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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Strategy Guide

Most of the missions in Vice City are fairly straight-forward, so instead of putting together a complete walkthrough of the game, I'm only going to explain the best strategies for some of the most difficult missions. Written by PlayStation Pro 2.0 staff.

Last Updated May 5, 2004

Mission: Four Iron

After picking up the golf clothes, head on down to the golf course. As you can see, there is a metal detector so you cannot carry weapons inside if you walk through the main entrance. No problem. Simply steal the Comet that is parked out front of the golf course and use it to climb the ramp (jump on the hood of the car) that is LEFT of the entrance (assuming that you are facing the entrance). Now you can do this missions with all of your firearms.

Once you reach your target at the driving range, simply push all of the parked golf carts into the water. Now your target will only be able to escape on foot. Bust him and his bodyguards up to earn your $500 reward.

Mission: Demolition Man

This mission is very easy, but if you need additional help, just kill all of the guards in the construction building first. To do this, do NOT pick up any of the bombs yet. Go to the construction building first and try and chop up all of the workers with your helicopter blades. Once everyone is dead, simply take your time and place all four bombs. It is usually best to start with the barrels at the bottom level first and work your way upwards.

Mission: Two Bit Hit

There are several ways to accomplish this mission. I managed to beat this mission by using a well placed grenade that I found at the run down basketball court in Little Havana. Or you can simply smash through the roadblock and try and run over the gang leader, which has worked for some people. Another way is to get a rocket launcher and a decent rifle. Clear out most of the gang members in the area first and once the gang leader tries to escape in the Hearse, take it out with the rocket launcher.

Mission: Mall Shootout

You know the exit that the courier will run through to escape? Well, simply jam a car into the entrance before you meet with him on the 2nd floor of the mall. After the cut-scene, he will run down the escalator and try to escape, but the car will be blocking his way! Very funny. Simply kill him, grab the guidance chip, and head back to Cortez's boat.

Mission: Sir, Yes Sir!

I beat this mission on my first attempt by parking a car directly in front of the tank. Then I got out of the car once the convoy stopped and simply opened one of the doors into the tank. It was unlocked and so I took it back to the garage. If that doesn't work, pick up a sniper-rifle and some grenades. Take out the vehicles around the tank with the grenades and snipe the soldiers on foot. Steal the tank and take it back to the garage.

Mission: All Hands On Deck!

Before this mission starts, I recommend getting the sniper rifle and the rocket launcher from the large orange hotel on the western island (it is near the airport). The first part of this mission is easy -- simply go to the rear of the boat and kill all the incoming French thugs. At the second half, you will need to clear the way so that Cortez can get his boat under the bridge. Kill any French that manage to get onto the boat and make your way up to the front of the boat. Try and snipe any people on the boats that are blocking your path. When the helicopters arrive, return to the top deck and destroy it with your rocket launcher. Be careful not to shoot at it too close or you will kill yourself. Also be sure to get the health on the top deck. It seems to respawn very often, so return there when you are low.

A Hunter helicopter will eventually appear. Once again, I used the rocket launcher to take care of it. Any other high powered weapons can take it out as well. Once that is done, be sure to blow up the boats that are blocking your way. Like I said before, the health on the top deck seems to reappear often, so this mission isn't very difficult.

Mission: The Fastest Boat

Grab a sniper rifle and grenades (if you wish) and head on down to Vice Port. Stay outside of the fence and try and snipe any guards that are patrolling the garage. Once that area is clear, move closer and take care of the thugs just outside the garage. Now, simply throw a couple grenades into the garage to kill the guys guarding the control panel that lowers "The Fastest Boat" into the water. Once you flip the switch, another group of men will appear. If you have enough health and body armor, ignore them and just run like hell to the "Fastest Boat" and drive back to Starfish Island.

Another strategy is to get a boat and a sniper rifle. Sail over to the dock and snipe the guards from a distance. Once it is clear, take care of the guys in the garage and return the fastest boat to Diaz. You get $4,000 for beating this mission.

Mission: Death Row

This is the only mission in the entire game that I had major trouble with. Before you try and rescue Lance, it is best to stock up on good weapons. I picked-up the sniper rifle (as usual), an Uzi, and some grenades. Once I reached the Junk Yard, I used the grenades on the cars at the entrance. You can just ram right through, but I found using the grenades to be better, because it will blow up the cars and it will kill most of the guys at the entrance.

After that, I went in on foot and killed any Cubans that appeared. Then I used the sniper rifle on the guy on top of the crane, and on the guys guarding Lance. Once you have Lance following you, run to the Trashmaster (garbage truck) and take him to the hospital. The Trashmaster is slow, but it can take a lot of punishment. As a result, the gang cars that come after you won't be a problem.

Another way to handle this mission is to get a helicopter and land it in safe spot so that you can take care of the Cubans. Once you have Lance with you, jump into the helicopter and take him to the hospital. Or you can just use the heli for a form of transportation to the Junk Yard and use the garbage truck to get Lance to the hospital. The choice is up to you.

