Bloody Roar 4 Preview

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Bloody Roar 4
By: Matt C. on May 20, 2003

Publisher: Konami of America | Developer: KCEJ | Genre: Fighting |
Release: November 2003 | # of Players: 1-2 | Rating: RP

In the past, Bloody Roar has typically been overshadowed by fighting franchises like Tekken, Soul Calibur, and Virtua Fighter. However, Konami of America still has plans on releasing Bloody Roar 4 in North American this November. Game details are slim, but according to Konami, there will be new characters, storylines, moves, modes, and arenas (9 in all).

Bloody Roar 4 will offer a total of 17 playable characters, each of which can transform into "hyper-beasts," that allows the player to move more quickly and dish out more powerful attacks. Another way to beef up your favorite character is to enter the new Development Mode. Here, you can modify and customize each fighter's moves and abilities using ability points that you have acquired. If you defeat an opponent, you can even apply their trademark moves to your own character.

It's still early, so we'll be posting new information and screenshots when it becomes available.

Bloody Roar 4 Screenshot Bloody Roar 4 Screenshot 2 Bloody Roar 4 Screenshot 3

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