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The Simpsons Hit and Run Game Guide

By: Derek Croft (PS Pro 2.0 Staff)

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Level One- Homer
The Cola Caper
This is the first mission. Very simple. Drive to the Kwik-e-mart and get the ice cream and coke. Get in your car and make a left. Continue following the arrows until you finally come to the Kwik-e-Mart. Hop out and enter the store. Talk to Apu behind the counter and grab the ice cream and cola. Before you head back to your house to talk to Marge, press the glowing button on the back of the Duff truck and jump on the boxes to get across the roof of the truck to the top of the Kwik-e-Mart and a whole lot of coins. Hop across the roof tops to other building to get more coins and to find a card and two cameras. When you have grabbed all the goods, hop back down and head back home to Marge.

Next up is a race mission. You need to beat Principal Skinner to the school to get Lisa her science project. To beat him you are going to need to take a few short cuts. One of which is a right turn up a side street at the first major inter section and up and over a fire truck there. The next short cut will be through some Krusty glass that will be at the far end of a parking lot. You may not need to use the short cuts but they sure do make the mission a lot easier and fun. When you get to the school, enter the front door and find Lisa in the hallway. Talk to her and she will tell you that Marge wants to talk to you again. Head back to your house.

Petty Theft Homer
For this mission you need to drive around town to find all 6 of Flanders items that you borrowed. Simply follow the arrows and grab each item before time runs out. For the first two they will be along the street, but for the third you will need to stop and talk to Barney to get. The next two will be along the road again and the final one, Rod's inhaler, will be on top of the Duff truck in front of the Kwik-e-Mart. Grab them all and then head back to Flanders house to complete the mission. When you have them all returned to him, enter your house again.

After talking to Marge, head to the Krusty Burger and to talk to Lenny. He will tell you that he saw Smithers at the Kwik-e-Mart and then Homer decides to get a more powerful car and needs to go get the Plow King truck off of Barney. Run across the street to the gas station where Barney is and you will need 150 coins to purchase it from him.

Office Spaced
Now that you have it, you need to smash and bash Mr. Smither's car before he reaches the power plant. Easy enough to do. When you see him, cut him off and smash him from the side or ram into him. If he is touching you as you drive, then back away a bit and then ram him some more. When he goes boom, make your way to the power plant and into your work station which is located to the right as soon as you enter. When you go inside your station Homer decides to take out all the power for the cameras.

Blind Big Brother
Make your way out of your station and you will see a power source to the left. Kick it twice and make sure it is destroyed. It sucks when you think you destroyed them all to realize you didn't quite get one all the way at the top. Make your way around the room along the catwalks smashing each power source as you go. None are in very difficult places to reach and if you do happen to fall down to the ground, then you can use the steam blowing upwards to give yourself a boost back up to the catwalks. When you have them all destroyed go back to your workstation for a nap. Mr. Burns will announce on the PA system for you all to go home so that is what you shall do. When you get home, you flick on the tube and learn more about the bee cameras and mysterious black vans.

Flowers by Irene
For this next mission you need to follow the black van that was outside your house and not let it get away from you. There will be a green bar at the top of the screen and this will show how close you are to the van. If the bar goes totally black then the van has gotten away from you and you failed miserably. Follow the van through town, through the power planet and finally to Mr. Burn's house. Now that you know who is behind the black vans, make your way to the grocery store to talk to Marge.

Bonestorm Storm
Seems there is a new video game about to hit the shelves and that isn't pleasing Marge. Drive around town in her Canyonaro bumping the Bonestorm delivery truck to make the crates fall out. Collect them as they fall out until you have all of them. This can be a pain in the butt since when you hit the truck, the crates seem to pop out to the side of it and you need to go back and get it. To stop this from happening, hit the truck and then slow down. Grab the crate and go after the truck again. When you get them all, head back to your house to drop off Marge and make your way to the power plant.

