Final Fantasy Origins Preview

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April 2003

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Final Fantasy Origins
By: Matt C. on February 2, 2003

Its been more than 12 years, but Squaresoft is finally re-releasing the first two Final Fantasy titles in a new compilation called Final Fantasy Origins. Spread across only one CD-ROM, Final Fantasy Origins will include the original NES classics, Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II.

Final Fantasy was released in Japan in 1987 and it eventually made its way to the United States in 1990. Although quite simple compared to today's standards, the original Final Fantasy managed to save Squaresoft from bankruptcy with its compelling storyline and groundbreaking battle system.

Final Fantasy II was completed in 1988 and it did quite well in Japan. Unfortunately, it never officially made it to US shores -- until now. But enough of the history lesson. I am sure you're more interested in reading about the enhanced features that Final Fantasy Origins will offer. According to a press release from Squaresoft, here is a list of changes that will be made to both games in FF Origins:

  • Enhanced graphics providing a more detailed playing environment.
  • Improvements to sound quality have been made to the original tracks/sound effects and new opening theme songs have been integrated, adding to an already moving experience.
  • Opening movies using Squaresoft's legendary CG technology have been added to both titles.
  • Original event scenes have been updated along with newly created events to add more emotional impact to classic story elements.
  • Renowned artist, Yoshitaka Amano's beautifully rendered illustrations are accessible through an art gallery.
  • A photo gallery capturing poignant moments during the game can be unlocked once you finish Final Fantasy. This feature provides replay value as only certain images are released the first time the game is finished.
  • A new bestiary with detailed descriptions of all monsters assist players in battles.
  • The "Memo Save" function will be accessible through the menu, reducing save time.

Expect Final Fantasy Origins to ship to stores this April.

Final Fantasy Origins Screenshot Final Fantasy Origins Screenshot 2 Final Fantasy Origins Screenshot 3

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