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Mailbag - 1/20/03
Do you have any comments or questions about the PlayStation 2 or anything to do with videogames? Then e-mail me and I'll post and answer the most interesting letters and questions here. Even if your e-mail isn't posted, I will still try to reply within 1-5 days (depending on how complex your question is). I get tons of mail, so please be patient:

January 20, 2003 Update

A winnar is j00!

when i beet the game (credits rolled), it didn't seem like it should've been the end, statistics showed 50% complete and i hadn't even done the malibu club levels yet or a few others, is there a second ending, or did i find some kind of shortcut???? i think the same thing happened to me on GTA3, are there different endings of any kind on either games if you beat the missions in a different order, or have the game 100% complete before you do the final mission???

Matt: I reason why it does not say 100% is that there are plenty of other things left to do in the game. If the developers made it so that you needed to complete everything to see the ending, then it would prove to be too frustrating for most people. In order to get 100%, you need to do the side missions, such as the Love Fist missions; rob all 15 stores, complete all of the rampages, find all of the unique jumps, and more. Hope that helps.


Hey, how do I view prevous mailbag updates? Or do you delete them?

Matt: Use the links on the bottom left side of the page. Apparently, the words "Mail Archives" is not clear enough.

Will and Grace / Vice City

i was flipping thorugh the channels the other day and i stopped on will and grace cuz..... uh my batteries died on my remote so I had to get new ones. ne ways, i was watching it and karen from the show soudns exactly like the little girl from the vice city public talk radio thingie. is it the same women or just a cownidince?

Matt: Yeah, it's the same person. It's still not as bad as Lance Bass providing the voice of that one dude in Kingdom Hearts though.

Steam Powered PS2

I'm from England and I have a question. Why do you Yanks keep saying that our PlayStation 2's are steam powered? It is a really stupid joke and it makes no sense at all.

Matt: Imagine a PS2 sitting on a table. Now picture steam coming out of the vents. I dunno about you, but that is pretty damn funny. Seriously though, I don't see why you are complaining. You can use your PS2 to turn your room into a sauna while you play your games! I would kill for something like that in the States. Seriously though, someone needs to create an online petition to Sony, asking them to bring steam-powered consoles to the U.S. Seriously though, I am making a complete ass of myself, so I better stop...

2 player Vice City

what is the cheat for 2 player mode or multiplayer for GTA Vice City? I know there is one.

Matt: If there was a 2-player mode, don't you think that it would be on the back of the box? Rockstar would want to make this known, as a 2-player mode would bring in even more sales.


Hey Matt,I own a PS2 as well except that I have a mod chip installed and I heard that Xbox live doesn't work on machines that have modchips installed and so I was wondering if you heard anything about PS2s with modchips not being able to connect online. Sincerly Josh

Matt: Hi. So far, PS2 systems with mod-chips installed have been able to go online. I guess Sony could implement something in future Network Adaptor models that prevents this, but for now, everything seems to work just fine.

I wanna Getaway

will the getaway have a free roaming mode like in gta3 and gta vice city?

Matt: I haven't played the North American version yet, but in the PAL version, you can access a free roaming mode after you beat the game once.

Parasite Eve 3

Yo!!! Are you working on something for parasite eve because I'd be nice if ya did .... cause I was wondering if could you........................................Thanks, [name removed]

Matt: The who what to the what now?

E for Erotica

matt, i heard that nba live 2003 has a code where you can get the cheerleaders nude. how exactly is this done?

Matt: That game has an E rating. E stands for "Everyone", not "Erotica".

European Network Adaptor

quick question: when is the network adaptor coming to the UK? I don't want to import one from America.

Matt: Last I checked, it is still on-track for a March 2003 release date.

Metal Gear Solid 3 feedback

Greeting Matt. I was looking thru your news archives and I noticed that Hideo was asking for people's feedback for Metal Gear Solid 3. Where exactly do you send this feedback? Any mailing or e-mail address would be great. Thanks!

Matt: It was for the readers of Famitsu in Japan to send in their ideas and feedback for the game. As a result, I don't know where exactly you send it in. If you know Japanese, maybe it would help if you visit Famitsu's web site.

Resident Evil: Dead Aim

Hey Matt.I was checking out your Preview of Resident Evil:Dead Aim. All i can say is AWSOME! I love all resident evil titles. But i do have a question. I thought that the deal between Nintendo and Capcom was so that RE was exclusive to the GameCube for 4-5 games. I think they have only made 2. If this is true i knew it was gona happen. NO way Resident Evil's gona sell on GameCube better than PS/PS2!

