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Mailbag - 7/19/02
Got any comments or questions about the PlayStation 2 or anything to do with videogames? Then E-mail me and I'll post and answer the most interesting letters and questions here. Even if your e-mail isn't posted, I will still reply within 72 hours:

July 19, 2002 Update

Ice Cream Man

I have a question about Street Hoops for the PS2. How many.... WTF? Holy sh*t!!!!! I thik the ice cream man just hit a kid! brbrrb

Matt: See. Sweet Tooth does exist.


Will Socom support USB mouse and keyboard support?

Matt: No, that will give some teams an unfair advantage. For example, some clan leaders may only get people with mouses and such to join their team and so they would be much better than a team using just the Dual Shock 2.

GTA3 Mods

I've heard that in the PC version of Grand Theft Auto 3 that users can modify the cities and stuff and make the prostitutes nude. Is there any way to do this with the PS2 version?

Matt: It's possible to modify Dead or Alive 2 for the PS2 so that Kasumi fights completely nude, but doing soemthing like that to GTA3 is unlikely. I suggest just purchasing the PC version, since you can find it for only $30 at most stores.


Actually how much nudity will be in Dave Mira XXX? I'am very excited about the game. Thats all I wanted to know. thanx

Matt: Apparently, the girls (real girls, not the polygonal ones) in the game will be taking their tops off. But nothing will be shown below the belt or else the game will get slapped with an Adults Only rating.

Dino Stalker

Does Dino Stalker have anything to do with the the Dino Crisis seris? Or is it a totally new game? Also does it come bundled with a Guncon 2?

Matt: Well, in Japan, the game has Dino Crisis in the subtitle, but the characters and storyline are different. It still shares some connection with Dino Crisis though. No, it doesn't come with a Guncon2.

DSL Modem = No SOCOM?

I have DSL for my broadband, but I use a DSL modem. But I read in a preview somewhere that SOCOM doesn't work with modems. Will I be able to play it online? Thanx for the help.

Matt: You are mistaken. They are talking about 56k modems (dail-up modems) that won't work. You're supposed to have a DSL modem. There is nothing wrong with your broadband service provider.

Grand Theft Auto MP3s

Hi Matt. Can you do me a favor and post gta3 chatterbox mp3s's?

Matt: I don't have the space right now, but I will in a couple of months.

GT Concept

are you serious that gran turismo concept won't be out in the united states until 2006?

Matt: SCEA always takes forever with these things, so I just threw up a random date.

GTA Vice City Box Art

Is that Grand Thet Auto Vice City box art for real or just a beginning design?

Matt: It's the real official box art for the game. Some minor changes might appear in the final version, but that's basically what it will look like.


Sony should quit while there ahead, don't you think so?

Matt: No. Then I would have to move the site to

Sucks to be you

I have a problem. You see, I was playin' Grand Theft Auto 3 and my mom called me down to go eat dinnner so I left my Playstation on. Then as I was going upstairs to finish my game and my girlfriend called so I talked to her for about an hour and then I went over to her house with my game still on. I came back the next afternoon and I was surprised to see that my playstation was still turned on. No big deal I thought sicne it had a fan, but when I turned off the TV, the image was still there, kind of like a ghost. Now I think my TV is ruined cause the image of grand theft auto is still on my TV and it's been two full days now. How do I get it off cause if my parents find out I'm bustd. Thanks for the help. Peace.

Matt: Sorry, but once you burn an image onto your TV, it cannot come off. You're just going to have to bite the bullet by telling them.


I heard that some X-box games that you can take out the game and put in a music cd ti listen to while you play the game. Are there any PS2 games were you can do this?

Matt: No. The PS2 simply doesn't have enough RAM. Yeah it sucks, I know. But when the hard drive comes out it might be possible.

Stuntman Music

I just got done watching a commerial for Stuntman and I was just wordering what song is that is played in the background during the commerial? That song sounds really cool.

Matt: Basstrap by Overseer.

More Crap

If I drop my PS2 in water, do you think it will it be able to survive?

Matt: I dunno. If I stab you in the eye with a rusty nail, do you think you could survive?

Note: I will be on vacation during July 20th through August 3rd, 2002, so it may take me a couple extra days to answer your letters.
Send your questions, letters, rants and other crap to and I'll get back to you within 72 hours. Or if you have ICQ, you can reach me at 107171202, and I will get back to you within 2-4 days.

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