposite of the escalator is a locked door with a moon painted on it, but it's locked. Instead, go into the first shop on your right when you come from the escalator. Here you'll see a umm. . .Grilled Dog. Ahem. Anyway, Examine the dog to find a COOKED KEY. Also find the HEALTH DRINK and the FIRST AID KIT from behind the counter. Go down the escalator, back to the second floor.

You hear some static, but it's not coming from your radio. It comes from the TV in a shop to the south of the escalators. Check out the TV and you'll see a video. A little girl sits up, and says "Daddy..." Yes, Very, student film. Around the corner here you'll find a second TV with a save sign on it. Save if you want, then enter the double doors next to the save-point. You're inside a jewelry store. Pick up the WALLNUT from one of the cases. You can exit trough the back door, or go back to the first TV and enter the store there. Be warned: in this store (the one next to the first TV) you'll have to fight some Numb Bodies, and you don't get anything for it. In this clothing store you can also exit through the back door. Whether you go through the clothes store or the jewelry, you'll end up in the corridor where you met Claudia. A Closer is walking around. Make your way to the eastern most door and unlock it with the cooked key.

Here, pick up the 2 HEALTH DRINKS and the STEEL PIPE. The pipe is a really useful melee weapon for fighting Numb Bodies and Closers. It's a little too slow for Double-heads. When you got your new weapon, exit through the double doors. You'll be at the central area. Some Numb Bodies have been waiting for you. After you test out your new pipe, head to the bakery (you still know where it is right? The south-east part of the central area). Inside, pick up the DETERGENT near the sink (not on easy riddles mode). Exit through the back door. You'll be in a hallway with a fan. Next to it is a button to switch it off, so switch it off already! Then, enter the door next to it. Here you'll see a cloud of bugs, Heather can't get past them. You'll need some sort of anti-bug spray to get rid of them. Well, have a look at the chemicals in your inventory, it says on the labels NOT TO MIX IT. And as you know, when told not to do something... DO IT! Next to the door you came through is an empty garbage bin. Use the bleach and the detergent on it. Gas alert! Heather exits the hallway. Switch the fan back on, then go into the bug hallway.

No more Bugs! Walk past them. After a while you can open a door on the right side. Find some BEEF JERKY and three times HANDGUN BULLETS. Go back to the hallway. Continue north, and turn right at the intersection. Open the first door on the left. Kill the Closer inside if you want, then exit through the double doors. Here, you'll fight a new type of monster. It's called the Pendulum. It can fly, does some nice damage, and has high stamina. Avoid it if possible. There are also some Double-heads here. From the double doors, head left, then right. On the north-west part of this area is a pair of double doors that you can open. When inside, find the vise lying on one of the beds. Use your walnut on it to receive a MOONSTONE. Exit the way you came, go right, and unlock the door at the end of the walkway.

You're back in the central area. Head back to the escalators, be warned because there are some new monsters hanging around, including a Pendulum. Head up to the third floor, and use the moonstone on the locked door opposite of the escalators. Go around the pit, and then down the ladder.

Boss: Splitworm

Difficulty: Easy

You climb down to a closed of area. As you walk away from the ladder, it falls down. No way out. And to make matters worse, you're attacked by a giant purple snake. It can come out of 6 holes, 3 on either side of the room. It can travel to any hole from his current location, so don't think that when he exits on one side he'll also come out on that side. When it comes out, it opens it's mouth, screams a bit, and then either crosses the room or retreats. It only attacks are stomping on the ground (doesn't hurt you, just stuns you for a second) and attacking you with the head (will take your health down to almost zero). Stay away from the head if you can. When the snake comes out of a hole, stand on the other side, facing its head right on. When it opens it mouth, fire 3 bullets into his head. Just 3, after that the it closes. After that, retreat to a corner, and wait for it to disappear. Stay away from the head and you will be peachy.

'Normal' Shopping Mall

After you've killed the snake, everything seems to be back to normal. You're in the central area of the first floor. Head west, and duck under the shutter. In the next area keep going west, and enter the last shop on the right. This is the Happy Burger, where Heather woke up long ago. Check the store to find a save-point, some BEEF JERKY, a FIRST AID KIT and 3 packs of HANDGUN BULLETS. Exit the Happy Burger, then exit the mall.