UPDATE: One of our readers sent in another strategy for beating this mission:

"All you need is a fast car, (corvette or lambo) and an uzi. Drive towards the gunmen on the junkyard gate and take the last left before you get there, then turn right and drive as far as you can. Get out and go round the back an enter the junkyard via a hole in the fence."

"Stay close to the fence and run towards Lance. Open fire on the first guy, you'll probably get him in the back, then run zig-zag) toward the guy on the crane and open fire. Use the crane as cover as you clear out the guys holding lance. Rush in and collect all their money/guns. BUT DONT FREE LANCE."

"As you pick up the money the other gangstas in the yard will run towards you in the open. Mow them down.Free Lance and take him out through the whole in the fence. Get in the car and head out. TURN RIGHT over the small bridge and then left out onto the road. Diaz will not realise you have escaped until you are already in the main road, and you should easily outrun their cars. And you've made $5000+ in the process."

Mission: Shakedown

One easy way to get this mission over with is to steal the Infernus on display at the Mall. Once it has been stolen, do a drive-by on all of the windows at the bottom floor. This will provide you with A LOT more time to get the windows on the 2nd floor. Or you can use a motorcycle to do the drive-bys since it can go up the escalator.

Mission: Publicity Tour

I really like this mission. Once it starts, simply go straight. Eventually, you will reach a left turn that is very easy to take while going fast. Keep going and you will reach the long 4-lane road that will take you all the way down to Vice Port. Just drive down that road and by the time you reach the South end, Love Fist will probably already have the bomb defused.

Or you can try making a U-turn at the very start of the level and simply drive around the Hyman Stadium until they get the bomb defused. Or if you are really hardcore, try and re-enact some scenes from the movie "Speed" by driving to the airport. :)

Mission: Messing with The Man

Before starting this mission, pick up a butt load of rocket launcher rounds at the big orange hotel near the airport and park 2, 3, or 4 cars outside of Mitch's bar. Once the level starts, immediately blow those cars up and you will have a great head start. Now simply go crazy with the rocket launcher. The police and FBI will arrive, but you can easily get rid of them with the RPG. They also fill your meter up quite well. Oh, and don't forget to kill peds with your RPG. They fill up the meter too.

Mission: Cop Land

Strategy for this mission submitted by Jon.

Take the white Infernus from Diaz's to the lock up and park it across the street.

Start shooting people until the you get two stars and the cops show up. Lead them into the garage and take their uniforms.

Forget the cop car, take your still undamaged chetah to North Point Mall - the Cops will let you through - and and park it outside the enterance on the east side. For a quicker getaway turn it round so it's facing south.

Blow up the coffee shop and run back out.

Jump in the Chetah and head south. As soon as you've cleared the building you will see a paved area that leads past the south face of the mall. Drive down here.

At the end you'll find a police bride and a step which is too high to drive over. Abandon your car and pick up the bride lowering your wanted rating to 4 stars and jump up on the step. Turn around and you should see a yellow chetah parked by a wall.

Hop in and drive south. The police will be backed up at the step still trying to drive over it! A quick right and left will take you to the Pay 'n' Spray at the top of Vice Point.

Mission: Keep your Friends Close

The last mission isn't very hard, assuming that you have the proper weapons. First, get the body armor, laser scope sniper rifle (it is located at the mansion if you have 50 hidden packages or more), the rocket launcher from the swimming pool at the big orange hotel near the airport, and an assault rifle of your choice. Now save the game at Tommy's mansion.

After the cut scene with Lance and Sonny revealing their secret partnership, get out your laser scope sniper rifle and stay behind the office desk. This sniper rifle rocks because it has a 7 bullet clip. If you don't have the laser scope sniper rifle, use an assault rifle that goes into a first person view. Simply snipe the Mafia members as they climb the stairs until text appears at the bottom of the screen telling you to go and kill Lance. Get out your rocket launcher and exit the room.

After the cut scene with Lance mocking you, simply stand still and unload your rocket launcher into Lance and the other thugs around him. If all goes well, you can kill him before you're even supposed to! If not, chase him to the roof by shooting him along the way with the gun of your choice.

Once on the roof, quickly shoot the rocket launcher at the barrels that are next to the helicopter pad. That is where Lance is standing. Don't shoot the ones that are close to you or you will die. If the explosion doesn't kill him, crouch down and take him out with a shotgun or assault rifle. Once he is dead, be sure to grab the health on the other side of the heli-pad. Now go back inside of the mansion and get the body armor at the bottom of the stairs from the heli-pad.

Run back to the office where your money safe is located and Sonny and his body guards will appear. Quickly run back to the stairs that lead to the heli-pad, but instead of going to the roof, head back down to the 1st floor (not the basement). Head to the long hall that leads back to the lobby of the mansion, but don't physically enter the lobby or you will be shot to death. Instead, get your sniper rifle out and try to snipe Sonny. He might still be behind the pillar at the entrance, but if you position yourself correctly, you'll be able to get a clear shot of him without him seeing you. Unload all of your ammo into Sonny and he should die. Mission accomplished.