The Fat and the Furious
When you get to the power plant, talk to Carl in the parking lot and then you are off to race Mr. Smithers to Mr. Burn's house. It is a straight race with no fancy tricks. Use all the short cuts you can, but each time I raced it, Mr. Smithers always crashed and wiped out near the end which allowed me plenty of lee way to beat him. Once you get to Mr. Burn's house, he will tell you that the black vans are pizza delivery vans and that will end the level.

Level Two-Bart

Detention Deficit Disorder
Bonestorm is out and you got to get a copy! Make your way to the Try-n-Save but when you get close, Principal Skinner will show up and you will need to out run him. When you get far enough away from him, make your way back to the try-n-save. When you get there talk to Jimbo and he will let you know about some crazy lady who destroyed all the copies of Bonestorm. Head across the street to talk to Kearny about where to get a copy and he will tell you about fireworks.

Weapons of Mass Delinquency
This mission requires you to drive around town snagging up all the fireworks you can with out getting caught by Chief Wiggum. Follow the green arrows and they will take you to Otto standing outside of Moe's Tavern. Talk to him to get some fireworks and then head into Moe's. Talk to Moe to get some more fireworks and then make your way back out to your car. Next you need to high tail it to Springfield center hall to talk to Snake. When you get a stash from him, your next stop is the Springfield police department to talk to Ralph. Get more fireworks from him and the chief will start chasing you. Out run him how ever you like (using short cuts is usually the best idea) and then your next destination will be the Googoplex.

Vox Nerduli
After reaching the Googoplex and talking to the comic book store guy, you must now race another nerd to the Java Server to spread news about McBains movie first. Driving in the comic book store guy's Kremlin (or Fat Mobile as Bart calls it) you must take out the nerd the best way you can. This can be one of the more frustrating races in the game since it is so short. Near the end of the race you can cut across the lawns and streets before you reach the park to gain an extra advantage on the nerd. After you beat him, make your way to the Springfield Stadium and talk to Professor Frink.

Bart 'N' Frink
After talking to Frinky, he tells you that to get his robot working he needs a radio and a satellite dish. You figure Herman the WWII nut will have them so that's where you're off to. Grab a fast car and follow the black van to Herman's. When you get there, talk top Chief Wiggum outside and he will tell you that Herman's shop was robbed. Hop back in your car and follow the arrows up the freeway to find Snake on the road. He will make a deal with you to race for the radio. If you want to be sneaky and beat Snake really easily, then just grab a car and park it in front of Snakes car. Grab another car for you to drive and take off when the race starts. Snake will be stuck there and won't even show up. Win the race and get the radio. Next up is a satellite dish. Head to the Krusty Burger restaurant and talk to Cletus about it.

Better Than Beef
Seems Cletus has a satellite dish that he is will to part with as long as you help him collect some road kill for Krusty Burger. Collect all 14 pieces and then escape from Apu as he tries to stop you from selling rotten meat to Krusty. Once you have all 14 pieces and have outrun Apu, make your way back to the Krusty burger and Cletus will give you the satellite dish as a reward. Drive back to the stadium where Frink was and talk to him again. This time he says he needs a blender to complete the Truckasaurus. Head to the screaming monkey research center which is right before the hospital and have a chat with Dr. Nick to find a blender.

He will tell you to grab his monkeys and then he will give you one. To get all the monkeys you will need a bigger car and will need to buy Homers Mr.Plow truck from him. Find Homer in the hospital parking lot and buy the truck off him for 200 coins. When you have it, start collecting the 30 monkeys around the town.

Monkey See Monkey D'oh
There are 30 monkeys all scattered around the town that you need to collect. This can be one of the more frustrating levels so far since there are so many monkeys to get. There really isn't a set pattern to grab them in but there are two monkeys that you definitely need to get out of the truck to grab and those were the first two I always started with. They are right across from the beginning above the phone booth on top of the roof. Be sure to check your map when you start getting down to grabbing almost all of them to see where the ones you may have missed are. Once you have them all drive back to Dr. Nick and grab the blender for Frinky.