Douglas is waiting for Heather outside. He seems just as confused as she does. Heather accuses him to be responsible for this mess, even to be one of the monsters. Douglas says he was just send by Claudia to find her, and that has no clue of what's going on. Heather feels like she has to remember something long forgotten, but she can't. She decides to take the subway home and leaves Douglas behind.

Hazel Street Subway Station

Follow the path, you can go only one way. After the first door, head left, and thru the gates. As you leave the gates, turn right around the corner, and pick up the map of the subway. Check the garbage can next to the toilets for 2 packs of HANDGUN BULLETS. Go down one of the stairs to platform 3 and 4 (not the one on the east). This next level has a lot of stairs leading to the platforms, that's why I will call it the stairs level. Find the stairs to platform 4 and go down. There's an occult magazine lying on the floor, read it if you want. Go down to the platform itself to find a HEALTH DRINK and a FIRST AID KIT. After that, go back up to the stairs level. Head east. There are two corridors leading east to the central part of this level, in the south one you'll find a save-point.

From the central stairs level, head east again. Go to the stairs leading to platform 1 on the north-east side of this level. There are some Double-heads here. In the area you're in there are four stairs: 2 up (one you came from, is locked), and 2 down. Go down, both lead to a dead end. At one dead end you'll find 2 HEALTH DRINKS and HANDGUN BULLETS. At the other end you'll find a NUTCRACKER. Head back to the stairs level. Go to the stairs leading to platform 2 on the south-east of this level. It's locked with a chain. Use the nutcracker on the lock to open it. Proceed down. Enter the train here and pick up the SHOTGUN SHELLS and the SHOTGUN. You now got a powerful weapon. The downside is the horrible accuracy.

In front of the stairs leading up, there will now be a new monster, it's called an Insane Cancer. They're very slow, big, and fat. You don't have to kill it, but... I know how you are so go ahead and try out the shotgun. Either way, you mustn't go back up the stairs with the fatty in front of it, go around these stairs and go down using the other stairs. Got it? You're now in the hallway with the two dead ends, where you got the nutcracker. Find the stairs to platform 3 and go down. On the platform, fight the Double-heads if necessary, then continue to the east end. The camera will focus on a door next to the tracks, with a red light over it. Jump down on the tracks, check the door, it's broken. You'll now hear the sound of a train approaching. What are you crazy? Get back on the Platform!

If you made it (press X when facing the platform to climb), you'll see a cut- scene where the train misses Heather by one inch. Then two doors open. Head west, unlock a gate, then keep going west until you can't go further. Now head up the stairs, and down the other ones. You'll be at the west end of platform. Enter the opened train doors. The doors close and the train starts to move. Wow.


In the first car there's a save-point. Then start heading to the front of the train. You'll have to cross about 10 cars. There are some Numb Bodies around, an occasional Insane Cancer, and a FIRST AID KIT and some SHOTGUN SHELLS. When you reach the end, the train will stop and the doors open. Leave the train.

Underground passage

Close to the train doors is a save-point. You're now at the platform of an unknown station. Exit through the only door here. Go down the long stairs, then right, and follow this path until you come to a door. Enter it. In this next area, a couple Pendulum monsters as well as some Numb Bodies.

Note: On a replay game, the wall in this section will be pulsing red with blood. On Hard Action mode, it can hurt you and eventually kill you. So don't stay here longer then necessary.

Turn left and take the first door on the right. More Numb Bodies here. Have fun. From where you came in, take the first door on the right. Even more Numb Bodies, what a surprise! After you've taken care of them, turn left and enter the door.

Here you can pick up the UNDERPASS MAP, some HANDGUN BULLETS, and the MAUL. This is another melee weapon. It deals lots of damage, but it's extremely slow, And in the following hallways, chances are your not gona hit much. Soooo, you're better of with the steel pipe. Anyway, when you're ready, enter the door opposite of the one you came through. In this next hallway you'll fight a big Numb Body, basically a big regular one but it does more damage and has more hit points. There are also some normal Numb Bodies here. Take the first door on the right. At the end of this little hallway you'll find 2 HEALTHDRINKS, some BEEF JERKY and a WINE BOTTLE. Exit. If you go south and then west, you'll arrive at another dead end with some SHOTGUN SHELLS.