There are different ways to beat the final mission, but I found this way to be the easiest for me. Just be sure to get health and body armor when you need it and you don't have to kill every enemy that you come across.

Mission: The Driver

What makes The Driver so hard for most people is that you cannot "set-up" before the mission. Also, the game gives you a less powerful car than your opponent. The best advice I can give you is to try and ram your opponent into other cars and objects. My best friend, who finished Vice City around the same time I did, used this method and managed to beat The Driver in about three attempts. He pinned the other car by moving up next to it so that it couldn't turn since you are in the way. As a result, the other driver went off of the road and crashed into another car.

Yes, I know this mission can be difficult (it's considered to be the hardest level in the game by some of our readers), but I assure you that it is not impossible. Good luck!

Mission: Guardian Angels

First off, keep your cross-hair on one guy and once the deal goes bad, take that guy out and kill as many other thugs as possible. If you want, you can return to ground level if you think it will be easier for you to aim and such, but I think on top of the metal stairs is better.

When additional cars pull up, shoot the vehicles' engine like crazy! If you do it fast enough, you can kill all of the Haitians before they even get out of the car! Once the punk on the dirt bike steals the briefcase, I suggest that you take a car and go after him. When you catch up with him, simply run him over and take the briefcase back to Diaz. If you take a dirt bike instead, try shooting straight ahead with your uzi while on the bike.

Mission: Autocide

After you kill the fool on the billboard with the sniper rifle, make your way to the man in the armored car. Don't get too close or he will see you. This is what I did: I got as close as I could to the wall that the amored car is facing. For some reason, he won't see you if you hug the wall. Once you can clearly see the driver, snipe him through the window.

When you reach the guys at the truck, take out the man in the driver's seat first with the sniper rifle. You must be as far away as possible. After you kill him, another man on foot will appear near the truck. Simply kill him from a distance as well. On the very last guy that you have to kill, just run him over.

Mission: Dirty Lickin's

In my opinion, this mission is easier if you eat the pill that appears near to the stairs. Since everything moves in slow motion, it shouldn't take you very many attempts to finish off the Cubans. Also, a friend of mine told me that you can use any other weapon that goes into a first person view. That should make this mission even more easy since you don't have to deal with the sniper rifle's slow reloading.

Mission: The Shootist

Concentrate really hard on getting a good score on the very first round. Remember that the targets farthest away are worth three points. Hence, you should completely ignore the closest targets unless there aren't any of the far targets to shoot at. If you do well here, it will make the last two rounds a breeze.

Also, on the 2nd and 3rd round, I suggest that you ignore most of the really difficult moving targets and just concentrate on the easy ones. If you move the cross-hair around like crazy trying to get every single target, you will be more likely to miss shots. Also try and anticipate upcoming targets. For example, if you haven't seen a target come up in a certain area for a while, assume that it will appear very soon.

Mission: The Job

First of all, I think that this mission is a hell of a lot easier if you use the Python. It usually only takes one hit to kill a target and using a gun that goes into a first person view takes time to aim and such. With the Python, all you have to do is look in the general direction of your enemy, hit R1 to lock onto your target and shoot. Remember that there is health and body armor in the security monitoring room and in the manager's office.

I'm going to fast forward a little here: When the SWAT team arrives, I still found it best to use the Python. Simply kill each SWAT member as he falls from the ceiling. Once they stop dropping down from the roof, a pink market should appear at the entrance. Once outside, Hillary will get killed. As soon as you gain control of your character again, kill most of the guys around you before you jump into the taxi cab.

Once your buddies get into the cab as well, quickly make your way to the Paint N' Spray. It is extremely close to the bank. After that, the rest of the mission should be a piece of cake.

Mission: Cannon Fodder

Make sure that you have the sniper rifle, grenades, some type of machine gun, and full health/body armor. When you deliver the Cubans, use the grenades on the Haitians behind the parked cars. The cars will blow up and kill most of the Haitians around that area. If some survive, use the sniper rifle on them. Once the three Cuban dudes get their heads blown off, snipe the guy on the roof.

As the Cubans rush in, hang back and give them back-up by sniping foes that appear. If you do this, you will be too far away for the Haitians to give you any trouble. Hang back a little longer so that the Cubans can take care of some of the guys for you. Don't jump into the van right away. Eventually make your way to the open area around the van. I personally used the van as cover and simply lobbed grenades over the van to kill the Haitians on the other side.

If they charged around the van to get me, I simply used the Python to take care of them (you can use a machine gun if you want to though). Don't try to kill every single Haitian. Once it is clear enough, jump into the van and take it back to the cafe. Run over any thugs on the way. Don't take any busy roads or the cops will have an easier time finding you. I personally took some "back-roads" to the cafe.

The Paint N' Spray shop isn't too far away from where you find the van, so make it there if you need to, in order to get the cops off your back (or to repair your tires). BTW, you don't need this mission to beat the game.

People have been requesting more help, so I will add additional mission tips at a later date. Thanks for reading. BTW, our Vice City FAQ page can be found here.

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