Matt: Hi. Believe it or not, but that deal was made all the way back in September 2001. I don't remember the specific details, but I think that agreement was just to bring direct RE sequels to the Gamecube. Dead Aim and RE: Online are certainly new games, but they are not direct sequels or prequels. Hence, Leon, Claire, and the gang are not in either of those two games. You are right about one thing though. The Resident Evil franchise is way too popular on the PS2 (due to the insane installed base), so that is why Capcom is not totally abandoning Sony.

Playing against Xbox gamers

Hi, Is there any way we can play against other Xbox online gamers. I'm not even sure if therešs a game out there that online-able and available on both platform. Benny

Matt: Good question. However, since Xbox Live uses its own service to get its gamers online (in other words, they can't use their own ISPs), I highly doubt something like that would ever happen. I am also sure that there would be other compatibility issues as well.

Me Love You Long Time!

I love you... I have had a crush on you since the first grade! -Maria

Matt: What the hell is going on here? Why do people fill my inbox with this crazy crap?


hey i was just e-mailing to ask if u could send me a autographed pic. e-mail me back if u want to and ill give u my address.

Matt: You know what would be funny? If photo-copied a picture of my ass, signed it, and sent it to him.... but I am too nice to do something like that.

Geeks R' Us


Matt: You are bascially saying that you are a bigger geek than I am. If you want that title, go ahead and have it.

New Gaming Console

Dude, what's this I have heard about a new gaming consoel coming soon in November 03? The company is called Infinium Labs and they claim that it will destroy the PS2. Is this new console true or is this site fake? Here is the link.

Matt: I quickly checked out the URL you gave me and it appears to be legit. I'd do more research on the matter, but I don't really care right now. What they are trying to do is impressive, but I have a feeling it will turn out like the 3DO. BTW, the prototype looks really dumb in my opinion.


when you get your network adaptor and you have hooked up and stuff and you put in the disc what do you do.Can you tell me step by step how to do everything. Thanx!!!!!!!!!!

Matt: Please tell me this is a joke.

Dude, It itches!

Matt, I have never played Metal Gear Solid 2 so what is this guy doing in this picture that I have attached? Picture

Matt: C'mon now. Don't tell me that you've never gotten onto the ground before and scratched your cojones like a wookie.

Game Manuals

Dear Customer Service,

I've been looking everywhere on the net for the instrutions for this game (Swing Away Golf ) I purchased this game used with no instructions inside. Any help that you can offer would be appreciated. Thank you

Matt: I know where to find game manuals -- just not for that game. Can anyone help this dude out?

Game Babes

Is it me, or is Preytor from War of the Monsters one hot momma? Yuna, Rikki, and Pine are nice and all, but Preytor owns them all.

Matt: Yeah, she's certainly hawt. Her massive eyeballs are just awesome.

Game of the Year

Ok, so which game won game of the year on your site?

Matt: I haven't finished counting all of the votes yet. I should be done in a couple of days.

Xenosaga Censored

me and my friends were talking at school during lunch and we were talking about rpgs and one of my buddies said that namco was going to censored xenosaga for when it comes out here i didnt believe him so now im asking you is this true if it is i will be very angry and i will protest to them

Matt: Wow, do you have a period on that keyboard? Yeah, Namco will remove a small portion from one of the cut scenes in the game. Something about one of the characters looking "underage". No need to get angry at them. People in the U.S. overreact on the smallest things, so Namco is simply protecting themselves.

There is no spoon.... only urine

sweet ass site! but when are you going to do a preview of that new game based on the matrix? or at least post sme screen shots from the game! thanks man!

Matt: Thank you. Sorry, but I haven't been keeping track of the game. I will try and get a hold of some screenshots and info soon.

Adaptor or Adapter?

Sup Matt! Good site! This isn't really important, but what is the correct way of saying Sony's modem? Is it Network Adaptor or Network Adapter? Just curious, cuz you use both ways!

Matt: The correct way is 'Adaptor' with an "O" at the end. I use both ways due to search engine reasons.

Send your questions, letters, rants and other crap to and I'll get back to you within 1-5 days. If you have a question about Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, please see our Vice City pages before you send me mail. If your question deals with the Official Sony Network Adaptor, please see this page. Thanks.

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