In this hallway, take the door on the east side. In this next hallway are no less then 3 Pendulum monsters. Either fight them or run past them. At the end of the path is some sort of shaft. Before you reach it, take a door on the left. There's a long walk north. Turn right when you exit it, and right again when you come to an intersection. Enter the big door. After fighting the Numb Bodies here, check your map to see that there are 2 rooms on the west side of this hallway. Enter the one on the south. Check the room for 2 HEALTHDRINKS and SHOTGUN SHELLS, as well as a save-point. Examine the heater next to the save-point, it's filled with kerosene. Use the wine bottle on it to get a bottle full of fuel. Now head for the room north of this one. There's a machine here that doesn't work, and a ladder that leads down to a flooded area. Find the fuel tank of the machine, and use the bottle with fuel on it. Start the machine by flipping the nearby switch. Head down the ladder.

The sewers

Head east, out the room, over a bridge, down some stairs, to a door. You'll enter a sewer. Go south, fight the big Numb Body, and take the first door on the right. Walk all the way to the west, over another bridge. In the room at the end, collect the AMPLOULE, HANDGUNBULLETS and DRYER. Head back to the sewers, and enter the door opposite of the one you just came through. More Numb Bodies now, teach em’ the meaning of beat down. At the intersection, turn left, and enter the door. Examine the memo's here, and use the save-point if you want. Also pick up the HEALTH DRINK. Exit through the metal door.

In this next area is a bridge over the water. DON'T go over the bridge. (Wise man say, large freeky monsters always lay in calm water.) Instead, check the walls on this side for an outlet. Use the dryer on the outlet to fry the monster. Before doing so, you can also chunk your Pipe into the water for the silver/gold Pipes. Cross the bridge. Now to the exit there is only one path, ooh... so exciting. There are 2 Pendulums hanging around. At the end you'll find a ladder, go up.

Construction site

Walk around the building. There's a save-point on some drums, save if you want. Enter the building. Pick up the 2 HEALTH DRINKS. Enter the only door you can enter, to the stairs. Go up all the way to the 5th floor. Here enter a door into a pretty big area. Pick up the HANDGUN BULLETS and the HEALTH DRINK. Take a look at the hole in the middle of the room. It's too dangerous to just drop down. Shove the big mattress lying next to the hole into it. Jump down. The door out of the room you're in now is destroyed, so exit out of the hole in the wall. Walk around the building on the ledge, be carful of the Pendulum monsters. When you get to the other side, enter the window.

'Normal' Office Building

Exit the little office. Go to the end of the hallway, and enter the door here. You're in a room with mannequin dolls. Pick up the HANDGUN BULLETS and the SHOTGUN SHELLS and examine all the dolls. Exit. From here, turn left, and enter a door on the right. Fight the Double-heads. From the door, head straight, and enter the dance-studio. The first door on the left here leads to a room with nothing but monsters, the door straight ahead from where you enter leads to an office. In the office there are a MAP of the office building, a save-point and a drawer that is rusted shut. Exit and, still in the dance-studio, enter the last door of the hall on the south end to find an AMPOULE and a FIRST AID KIT.

Exit the dance studio, and head north. Enter the door labeled 'Exit'. Go up to the fifth floor. Here, go to the Art Gallery (check your map). Enter the main painting room. Examine the paintings, note that one is missing. Exit out the back door. In this corridor you can find the SCREWDRIVER. In a small room on the west side you will find the KATANA (God bless the Japanese). Exit the Art Gallery, back to the room with the elevators. Enter the door opposite of the Gallery, fight the Numb Bodies. There's a room on the south side you can enter, but it only seems to hold an Insane Cancer, so ignore it. Head north in the western corridor. Enter the first door on the left and pick up the JACK.

Now go back to the third floor, to the save-point in the dance studio. You've seen the drawer near to it? You couldn't open it before, but you can now that you got your screwdriver. Use it on the drawer to get the ROPE. Exit out to the room with elevators, check the elevator on the west. It's partially opened. Use the jack to open it further. The elevator doors on the floor below seem opened too. Use the rope on the shaft to go down. Here you can find a save-point on a venting machine. Pick up some BEEF JERKY. Go to the west, you'll find three doors labeled echo. Open the one that is not broken. Go north, until you come in a room with a single bathtub. Examine it.