Drive back to the stadium and talk to Frink. He will tell you that there are too many cell phone users and that they would cause the Truckasaurus to go nuts. You need to drive around town and take out all of the cell phone users' cars before the timer hits zero. Each car will have a time limit and that time limit decreases with each car. You're definitely going to want to use a big truck for this mission. The Plow King truck worked the best for me. There are 5 cell phone cars to destroy but seeing as how the first three and the last two have same driving patterns, trying to hit them head on is pretty easy to do. Take all of them out and then head to the stadium to talk to Frink and to have an encounter with Truckasaurus.

Level Three-Lisa

Nerd Race Queen
For this mission you and the comic book guy need to race the nerdlinger to get to the itchy and scratchy comic book first. The race is a fairly long one and one of the hardest. When you grab the comic book, you then need to get back to the comic book store before time runs out. When you get back, the comic book store guy tells you that he saw Bart at the Noiseland arcades. When you reach them, Milhouse is outside waiting to talk to you.

Drive down the hill following the arrows to Wall E. Weasels to run into….Milhouse. Talk to him again and he will tell you that he thinks Bart is at PlanetHype. Hop in your car again and make your way there. When you get there Milhouse is there waiting for you. Quick little bugger isn't he? After some more compliments he says that Bart might be at the Springfield sign. Make your way back to your car and burn rubber to the Springfield sign. I got there with no accidents and no Hit and Run and I still only made it with about 4 seconds to spare. After you reach the sign, talk to Milhouse AGAIN and he will finally tell you he doesn't know where Bart is. Lisa figures to ask Apu at the Kwik-e-Mart so hop in your car and head to the Krusty Burger joint

Bonfire of the Manatees
When you arrive at the Krusty Burger, Apu tells you that a bad man is selling meat to Krusty and that you have to stop him. Follow Celtus' pick up truck and smash into it 15 times to grab all of the flat-meat. This is just like the Bonestorm truck mission and you should handle it the same way. Apu's firebird is a pretty quick car so use that to your advantage. Once you have all 15 pieces of meat, make your way to the observatory. You will have 60 seconds to make it to the observatory so step on it. Just follow the green arrows and when you see the observatory on the right, it will automatically fade out and take you to it when you pass it.

Now that you are walking, enter it and talk to Professor Frink. He will tell you that he last saw Bart being taken by a bright green light after helping him with the Truckasaurus. Leave the observatory and head to down the steps to talk to Grandpa Simpson. He will tell you that he saw Bart's red hat at the tar pits. Lisa then says she needs a bigger vehicle and figures the school bus would do nicely. Follow the green arrows to camp Krusty or just look for the big dollar sign on your map. Buy the school bus off of Otto for 300 coins. If you don't have the coin, look around Camp Krusty. There is lots of ways there to get coin.

Operation Hellfish
Once you jump in the school bus you are thrown into this mission. Find all the black sedans you and destroy them as fast as you can. After you destroy the first one, you will then need to go to the Aztec theatre. When you reach it there will be another sedan. Destroy it and then you will need to go to Planet Hype to find another. When that last one is destroyed, make your way to Mr. Burns' casino.

When you reach the casino, Chief Wiggum is outside waiting to talk to you. Have a chat with him and he wants you to go undercover for him. If you haven't already purchased Lisa's "cool clothes" then you will need to either go to the observatory or the comic book shop to get them. Once you have the new clothes, head back to the Casino and talk to Chief Wiggum again. You will be directed to hop in the cop car.

Slithery Sleuthing
Now that you and the Chief are in a cop car, you need to follow Snake and gather three strikes of bad behavior to put him behind bars. The first offence is counterfeit jeans, the second is running over an elderly person without a license and the final strike against him is littering. When you have all three, make your way back to the Casino before time runs out. When you get back to the casino, the chief tells you to check out the Squid Port since the docks are full of suspicious government types.

Go to Captain McAllister's Chum n' Stuff to talk to the old sea captain. He says that if you help him out delivering his fish then he will tell you something about what is going on with the black sedans and guys in dark glasses.

