Time Crisis 3 Preview

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Time Crisis 3
By: Matt C. on May 10, 2003

Publisher: Namco | Developer: Namco | Genre: Light Gun
Release: 4th Quarter 2003 | # of Players: 1-2 | Rating: Teen

Time Crisis 3 is already available in North American arcades, but as usual, Namco is bring its popular light-gun franchise to the PlayStation 2 this December with all new console exclusive game modes -- as well as the original arcade mode. Namco refused to give any specific details about the new modes and features, but it did mention that there will be some new sniper gameplay segments that will play out similar to Silent Scope 3.

In addition, instead of using the same standard weapon throughout most of the game, Time Crisis 3 will allow players to switch between four weapons on the fly! You'll no longer have to shoot open crates and such to get those more powerful guns. You can switch between a machine gun, hand gun, shotgun and grenades with the simple press of a button. To complete the package, Time Crisis 3 will be compatible with the GUNCON 2, which is easily one of the best and most accurate light-guns on the market.

With action-packed gameplay and enhanced graphics, Time Crisis 3 should be yet another PlayStation 2 title to look forward to this fall. Enjoy the screenshots below and expect more game details soon!

Time Crisis 3 Screenshot Time Crisis 3 Screenshot 2 Time Crisis 3 Screenshot 3

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