Dark Office Building

Time and time again. While the screen is dark you hear a male voice saying something about an invasion of the Otherworld. Anyway, when Heather wakes up, go to the south. Get the HANDGUN BULLETS from the wheelchair. Exit east, and immediately go north into the Clinic. Grab the picture from the couch - it's of Heather, and on the back is written: "Find the Holy one, kill her". Use the save-point nearby if you want. Enter the room next to the save-point. Watch the conversation. The man says he's not teaming up with Claudia, and that Claudia had been brain-washed by Heather's mother. He's surprised to hear that Harry, Heather's dad, never told her about the secret. Heather gets fed up with the crap and exits.

Tale the OXYDOL, FIRST AID KIT and 2 HEALTH DRINKS from the shelves. Exit the clinic. Fight some Double-heads and a new monster, the Slurper. Go to the elevator and enter it. Head to the first floor. In front of the front doors is some kind of monster but it IS INVINSIBLE (WONT DIE!) so don't waste your ammo. Enter the Last Drop Cafe. There are some SHOTGUN SHELLS with an Insane Cancer lying next to it. Check the fridge to find some PORK LIVER. Go back to elevator, and up to the fifth floor. Enter the door on the west. From this door, go left and right at the intersection. Enter the door here. Pick up the MATCHBOOK and 2 packs of HANDGUN BULLETS. Exit the room. The first door on the right is also opened, but it only features a Slurper behind bars. In the hallway, head east, until you bump into a 'glass' screen. Now head north, and enter the painting room of the Gallery. Save-point.

Check out the painting that was first gone, Flame Purifies All. You might have already guessed it: you have to make a fire. Standing in front of the bin beneath the painting, use the Oxydol, matchbook and liver. When the painting is gone, open the hatch behind it. Walk down the stairs, and read the papers on the table. It's the middle part of some fairytale. Exit through the door. Go to the south east room of this floor. There's a bed with HANDGUN BULLETS and a FIRST AID KIT on it, and some Slurpers underneath it. Exit, and head to the door that leads to the next hallway. Enter it. Enter the last door of this new hallway. Pick up a SILVER COIN. Use the coin on the coke machine in the corner to get the INSURANCE KEY.

Go back to the elevator part of the forth floor, you can unlock the doors to it. Go to the first floor, and use the key you just got to open the door on the west side. Head left, and follow the corridor until it's blocked. Be careful of the Slurpers. Open the last door on the left. You'll be in a room full of blood. On one table is the end of the fairytale you read the middle of. Read it, and Heather will say the chant out loud, causing all monsters to disappear. Head to the elevator room of the first floor. The big monster is gone. Read the beginning of the fairytale lying on the ground. Exit.


It's dark, no one around. From the doors, head left, and when you come to an alley on the left side, enter it. Follow it until you see the door to the Daisy Villa. Enter, and search around for a save-point. Enter your apartment, the camera zooms in on its door. It seems Heather's dad has been killed. After some time she discovers a trail of blood leading to the roof. There Claudia is waiting. She says she has taken revenge for what Harry did to her 17 years ago, by taking Heather away from 'them'. Heather points her gun at Claudia, but she says that she didn't kill him, but the big monster over there did it. She then disappears, after saying she's going to Silent Hill.

Boss: Missionary

Difficulty: Medium

There is a way involving Ammo and such, but one of my friends showed me a much simpler way. First, turn off your light. Yes, Do it. Now walk in caution mode. He will almost never run at you. A lot of the time he just stands around. So then just sneak up on him and go Kung-Fu on his ass with the Kitana. JUST STAY IN CAUTION MODE

After the fight, Heather heads back down, and finds Douglas. She accuses him of everything. Douglas stays cool. Together they put Harry on the bed and cover him with a sheet. Heather says she's going to Silent Hill, and Douglas says he will drive her. Head to Heather's bedroom and pick up the STUN GUN and 2 BATTERIES for it. Then exit the apartment and take the door next to the save-point.

