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Devil May Cry 2
By: Matt C. on September 29, 2002

Devil May Cry 2 isn't due out until January 2003, but it is already ranking very high in every PS2 owners' "must have" list. After all, the original game didn't sell millions for nothing. As previously reported, Dante will be joined by a mysterious female character named Lucia. As far as we can tell, Lucia won't use guns like Dante does. Her main weapon appears to be two curved blades that are carried in each hand. And as with any playable female character in a video game, Lucia will be even more quick and agile than Dante.

Don't worry though, Dante may be slower, but he has a whole slew of new moves that will definitely make your jaw hit the floor. For example, Dante can now run up or across walls and dismount from it while bullets explode from his guns. He can also target and shoot two enemies at once. Needless to say, some of Dante's new moves are simply insane!

At the beginning of Devil May Cry 2, you'll have to choose to play either as Dante or as Lucia. Each person will have a different storyline, so don't think that you can just play through the game once to get a grasp on the entire plot. Occasionally, Dante and Lucia will meet up, but for the most part, they will go their separate ways.

As for the gameplay, DMC2's puzzles have been purposely toned down compared to the last game. This is to keep the flow of the action from being disrupted by unnecessary puzzles and such. Also, many people complained that the original DMC was too difficult, so DMC2 will have a self-adjusting difficulty system. If you constantly find yourself dying over and over again, the game will throw less foes at you.

Lastly, the game's producer promises that the camera system will be drastically improved. That's all for now. We'll have more information when it becomes available.

August 23, 2002 update

Capcom recently released some new screenshots from Devil May Cry 2. In one of the screens, you can see the new playable female character named Lucia. Also, it appears that Dante finally got around to seeing The Matrix because in two of the screenshots, he is running across a brick wall. Lastly, DMC 2 takes place several months after the original game. We'll have more info on DMC2 at a later date.

Devil May Cry 2 Screenshot 1 Devil May Cry 2 Screenshot 2 Devil May Cry 2 Screenshot 3

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