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Gran Turismo 4
By: Matt C. on May 15, 2003

Publisher: SCEA | Developer: Polyphony Digital | Genre: Racing |
Release: Fall 2004 | # of Players: 1-6 | Rating: Everyone

Got some new information on GT4 today. For starters, according to SCEA, Gran Turismo 4 will be able to support up to six players at once and you will be able to chat with other gear-heads via your PS2. No word yet if a broadband connection is required.

In addition, Gran Turismo 4 is planned to have up to 100 courses (including reversed). Some races take place in New York City (Times Square to be more specific), the Grand Canyon, Tokyo, and much more. Accompanying the 100 or so tracks will be more than 500 cars; from past, present, and even some concept cars. Of course, each vehicle is fully customizable. More on Gran Turismo 4 later.

May 13, 2003 Update

At Sony's E3 press conference today, Kazunori Yamauchi, President of Polyphony Digital, gave a presentation regarding Gran Turismo 4. First off, Yamauchi said that Gran Turismo 4 will definitely be online, although he didn't say how many users could race each other at once. In addition, he confidently stated that the physics engine has been significantly improved and that the environments and vehicles will look even better than its predecessors. Yes, we know its hard to imagine the game looking and playing more realistic.

Yamauchi went on to say that his team is working hard to achieve more human-like opponent AI this time around. Finally, Mr. Yamauchi said his team has searched many locations around the world in order to locate suitable courses to include in the game (one race takes place in Times Square). The exact number of tracks and cars is still up in the air, but we naturally assume it will be much higher than previous Gran Turismo titles. However, we do know that you should expect more muscle cars than before in GT4. More on Polyphony Digital's highly anticipated racing game soon.

Gran Turismo 4 Screenshot Gran Turismo 4 Screenshot 2 Gran Turismo 4 Screenshot 3

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