To Silent Hill


When Heather exits the building, Douglas tells her he was just now approached by Vincent, the guy you met in the office building. He gave him a map of Silent Hill, and told Douglas to find Leonard when there. Douglas gives the map to Heather, as well as some sort of dairy from Harry. In the car, Douglas tells he has already been to Silent Hill, on a missing case, and that it has changed quite a bit. Heather then tells she was born and raised there. What follows is a long story, I summarize it here (note: it's much easier to follow if you've played SH1). Seventeen years ago, a woman named Dahlia Gillespie tried to summon an ancient god in Silent Hill. She used her own daughter, Alessa, as sacrifice. Alessa gave birth to the god, but the god was killed by Harry Mason(from Silent Hill 1). After the god was gone, Alessa approached Harry and gave him her baby, and then died. Harry took care of the baby. In other words: Heather is the daughter of this Alessa, and the adoptive daughter of Harry Mason.

Silent Hill

You'll arrive at Jacks Inn. Douglas tells he will go to Leonard's house and asks Heather to go and investigate the hospital. You might now want to read the letter/diary of Harry, it's in your inventory. Now exit, and head to the hospital. There are some monsters on the way. Be sure to stop over at the Heavens Night bar, where you can find a FIRST AID KIT, SHOTGUN SHELLS, BEEF JERKY and a pamphlet on Silent Hill. Continue to the hospital.

'Normal' Hospital

This place hasn't changed a bit since SH2. As soon as you enter, you'll be attacked by 2 zombie nurses. Enter the door opposite of the entrance. Here you'll find a save-point, as well as the MAP and 2 HEALTH DRINKS. Exit and go to the doctors lounge. Check the fridge for another HEALTH DRINK. Pick up 2 sets of HANDGUN BULLETS. Read the notes on the table. They're about this Leonard guy and some dude named Stanley Coleman. They're staying in respectively room S12 and S07. Exit, and head to the visiting room. Here you'll find a part of Stanley Coleman's dairy. He addresses himself to Heather, says he loves her, and wants to give her this doll. Heather won't touch the doll, so ignore it and exit. Head to the elevator and take it up to the second floor. Find another letter from Coleman. Enter the women's locker room. Get the SHOTGUN SHELLS, PURFUME and NAIL POLISH REMOVER. Exit, and head to the door to the patient wing. It's locked with a combination lock. Come on use your brain!

Enter the door to the patient wing. Watch out for the nurses, one has a pistol! Enter the examination room 3. There's a guy here under a sheet. Read the article on him to find out no one knows his name, but his stuff is in M4. Check out the guy's arm. He's got a tattoo reading "the start time is my key". Exit. Enter M4. As you walk to the beds an alarm bell starts ringing. Check it out, stop the annoying noise if you want. Note down the time, in my game it was 5.18, but it’s random. Then check out the attaches case lying on the bed. It has a number lock, four digits. Enter the time you just wrote down here(I entered 0518). Get the INSTANT CAMERA. Exit this room. In M5 are some nurses, nothing special, so you might as well ignore that and head back to the first floor.

Go to the patient wing here. In room C2 you'll find a couple of nurses as well as an AMPOULE. Head to room C4. Here, you'll find another entry of Coleman's dairy, and a key glued to the wall. Use the nail polish remover to get the STAIRWELL KEY. Head over to the stairwell now. First, go down to the basement. Pick up the SMG-ammo, walk past the wheelchair, and pick up the SUB MACHINE GUN! Enter the room on the south east of the basement. Here, check the trail of blood on the wall and the space between the wall and the shelve. Use your instant camera now, you'll get a photo of the back of the shelve, with a code carved into it. Take the stairs to the third floor. In the left cell of the 'special treatment' room you'll find another Coleman dairy. In the storeroom you'll find a save-point, as well as 2 HEALTH DRINKS and a STUN GUN BATTERY.

Go into the third floor patient wing, by entering the code from the photo (4152) into the keypad. In this corridor there's some BEEF JERKY lying on a bench. There are only 3 rooms here you can enter. The first one is S1, where you'll find a magazine on the mysterious Hope House of Silent Hill, and 2 HEALTH DRINKS. Then there's S7, Coleman's room, where you can find Coleman's last dairy, with a smashed up doll. Your target is S12. When you enter it, a phone will ring, pick up. You'll have a telephone conversation with Leonard wolf, the father of Claudia. First he thinks you are Claudia, but Heather says she's not, and wants to kill Claudia. Then Leonard asks Heather to help him, by going to the end of the patient wing of the second floor. Eh, why not?

