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The Bouncer
By: Matt C. on March 16, 2001

One of the reasons I bought a PlayStation 2 in the first place was to experience The Bouncer. When the game was first shown a few years ago, I was extremely impressed. Now that I've played through the finished product, I'm sad to say that I'm rather disappointed. Where are The Matrix style effects that were shown in the trailer? Where are the weapons that you can pick up and steal from enemies? And most importantly, where are the interactive environments?!!

To be fair, The Bouncer is easily one of the best looking PlayStation 2 games to date. The game features movie quality sound during the CG sequences and some of the best real-time graphics ever seen on this blue and green planet. Never before has real-time graphics looked so much like its CG counterpart. Why can't other developers squeeze this much juice out of the PS2?

Unless you're severely handicapped, it will take you no longer than two hours to beat The Bouncer (It took me an hour and a half). The first 45 minutes into the game, I was prepared to give The Bouncer a perfect score. Then, as the game dragged on, I wanted it to end as soon as possible. You might think I'm crazy, but mashing buttons for over an hour isn't all that much fun. Especially with the non-interactive environments and lack of variety in the gameplay. Needless to say, the short length of the game didn't really bother me at all.

Now let me explain before you send me hate mail. The actual combat is great and all, but you'll find yourself using the same move over and over again. This also applies to special moves as well, since there isn't a limit to how often you can execute them.

What The Bouncer boils down to is a $50 interactive DVD movie. Yet, it tries so hard to provide an engrossing storyline that you would expect from some DVD movies, but ends up falling short. I find it disturbing that a game with such amazing visuals can have such weak dialogue. Also, don't even get me started about the ending.

As I said before, The Bouncer is a really disappointing game. It's perfect for a rental, but spending $50 on it might be a little outlandish. Newbie gamers will love The Bouncer for what it is, but gaming veterans will look past its shiny graphics and see it for what it really is: a shallow action game.

Graphics: 9 Sound: 9 Music: 7 Replay Value: 5
Overall Score: 6.9

Good Stuff (+) Bad Stuff (-)
Beautiful Graphics Repetitive Gameplay
Decent AI Not much Replay Value
Excellent Sound Weak Storyline

© Copyright 2001 PlayStation Pro 2

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