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Mailbag - 1/11/03
Do you have any comments or questions about the PlayStation 2 or anything to do with videogames? Then e-mail me and I'll post and answer the most interesting letters and questions here. Even if your e-mail isn't posted, I will still try to reply within 1-5 days (depending on how complex your question is). I get tons of mail, so please be patient:

January 11, 2003 Update

Have a vice day

hey matt, great web site for vice city. i love it. heres my question. Is there any word on the next GTA game? or do you have any ideas on what it might be?

Matt: A lot of people ask me this so let me get it out of the way. Yes, Rockstar has admitted that it is in development and that it won't be out until 2004. Rumor has it that it will be set even further in the past than Vice City. Probably around 1970 or 1930 (when all the popular Mob bosses were alive). Also, it is possible that Las Vegas will be the next city.

The lights, they burn!

hey matt this is nick. i recently got my network adaptor for my ps2. i run off dial up. lately when i go on frequency with the demo when ever i got connected there is a flasing red light flashing near the vent. it only dose this when i connect and oly for about a second. also sometimes when i log on frequency and go to the chatroom it sends me out to to the menu where it shows u the cd and my mem card. how can i fix this. one more thing can u give me the thing so i can get on SOCOM with my dial up. i really wanna play.THX

Matt: Yes, the flashing light inside the vent is normal. It happens on my system too. The same thing happens to me sometimes on Frequency as well. I don't know why it does this, but I don't think that you can do anything about it. It must be some kind of bug or something.

As for SOCOM, I can't tell you how to get on using an analog modem because it is way too choppy to play on dial-up and it annoys other players. If you are one of the chumps who play SOCOM using dial-up, you need to be shot in the foot.


Are you going to ever make a game with any hot nude girls?

Matt: I don't know why, but this guy seems to think that I create video games for a living.

More Vice in my drink please

hi..i wan't to know can we talk and kiss the prosterues in grand theft auto vice city..thank you...

Matt: Someone actually sent this in.

I love me RPGs!

You use the term "rpg" in your mission description of messing with the man, just wondering what that means??

Matt: It bascially means Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher. I guess you never saw Black Hawk Down.

Twisted Metal Black: Online

Are you sure the expiration date for the twisted metal black:online free thingie is feruary? Your site originally said 12/31/02, and so does the paper.

Matt: Yes, I am sure. SCEA told us that it extended the expiration date to February 28, 2003. A lot of people received Network Adapters for Christmas, so it would make sense to give them an extra two months to send the cards in.


What is the deal with the PS2 hard disk drive? When is it coming out? And why does the Network Adapter say HDD on it?

Matt: This is yet another question people keep sending in. There aren't any PS2 games in North America that truly makes good use of the HDD, so SCEA isn't in a rush to bring it out. Xenosaga Episode 1 uses the HDD, but it is not required to play the game. It just reduces the load times. On the other hand, FFXI requires the HDD, but SquareEA has yet to give an official release date. Many retailers say it will be out March 2003, but I have a feeling that it will be later than that. Once FFXI is close to release, expect the HDD to hit stores.

The Network Adaptor says "HDD" on it because it can be used with the HDD. In fact, the Network Adaptor is required to power the HDD with electricity.

The Sims

So The Sims for ps2 can go online? Thats why they delayed it, right? Just making sure. Thanks man.

Matt: Uh, no. It can't go online. EA delayed it for marketing reasons.


matt i know everquest online will have a $10 per month fee, but will be the game be cheaper than $50? jus wodering.

Matt: Well, it seems that retail stores are still taking pre-orders for the usual $49.99 price tag despite the monthly fee. I know, it sucks. But if the game does well, the price tag should go down faster than usual.

Def Jam: Vendetta

sup mat? great site but y no preview of def jam vendeta? that game looks awesome and i can't wait for it and i want to know more about the game. if you could write a previw that would be cool.

Matt: I don't like all that much rap and I absolutely hate wrestling games. I would write one if EA asked me to, but they don't want our help in promoting games for them.


Hi 2 U. Great preview of Xenosaga. I was just wordering if you will have a review for the game before it comes out so I konw to buy it or not. Please respond to me soon. Thanks.

Matt: I plan on getting the game 1-3 days before it comes out to the public, but that nearly isn't enough time to finish the game before the official release date. Rest assured, I will review the game not too long after it comes out though.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 Glitches

Wuz up Matt? I love plyaing Tony Hawk 4 online and I was hoping that you could tell me some glitches in teh game. I heard that there are a lot of them. Any thing you can help with me would be great. Thanks!

Matt: To get out of bounds, turn off the auto-brake in the options menu. Then, start to move out of bounds and press the "start" button. The menu will come up but your skater will continue to move forward. Quickly move down to "Set Custom Restart" and select it right before the game automatcially tosses you back into the level. When done correctly, select "go to custom restart" in the menu and you will start near the out of bounds area. However, if you continue to move forward, you can explore the out of bounds area without the game putting you back into the level. Next update, I will talk about how to get to "heaven" in the college and San Fran stages.

Blood Code

hey i was watching tv and I noted that the in the mortal kombat deadly allance commerial that there wasnt any blood in the game. do you have to unlock blood or did they just turn it off for tv?

Matt: Midway just turned the blood off for the commercial for obvious reasons.

Adults Only

how mnay ao games are for ps2 and what are there names?

Matt: Zero.

Dead or Alive Volleyball

My name is Goku. Any chance of that Dead or Alive Xtreme Volloyball game coming out for Sony's system? Thanks in advance.

Matt: No.


hey matt u sexy bitch. I know u must get this alot but were is metal gear substance? also were can i get a copy of document of metal gear?

Matt: Still no word on an official PS2 release date. Sorry. You can purchase The Document of Metal Gear Solid 2 at EB, Game Stop and at other fine stores. Update: Konami says that it is coming out March 4, 2003.

Medal of Honor: Spearhead

waaaaazuuuup! i have one simple question for you matt. is ea going to bring out moh:spearhead for the playsation 2? i noticed that the pc version came out not to long ago so i have my fingers crossed.

Matt: I hope Spearhead comes to the PS2 as well, but I have never heard anything about it yet.

Hip Screen Pad

Hello. I came across this stange looking device for PS2. It is a screen that attaches to the PS2 controller. Have you tested this product and if so, is it any good? I am interested in getting it cause it looks so cool. Also how much does it cost? If you can asnwer my question, I would be very grateful.

Matt: The Hip ScreenPad does not attach to PS2 controllers -- it comes all ready attached. I have not tested it, so I am not sure how well the screen looks with PS2 games. It has a backlight, so it shouldn't look too bad in the dark. From what I could gather up, it costs $99.99.

Mailbag Updates

Freaking awesome site you have Matt but I have a tiny request. Please update the mailbag more often! I really like reading it and it informes me very much. Also how much mail do you get. Thanks for reading my letter.

Matt: I usually get more mail than I can handle, but I don't mind. Anyone else think I should update the mailbag section more often? If so, send me a message.

Send your questions, letters, rants and other crap to and I'll get back to you within 1-5 days. If you have a question about Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, please see our Vice City pages before you send me mail. If your question deals with the Official Sony Network Adaptor, please see this page. Thanks.

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