There's a new door here. Enter it. You'll arrive in some sort of labyrinth. The path isn't difficult at all, and there are no monsters, so just follow it until you arrive at a 'save-point'. When you examine the save-point, you'll see a video of young Heather, with the voice of nurse Lisa on the background, asking herself what is keeping Heather alive. After the video the wall with the save-point has disappeared, walk into the new hallway. Go up the ladder.

Dark Brookhaven Hospital

This hallway looks awesome! In case you're wondering, you're back at the third floor patient hall. The whole hospital is now crawling with Slurpers, so watch your step. Head east and enter the day room. Exit it on the west side. Enter the storeroom. AHH!! Did you like that? Sicko! After the scene, head to the elevator, and take it down to the second floor. In the man's locker room, you will get another call, from another guy. He sings Happy Birthday. Ahem. Anyway, nothing interesting besides the phone here. Exit and enter the women's locker room across the hall. Pick up the 2 HEALTH DRINKS and a PLASTIC BAG. You should now head back to the third floor, and go to Examination Room 4. Here's a body hanging from the ceiling, dripping of blood. Use the plastic bag on the bucket to get some blood. Head to the elevator, and take it all the way down to the basement (bottom left button). The crematorium is one big puzzle. Good luck with that sucker. Check back soon for puzzle guide.

On the first floor, you can enter the office, but there's nothing there, and the examination room. Here you'll find a save-point, an AMPOULE, and a letter to a doctor concerning a patient. Enter the day room from the north side to find some kind of notebook on the ground. Exit, and use the cremated key to unlock the entrance to the east side of the day room. Cross the day room, and enter the patient wing. Once again, admire the great blurry effect. Enter C1 to meet a nurse and get 3 HEALTH DRINKS and a FIRST AID KIT. Also in this room you can find a birthday card. Head down to C4. Use the save-point if you want, and examine the altar and the book. Use the blood in the bag on the altar. A ladder appears. Go down.

Boss: Leonard

Difficulty: Easy

After a long and rather pointless conversation, in which Leonard tells Heather he's the guardian of the seal, you have to fight him. He's not though at all. Both the SMG and the shotgun work really well. Just shoot him until he goes down, then wait for him to get up again and repeat it.

After the fight things are back to normal. Heather wakes up in C4 and finds an AMULET, in the shape of a save-point. Exit the hospital.

Silent Hill

As you exit the hospital, you'll see a scene where Vincent and Claudia are having a conversation. Claudia blames Vincent for sending Heather to her father. After the scene, head to the motel and enter your room. Beware of the monsters outside, mostly Double-heads and Pendulums. In the room, Vincent is waiting. He tells you that Douglas said that she must go to the other side of the lake. Vincent tells her to go through the amusement park. Exit, and follow Nathan Avenue to the north west. After some time, you'll automatically be taken to the Amusement Park

Lakeside Amusement Park

When she enters, Heather gets another 'headache'. She looks around, déjà vu anyone? Enter the door to the next area, turn right(watch out for Closers), and enter the shop. Here you can find a save-point, 2 packs of HANDGUN BULLETS, an AMPOULE, and BEEF JERKY. Check the cookie tin next to the save-point to get the ROLLERCOASTER KEY. Exit the store and head left, enter the door labeled 'Mountain Coaster'. In this next area, kill the monsters (or run past them), then enter the next gate and turn left. Climb the stairs, watch out for those Pendulums. At the top, use the coaster key to open the control booth. Grab the HEALTH DRINK and switch the machine off with the control panel. Then enter the gates onto the tracks. Follow these tracks (use R2 to prevent falling off). After a while, the coaster will reactivate, and a car comes heading in your direction at high speed. Heather jumps off the tracks to avoid it.

You see a scene with Douglas and Claudia. Douglas points his gun at Claudia. The scene ends. Heather wakes up on a ticket booth. Enter the nearby door. You're now at the Borley Haunted House. Use the save-point on the ticket booth (DO IT! TRUST ME!). Enter the house. In the first room, a man will tell you about the house. Enter the next door. A scene with a table covered in blood. First the male voice tells you that a family was murdered here, and then he says that that was a lie, and the only thing that happened here was a suicide. Enter the next room. An old man is sitting in a chair, walk around him. Go to the door. BOO! Turn around and enter the black door. In this room, the ceiling will come down. Press R2 when the camera focuses on the ceiling, and carefully walk. You should be fine. Enter the door that the voice says is the exit. Of course, it's not. In the next hall, you'll be chased by a red mist that instantly kills you. So run with all your speed. After another hallway with red mist, you'll be outside of the Haunted House.