Fishy Deals
This mission requires you to drive around and pick up 22 of the sea captains fish deliveries. This mission is pretty much like Bart's monkey mission for Dr. Nick except the fish are picked up in a specific order as you drive along the streets and not just running all over the place like before. To get all the fish in the allowed amount of time, you cannot have any accidents or stop or even miss picking up a fish. From the start it is very important not to crash. Grab the first fish and then make a left and go around the light house and then continue following the arrows and getting the rest of the fish. The 21st fish will be at an intersection and you will need to go right and jump over a large gap to get the final fish. Once you have them all, return to the sea captain and he will tell you he saw Bart in a limo.

The Old Pirate and the Sea
The old man says that Bart is in the limo and that you need to destroy it. There are two ways that you can beat the limo. One is by using the school bus and one is by using the plow king. I prefer the plow king since the school bus is too big to maneuver around some streets. The limo takes a really big beating and sometimes when you think you did it some serious damage, the meter doesn't even move. Keep with it and try to use the surroundings to hurt the limo as well like driving it into buildings and such. When it is destroyed, head back to the sea captain and he will say that Bart got out of the limo and is on the C-Spanker boat.

This last part of the mission is rather tricky. The arrows from the sea captain aren't right so don't follow them. Go straight to the end of the dock which is to the far left of the C-Spanker. Drive to the end of the dock and there will be a small ramp and a sign on the boat that says Globex. Drive down the pier and up the ramp and you will crash through the sign and land in the boat. Follow the driveway up to the end where there are some arrows on the wall pointing left. Get out of the car here and hop up on the right side. Here you will see some metal containers and a crane. Bart is around the corner behind the metal containers. When you talk to him he speaks gibberish and Lisa takes him home.

Level Four- Marge

A few Donuts More When you leave the house, get in your car as fast as you can. The cops are flying to the donut store and you need to catch up to them. If you take the short cut at the end of the street, directly to the right of your drive way and the fire truck ladder short cut from the beginning of the game, then you will be able to beat the cops there or at least make it there in time. Talk to Chief Wiggum about the crop circles and he will tell you that he needs some donuts before he says anything. So now you are off to get some donuts. You need to bang into the donut delivery truck 10 times to get all of the donuts and then you need to get back to the donut shop before time runs out. When you do, Wiggum will tell you that the crop circles are at Cletus house. Head there and talk to him.

Redneck Roundup
After you talk to Cletus he kind of freaks out and jumps in his truck. You need to follow him and grab the 7 crates of whatever falls out of the back of his truck. You will chase him through the power planet and through the stone cutters short cut so be careful of going around the turns as Cletus has quite the lead foot. After you get all seven crates, you will need to talk to Cletus at the gas station. When you do, you will then need to have Marge's "inmate" costume to wear. If you don't already have it, then go to either the Kwik-e-Mart, Bart's Room or the school to buy it. When you have it, hop into Cletus's truck at the gas station

Ketchup Logic
For this mission you need to drive around the city and pick up packets of ketchup for Cletus to have during the winter. This is a little different then usual pick up missions since most of these you need to go through a short cut to get to. You need to grab the first packet that you see and then head over the fire truck by way of the ladder and then from then on get the rest through the Krusty glass that always leads to short cuts. The only really tricky one was the last one which is in the power planet and I had to go through the plant to the front entrance and use the ramp there to grab the last packet in the spinning wheel. I could never seem to grab it from the ramp that is to the right where you enter from the chess board in Burn's backyard. After you have all of the packets, leave the power planet and you will need to out run a black sedan in a limited amount of time. After you do, drop Cletus off at home and he will tell you to talk to an old person at the cemetery. Head there and you will need to talk to Hans Moleman.

