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PS2 Online FAQ - Dial-up

Here are some of the most basic questions people have been asking about the Network Adaptor and dial-up connections. Before sending in your own PS2 online questions and concerns, PLEASE click here to return to the table of contents and read up on the other sections within this guide. Repeated questions are more likely to be ignored. Thank you.

This section lasted updated: August 21, 2005

1. I have dial-up, so what do I need to get my PS2 online?

A network adaptor, an Internet Service Provider if you don't already have one (Earthlink is a good dial-up ISP), a PS2 memory card, and a phone cord. Simply connect the phone cord to a telephone wall jack. If the phone jack is far away from your PS2, you can use a phone cord extension, but this can cause you to connect at a slower speed. A direct connection is always best.

After that, simply write down the phone number that your computer dials to connect to your ISP, and your user name and password for your ISP. The start-up disc will ask for this information. Note: If you have the new slim PlayStation 2, you don't need a network adaptor. It is already built-in.

2. I have call waiting. Will this cause problems?

Yes. Disable call waiting when you use your PlayStation 2 online. If you don't, you might get disconnected everytime someone calls while you are playing.

3. Why can't I get my Juno or NetZero account to work?

Free/cheap ISPs such as Juno and NetZero do not work at this time. ISPs such as Juno and Netzero rely on banner ads and special software that MUST be installed on your PC. When you play your PS2 online, there is no way for them to deliver the banner ads to you. Hence, they lose money and there is no way to get the ISP software onto your PS2. NetZero 3G doesn't work either. I suggest subscribing to Earthlink dial-up if you can't afford broadband.

4. Is it possible to play SOCOM with a dial-up connection?

It was possible when SOCOM 1 first came out, but SCEA fixed that exploit. Don't bother trying anyways. The lag would be so high you wouldn't be able to do anything. The net code isn't designed for dial-up. It would be like trying to enter a go-kart into a F-1 race.

5. I have MSN dial-up and I cannot log in! What is the problem?

You must enter "msn/" (without quotations) followed by your user name for it to work during the config process. You must also add "@msn" after your user name. So if you just enter in your user name, it will not connect! (example - msn/

6. I keep getting a login error when using my Earthlink dial-up to get online!

If you receive a login error, you must add "eln/" in front of your password (stands for Earthlink Network). In other words, type in those four characters and enter in your password as usual right after it. Thank you to one of our readers for informing me of this. Update: Don't forget to type in your FULL user name. So, add your user name as usual, then add '' after it. (i.e. Simply putting your ID name alone will not work.

7. Which PS2 games work best with dial-up?

There are too many factors to consider. All of the PlayStation 2 games that allow dial-up CAN ("can" is the keyword here) work fine, but it depends on the connection of the people you are playing with. For example, if you play Madden NFL 2006 against another dial-up user, then the game will most likely play very sluggish. If you play against a person with high-end DSL or a cable modem, then the lag will actually be quite good.

It doesn't matter with simple games like Frequency of Amplitude though. All four Amplitude players could be on dial-up, and the game would still play smoothly.

8. Is it normal for the Network Adaptor to change the function of my PS2's reset button?

Yes. Resetting the system with the network adaptor attached can damage the unit. So it just puts it to sleep instead. Note: You must hold the reset button longer than usual WHILE the Network Adaptor is activated. You should hold it for 6 to 10 seconds before the system will go to sleep. If the Network Adaptor is not in use, then the rest button will function normally.

9. How do I find out if my ISP works with the PS2?

Visit your ISP's web site first. Most of them state if it works with the PS2 or not. If not, call or e-mail them. Don't e-mail me, as I am not a representative for your ISP.

10. When I play my PS2 online and I pick up the phone, how come I hear a lot of static and strange noises?

That happens because your PlayStation 2 is currently using your phone line. If you need to make a call, disconnect from the game. Or consider getting an additional phone line.

11. If I get NetZero High-Speed (also called NetZero Hi-Speed 3G), can I play broadband PS2 games?

No. NetZero 3G is misleading for people who do not read the fine print. It only compresses HTML, JavaScript, JPEG, GIF, and text. In other words, it only speeds up web pages and e-mail. Hence, it will not speed up your PlayStation 2 connection. EarthLink Accelerator does the same thing but it still cannot allow you to join broadband PC or PS2 games.

12. How do I increase the speed that I connect at?

Don't use a phone cord extension. Don't use a line splitter. Don't use a cord longer than 10 feet. Phone cords are not shielded well, so don't have your cord run right next to computer monitors, power supplies, radios, speakers or anything that can cause interference. Don't play your PS2 online during peak hours (usually 5 P.M. to 9 P.M.). Your ISP should have several phone numbers for your city. Try different ones to see if one works better than the other ones. If there is a lot of static on your phone line, complain to your phone company and they should come and check the line for you.

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