Fight the Closers if you want, and enter the next area. Take the gate on the left side, and cross this next area to another gate. You're at some kind of stage. Get the CHAIN from one of the benches in the audience, the RED SHOE from the stage and the HEALTH DRINK and SHOTGUN SHELLS from a bench close to the gate. Go back 2 area's. In this place, there's some kind of attraction. Go up the platform of the attraction, and check out the central column. Use the chain on it. Get off the platform, opposite of it is a rusted shut gate. Use the other end of the chain on it. Now the control booth is opened, so get in, and use the switch. The gate is opened. Also pick up the HANDGUN BULLETS in the booth. Enter the gate you just opened. You'll meet with Douglas, who seems to have broken his right leg. They talk a bit about the past and other useless stuff. Douglas points his gun at Heather and says it might be better if he'd just kill her now. Heather doesn't deny that, but Douglas wont shoot (female sex organ).

Enter the gate you just came through, you're now at a new area. Turn right and enter the Fortune house. Read Douglas' notebook on the chair, it seems Harry Mason kidnapped Alessa. She later died in a fire at the age of 7. Claudia, who reported Alessa as missing, seemed to have used the name 'Heather' as an alias. Pick up the DOLL HEAD from the table and use the save-point if necessary. Exit this room. Enter the door on the right, into the fairytale setting. Here you can find a Cinderella doll and a Snow white doll. On the tracks are some pictures of the doll's shadows. Something seems to be wrong...Use the doll head on Snow White and the Red Shoe on Cinderella. Now you can exit through the left door of the tracks. In the area with the dragon, exit through the normal door. In the next area, there's a little shop with a memo from Harry on the counter. After reading it, enter the gate to the left of where you started. There's a FIRST AID KIT lying on a bench. Continue to the Merry-Go-Round. As you get on, the thing starts to move and the horses come to live. Stay clear from their breath, and slash them apart from the side with your katana. After you've killed them all, a boss fight will start.

Boss: Memory of Alessa

Difficulty: Very Difficult

Confused? Dazed? Then put down the pipe. This boss starts with a knife, but it will change weapons when you deal enough damage. Against the knife, you should use your katana. Time your swing to just when the begins to attack. You’ll get it down quickly. When you dealt some damage, she'll run away, chase her and finish her off. Right after she dies, she'll appear again, now equipped with a handgun. Don’t worry, its not that bad. Just take cover behind a horse and wait for her to get close. If you attack her with your katana when you're close enough, she'll just use the gun as a melee weapon and won't shoot. After she went down, she'll come back with a steel pipe. Same strategies as with the knife. You can still use the katana, or switch to the steel pipe as well. After she dies again, she will appear with a MACHINA GUN! Just use the same tactics as the pistol. If you fight her melee, she'll use her SMG as a melee weapon, and she won't shoot.

After the last version went down, the Merry-Go-Round will stop. Examine the signs on the floor. After reading it, leave this attraction. You'll be in a long corridor, with a prayer written on the walls. Enter the door on the end after reading the sign on it.



You'll have a conversation with Claudia. Claudia is surprised to see Heather. Heather now knows her past, and knows that Claudia is her sister. Still she yells at her. She gets another headache, Claudia says God is growing within her. After she left, Examine the alter for a save-point and get the EYE OF THE NIGHT TAROT CARD. Examine the paintings if you want. Exit through the small door on the side. Pick up the drawn MAP from a nearby wall. Enter the confession booth, and listen to Claudia's confession. After some time, you'll be given a choice, whether to say you forgive her or not. This influences the ending. Exit the booth, and head east. The door on the south is locked, so take the door to the north. In this room you'll encounter a Closer, nothing special for the rest, so exit out the south east.