Return of the Nearly Dead
When talking to Hans he tells you to talk to Abe Simpson but you need to hurry to the retirement home before the police get there and lock the doors. Chief Wiggum boots it pretty fast to the retirement home so pick a really fast car. I used Malibu Stacy's car and beat the cops no problem. Make sure you use the short cut at the end of Evergreen Terrace though as the cops use it as well but usually wipe out after going through. After you talk to Grandpa he tells you that some hooligans have stolen his medicine and needs you to help him

Wolves Stole My Pills
Make a mad dash to the school yard using the short cut through the Krusty glass to the left of the school. When you are in the yard, stop and talk to Nelson. He will tell you that he traded the meds to a guy in a black sedan. Find the car in front of the school and start following it picking up the meds that it drops along the way. If you do this mission a few times, try using a different vehicle with different attributes and see how well it does. When you have all of them snagged, you need to head back to the retirement home and lose the black sedan that starts to follow you. When you lose it continue back to the retirement home and talk to Grandpa. He will fall asleep when you give him the meds and you need to wake him up. Head to the Kwik-e-Mart and enter it to grab the pills. When you have them, head back tot eh retirement castle and Talk to Grandpa. After he tells his story, you realize what you need to do to jog Bart's memory.

The Cola Wars
Head back to the Simpson's house and enter the backyard. Hop up the garden hose and light fixture to get to Bart's room. Stairs are so overrated. Now that you have talked to Bart and you have the police uniform on, jump out the window and make your way to the left (facing Bart's window) and start collecting the pop cans. You won't need a car for this mission and jumping to get the cans can be a little more than frustrating. The majority of the 30 cans are on and around the Kwik-e-Mart. Follow the trail of cans through the yard and down to the street and over to the Kwik-e-Mart. Make your way around and across the roof tops to get all of the 30 cans. Once you have all 30 make your way into the Kwik-e-Mart to talk to Apu about where the Cola is coming from.

From Outer Space
This level can be a serious pain in the butt just like the last. If you thought trying to destroy the limo earlier was difficult, now you get to destroy cola trucks that are about the same difficulty to destroy. The first truck will lead you to Burns mansion. After you destroy it the next truck will head up the drive way and go through the mansion to the power planet. After that truck is toast you will meet another one just outside the power plant parking lot. Destroy this one last truck and then you will need to head back to your house. Along the way, Chief Wiggum will show up and you will need to shake him off your tail. When he is far enough behind, head back to your house to finish the mission and level.

Level Five-Apu

Incriminating Caffeine
To start Apu's level, you must drive to the cola truck and then investigate on foot. The truck is actually a good distance away from you and takes awhile to get to. Follow the map until you come to the train yard just after the Krusty Burger by the construction yard. When you enter the train area, the truck is hiding through the Krusty glass on the right as soon as you enter the area. Smash through the glass and then get out of your can and stand in the blue circle. After you do the mission starts and the truck drives away. You need to follow it through Springfield and pick up the 11 crates that it drops behind it. When you get all 11 you are then taken outside the Legitimate Business Men's club to talk to Louie.

...And Baby Makes Eight
After talking to Louie you remember you need to pick up your children from the hospital. As you make your way there, some mob goons are following you in a limo. Lose them and then make your way to the hospital entrance. When you get there another mob limo will appear for you to outrun. Out run this one and then make your way back to the hospital for a second time.

Eight is too Much
This time talk to Dr. Hibbert who is standing near the hospital sign. He will tell you that your kids are about to poop up a storm and they need diapers. To complete the next part of the mission, you need to buy Homer custom car off him in the parking lot. When you have it (if you don't have the 400 coins hurry up and get them!) then drive to hospital and the diaper truck will appear driving around town. Bang into it 10 times and grab all the diapers. When you have all of them, make your way back to the hospital and talk to Dr. Hibbert again.

This Little Piggy
Head to the Krusty Burger near the Construction site and Krusty will tell you to find a cop and follow him to find a real bad guy who might know about the cola. Krusty also suggests looking more "American". Now you will need to head to Moe's to grab the American outfit for Apu for a measly 425 coins. Apu has an expensive level. When you have it, come back to the Krusty Burger joint and look in the glass to start the mission. Follow the donut trail through the park, the hospital and up the freeway until you snag all 21 donuts. When you do, you now must follow chief Wiggums car until you reach Snake at the DMV.

