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June 2003

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Resident Evil: Dead Aim
By: Matt C. on January 19, 2003

Believe it or not, but Resident Evil: Dead Aim is actually the fourth game in the Bio Hazard: Gun Survivor series. The first Gun Survivor game made it to the U.S., but as some of you might remember, it was a steaming pile of crap. The two games after that were not that great either, especially when compared to traditional Resident Evil titles. However, it appears that Capcom has finally gotten the formula right with Resident Evil: Dead Aim.

In Resident Evil: Dead Aim, you play the role of Bruce MacGavin; a man who has found himself on a hijacked cruise ship some where in the Atlantic Ocean. Unfortunately, this is not an ordinary cruise ship, as countless zombies and other freakish creatures are roaming around throughout the boat. How did all the passengers and crew turn into zombies? Once again, you can thank the good old T-virus for this mess.

Perhaps the most interesting new aspect of Resident Evil: Dead Aim is the fact that the game is played in both a first-person and third-person perspective. The first-person mode is designed for the actual shooting, while the third-person view is used to explore the ship. Some areas of the game even requires you to use stealth, rather than run around and shoot everything that moves.

You initially start out with a handgun, but according to Capcom, you will eventually have access to a grenade launcher, shotgun, particle rifle, assault rifle, and more. In addition, Dead Aim is compatible with Namco's swank GunCon 2 light-gun, although you can still use a Dual Shock 2 to stumble through the game. It just isn't as enjoyable with Sony's standard game controller.

Resident Evil: Dead Aim is due out June 2003. For you importers, the game should be out in Japan this February. Expect more info later.

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