In this corridor, there are some Insane Cancers. Enter the south east door. Pick up 2 packs of HANDGUN BULLETS. Also in this room, find a CASSETTE TAPE. Exit, back to the Cancers, and exit through the north. In this corridor, you'll hear a girl crying and some footsteps. Ignore them for now, and exit the doors on the end of the hall. Use the save-point if you want. Examine the paintings here, especially the one of Saint Alessa. Go back to the hall with the crying girl. If you look at the floor, you'll see some footsteps. Follow the trail, it will lead to a painting on the east wall. Shove the painting aside, and enter the next door. On this ledge, a new monster is walking around. It's called a Scraper. Enter the door on the south west. This is the library. Read the books about tarot and the religion. Pick up the MOON TAROT CARD. Vincent will enter. He says he's on your side, because you're both against Claudia. He gives you a book, Titled Otherworld Laws.

Exit the library, and go to the elevator in this area. You'll automatically go down one floor. Enter the door on the north west, and turn left at the intersection. Enter the door here, and inside read the dairy of Harry on the bed. Also find the 2 STUNGUN BATTERIES on the table. Exit this room and head to the western most room of this hall. Inside you find a HANGING MAN TAROT CARD, as well as 3 packs of SHOTGUN SHELLS. Exit, and go back to the elevator room. Don't go down yet, instead enter one of the doors on the south side (only one is opened). This next room looks much like the previous one. You'll find a Pendulum and a Scraper here. Take the last door on the right, and in the next hallway enter the first door on your left. Cross the room with the Closers, there's nothing of interest here. Enter the door on the other side. You'll hear that crying kid again. Follow the footsteps like you did before, they lead to a secret door. Open it, and enter the door behind it.

This is a room where they locked Alessa in. Find the FOOL TAROT CARD, it's hidden in a book about a red jewel. Also, you can find 3 packs of HANDGUN BULLETS and 2 AMPOULES here. Exit this room, the hallway is now filled with Insane Cancers. Head back through the room with the Closers, into the hallway. Take a left, and follow the path until you arrive at another door. This is Alessa's bedroom. You can find a save-point here. The door on the other side is locked, you have to solve a puzzle to get it open. Ignore it for now, and take the BRASS KEY next to the save-point. Exit, and head all the way back to that locked door on the first floor. Open it with the brass key. In the next hallway take the first door on your left, you'll be in a classroom. Examine the lone desk, the letter from K. Gordon on the teacher's desk and take the SMG BULLETS(2x). Exit through the east door. Take the first door on the right. Use the tape on the tape desk, you'll hear a conversation between father Vincent and an unknown woman, they talk about Claudia. Also read the notes on Vincent on the desk, they are signed L.S.

Leave this room. Don't enter the room on the east side of this hall, it's only filled with Scrapers. Instead take the other door on the west side. Pick up your fifth card, the HIGH PRIESTESS TAROT CARD. Also read Claudia's dairy on the shelves. Now get back to the room with the tarot puzzle. First examine the hints on the bed, and then solve the puzzle.

After you solved it, the door will unlock. Enter it, you might want to save first, and go down the long hallway. Enter the door on the end. You'll see a fight over religion between Vincent and Claudia. Heather enters, Vincent orders her to kill Claudia. He is then stabbed in the back by Claudia. Now Heather and Claudia have a whole conversation on God and such. Vincent, who isn't dead yet, orders Heather to use the seal, but Claudia says the seal is worthless and kills Vincent. Heather begins to change, her skin gets all dark, but she fights it and is normal again. You now regain control of her. Go to your inventory and use the pendant with the red marble. Heather will swallow it, and then cough up a fetus. This is God? Yuck. Claudia is shocked and eats God so that she might give birth to her herself. She starts changing and throws herself in a hole in the ground. You know what to do.

Boss: God

Difficulty: SUPER Hard

Heather looks around, Claudia's clothes are empty on the floor. She is angry because she didn't get to kill Claudia, but then she sees God. Meet the final boss. She's a real nuisance. She'll drop down, aim at her head and pop some bullets into it. After some damage (around 5 bullets from the handgun, 1 or 2 shots from the shotgun), she will get up again and starts making fire. Avoid the fire by running, or use the handgun to pop a couple of rounds in her head, which will make her go down again. When she gets down again, shoot some more. Repeat this for a very long time. Just stay clear of her head and arms, and watch the fire and you're good to go.

If you want to get the Infinite SMG, kill the GOD boss with 67 pistol rounds, Then finish it with a Melee weapon

After that...


Sit back, enjoy your ending, then watch your ranking and save the results.

[Note: Please show respect for the author -- do not take this walkthrough and claim it as your own. Thanks.]