Never Trust a Snake
After talking to Snake, he says that he can find out who is behind the cola if you do him a favor and collect all of the garbage pieces around town. The Garbage truck beside you will take off and you need to follow it to grab the five pieces of garbage it drops. Easy enough until you hit the town and there are 25 more pieces to grab. The two hardest pieces to get are up the stairs to the monorail and on the other building across from the train itself. The order I got the pieces in were, the stairs up the monorail, the pieces up top, then jump across to the next building and grab the two pieces there. I would then fall off the roof to my car and get the 4 pieces in the centre around the building.

Then I would get the pieces up the middle ramp (the giant escalator to no where) swinging around to the right and getting the pieces up the fire truck ladder. When I got those I would then turn around and get the two on the sidewalk beside the fire trucks and then enter the opening on the other side of the street and make a right up the small ramp there. Get out of the car and then hop on the red truck and then up the steam vents to get the last 4 pieces on the roof. What ever time you have left you need to get yourself back to the DMV and talk to Snake. When you are driving back, take the right turn on the freeway before the one the arrows tell you to. You will smash through some Krusty glass at the top and save a lot of time going back. After you talk to Snake he will tell you he left the info inside the DMV. Grab the folder by Patty and Selma to complete the mission.

Kwik Cash
Talk to Snake again and he will need help with one more community service. Drive with him to the googolplex but before you get there a cop will be on your tail. Loose him and then make your way to the armored truck at the Googoplex. Follow it along the freeway and give it a good smash and bash. This Armored car was a total pain in the ass to take out and it took a long time to finally destroy. Use the other cars to your advantage and try to hit it head on whenever possible. When you finally get it destroyed, head to Snakes hideout and another cop will be sitting there waiting for you. Lose him and then finally return to Snakes hide out and he will tell you who the cola trucks are registered to.

Curious Curator
Even though Bart says the museum closes in 5 minutes, you have 30 seconds to get to the museum before it closes. When you get there, the curator takes of in his little car. You need to catch up to him and put a hurting on him to get the museum key. Smash and bash him around until he blows up. Again like most smashing missions, try to ram him into oncoming traffic or try to cut him off into the walls or poles. Make sure you grab the key from where he was destroyed and then book it back to the museum before time runs out.

Level Six-Bart

Going to the Lu
Now that we know who is behind the Cola, it's up to you to stop it! Have Bart talk to Apu and then talk to Otto who is near him. After talking to Otto the mission starts and you need to grab all the kids along the way to KrustyLu Studios before Krusty leaves. There are fifteen kids to pick up along the way and if you don't get into too many serious crashes, there is plenty of time to complete the mission. When you get there, your next goal will be to talk to Barney.

Getting Down With the Clown
After talking to Barney, who is apparently now a security guard, your next mission is to track down Krusty and his limo. When you are done talking to Barney, a movie truck takes off and you need to follow it up the freeway while not letting it get to far ahead of you. When you get far enough up the highway, it stops and you need to go talk to the limo driver. Don't bother, just bump into the limo and it will start a race to the Squidport through the town. To beat the limo, you are going to need to use a lot of the short cuts through the town, like the stairs in between building, the stairs beside the bowling alley and the large ramp in the center of town to launch yourself right to the finish line.

Lab Coat Caper
When you have reached the entrance to the Squidport, stop and turn around and talk to Krusty. He doesn't believe your story and you need to find someone who can help you prove it. You need to find Professor Frink! Hop in your car and he will zoom past you in his hover car. Follow him and stay close as possible because he is a fast little bugger. This follow (race) mission is a long one for sure and takes a few laps around the city. There are a few parts, such as were he goes up the stairs goes around the block and back down the stairs, where you don't even need to follow him. You can just wait at the top of the stairs for him to come back and then continue following him. After he goes up the stairs a second time, he will then head down the highway to the observatory. Keep following him until you jump over the large gap on the bridge and you will complete the mission.

Duff for Me, Duff for You
After you enter the observatory, talk to Frink and he will tell you that the lasers are hidden in the Duff trucks. You now have to boot it to the Duff factory that is beside KrustyLu Studios. When you get to the end of the highway, crash through the barriers into to Duff plant instead of having to go all the way around like the arrows are telling you to. This way is a lot faster and the Duff truck is right in front of you. When the Duff truck takes off, follow it and hit it 6 times to get the crates.

Try to hit it as many times as possible as close to the Squidport as possible. After you have all 6 boxes you have to get back to the Duff brewery and that can be tricky depending how far away and how much time you have to get there. Once you get back to the brewery, you need to find the laser gun. Ignore the arrows and look for the Krusty glass in the Duff Brewery parking lot. It is to the left of the exit closest to the highway. Smash through there and it will take you to a platform where the Duff blimp is. Get out of your car and hop up the boxes to grab the laser.

Full Metal Jackass
Now that you have the laser, head back down to the Squidport to find Principal Skinner. He takes the laser from you and you need to get it back. Another smash and crash level where you need to destroy his car to retrieve the laser from him. When you have bounced him around enough to blow him up, grab the laser and head back to KrustyLu Studios and talk to the clown. He tells you that he set up some free laser stands to hand them out and that you need to go and destroy them. You need a new car, so go talk to Kearny in the parking lot about one. He has the Hank Scorpio Globex super villain car for 600 coins. If you don't have enough coins, go inside the studios and there are plenty of boxes and pop machines to smash open to get some.

Set to Kill
Now that you have the Globex car from Kearny the next mission begins. Smash all the laser booths as they appear. Head right out of Krustylu and then left into the Duff brewery, through the Squidport and then the last remaining few in town. When all of them have been destroyed, you need to high tail it back to Krustylu Studios before time runs out. This is probably one of the hardest time races in the game. To be able to get back to Krustylu studios in time, there are a few short cuts you must take and you must not screw them up. One of course is as soon as you get the last laser booth to turn left and jump out the opening there. Go straight down the street to the stairs short cut beside the bowling alley and pray that the wood is up in the air. After that, hit the giant ramp to take you to the Squidport.

After the first right turn on the Squidport, there is an alley way beside a building with a giant blue anchor on it on the left. Take that short cut and then go left to the end of the pier and make a right. Head to the end and jump the ramp to land in the C-Spanker. Don't make the jump full power because you will just smash into the wall. Make it half speed and you can land and turn all in one motion. Continue up the catwalk and turn left and jump off the boat. Continue on to KrustyLu Studios and you should make it with a second or two to spare. After you get there, talk to Krusty to finish the mission.

Kang and Kodos Strike Back
Next head up to the Krusty burger restaurant at the top of the hill and talk to Homer in the parking lot. He will have a fancy new car to use in this mission. This mission seems pretty straight forward but there are two ways you can go about finishing it. The object of this mission is to race Kodos and Kang back to the Duff brewery. One way to race them is to use just about every short cut you can find going through the town and then head through the Squidport and up to the brewery. The other way to go is that you can go along the highway past the observatory and only have to deal with other cars and no short cuts.

If you go through the town, follow them down the stairs, but then turn right into the gas station at the bottom of them and go through the short cut there. Continue going straight and go through the short cut down the stairs beside the bowling alley and then up the ramp and over to the Squidport. Boot your ass around the Squidport and up to the Brewery. If you take the highway where the observatory is, then make your way down the winding road, jump over the gap in the bridge and keep going all the way to the brewery. This way is a little straighter forward and doesn't require any fancy shortcuts to win, but you do need to keep moving and not get into any accidents. Pull into the Duff Brewery to complete the mission and watch a scene with the aliens.

Level Seven-Homer

Rigor Motors
Exit the house and hop in your car. Drive next door to Flanders and talk to him. Take the first aid kit and then boot it over to Cletus' house. Use the short cut through the graveyard to get there really fast. After you get the goods from Cletus', drive down the road a bit following the arrows to Moe's house to get his chainsaw. After you grab it, make your way back to your house using the graveyard shortcut again. Now you need to make your way to the school yard where the space ship is hovering. Talk to the comic book guy and he will tell you that you need a zombie car for the next mission. Grab 500 coins and go buy it of a zombie in the cemetery. When you have the car, make your way back to the school yard.

Long Black Probes
Follow the black car that takes off from the school yard all the way to the power plant. The car is a fast little bugger and you need to try and be as crash free as possible. To be safe, try to get ahead of the black car which will give you some extra time if you do happen to crash into something. When you finally reach the power plant parking lot, get out of your car and talk to professor Frink.

Pocket Protector
Seems old Frinky has figured out that nuclear waste hurts the aliens. Well who wouldn't it hurt? Frinky has loaded up his hover car and needs you to drive him to the school yard. You need to be quick as you only have a short time to get he car there, but you also need to be careful since if you hit anything too hard, the nuclear waste will go flying and you'll need to go back to the power planet and get more. Once you reach the school, drive into the green light and hop out of the car as it floats upwards. When it explodes the mission is complete. Head inside the school and talk to Lisa

There's Something About Monty
After talking to Lisa, you need to go talk to Mr. Burns and get your hands on some more nuclear waste. When you leave the school yard there is a black alien car that you need to shake off before you get to the power plant. When you get to the power plant parking lot, you need to hop up the damaged part of the wall and jump from girder to girder until you reach a hole in the wall. Walk through the room to the other side and now you need to make some really tricky jumps to get all the way to the top room where Mr. Burns is. When you reach his office, many sections of the floor wall and drop away ending you back to the balcony where you entered from. Run up the middle of the carpet while jumping and you can reach him no problem.

Alien "Auto" Topsy Part One
When you talk to Nr. Burns, he will tell you that you can have all the nuclear waste you want. Grab the map from his desk and then fall down one of the openings in the floor to get back to the balcony. Jump off the edge and run to your car. Next you need to pick up the nuclear waster and run it to the school like you did previously with Frink. Remember to be quick but to avoid any major crashes or else you need to go back and pick up more waste. Use the short cuts to get back to the school yard and remember them since you are gong to have to do this same journey three two more times with different cars. After you reach the school yard, drive into the light from the spaceship and jump out of the car. Go talk to Snake when it blows up.

Alien "Auto" Topsy Part Two
Now that you have Snake and 'lil Bandit, go back to the power plant to grab more nuclear waste. Along the way another alien car will show up and try to run you off the road. Get away from him by using speed and short cuts and pull into the power plant parking lot. Grab more nuclear waste and hightail it back to the schoolyard. As before, drive into the green light and jump out of the car. When it blows up, go and talk to Grandpa Simpson.

Alien "Auto" Topsy Part Three
Now you are using Grandpas altered WWII jeep. It is pretty quick but I found the handling horrible and you really need handling for this last mission. As soon as you leave the school yard, a black alien car will take off and you need to race it to the power plant. The race can be pretty nail biting, but as long as you use the cemetery, trailer park and barn short cuts you should beat him easily enough. Also the finish line is right before the power plant entrance so don't worry about trying to go through the opening at the entrance. When you get to the parking lot, grab the nuclear waste and then start booting it back to the school yard. As you may notice you only have a minute on your clock. When you get to Evergreen Terrace, there is a black alien car sitting in the short cut driveway that will chase after you when you get close. Let it come out of the drive way and go around it and through the glass.

Keep heading towards the school yard since this black car chasing you gives you extra time to get there. Use the two other short cuts near the Krusty Burger and just before the turn to the school and you should make it with a few seconds to spare. Remember to be careful about not crashing into anything that will make you lose the waste and getting a Hit and Run is a great way to ruin this mission. When you drive the jeep into the green light, again, jump out and watch the last scene as the game ends.

Congratulations! You've beat one hell of a funny game! Sit back and relax and watch the credits for a few more laughs.

[Note: Please show respect for the author -- do not take this walkthrough and claim it as your own. Thanks.]

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