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SOCOM U.S. Navy Seals
By: Rory on September 3, 2002

SOCOM, a name which has been thrown around between everybody who talks about PS2 online. Trashed by some, revered by others, all in all, everybody hoped it would be a game to take on Counter-Strike on the PC. However, many people were very skeptical about the game. Well, SOCOM is now out, and now hundreds of thousands of people are playing the game online and by themselves as we speak.

Let's begin by talking about single-player mode. This mode allows one player to play with a group of AI controlled teammates as they go through 12 missions to save the world from terrorists. You can use the bundled headset to issue commands to your team with your voice or use preset commands with the in game menu. Overall the AI is rather stupid. Not only are the enemies stupid but they also walk right into you without shooting. Your teammates are also stupid (not as stupid though) -- they will trap you in a building if there is only one door.

Everything but the AI is great though. The controls are fluid and anyone who has ever played an FPS on PS2 will be instantly familiar with the precision shooter control scheme, and if you are new to the FPS on console genre -- you can use sure-shot mode in which reminds me of traditional action controls. The graphics are also very high quality, in which each part of the person, guns, and surroundings, are very realistic. Each facial feature are also very realistic, including green and brown paint to help remain incognito in the grass.

Now for Online mode. The online mode was having difficulties up until August 30th, but Sony has seemed to have fixed server problems and are now working on other minor problems. So any confusion you may have heard about is generally over.

An online game in SOCOM may support up to 16 players, 8 to a team, SEALs vs. Terrorists. The 8 players on each team may communicate via headset during play and during break after matches (consisting of 11 rounds) may use a keyboard to type and chat. Online game types include Demolition, where a bomb is placed in a level and both teams race to it and try to plant it in the other teams base or they can just kill all the other team to win. Another online game is Elimination, in which it is an all out battle, last team with a man standing wins. The third online game is Hostage Control, in which SEALs attempt to pull out all the hostages, and the terrorists attempt to kill all SEALs before they rescue the hostages.

As for the headset, it is the main form of communication in SOCOM. In the game, the living may speak with the living and not the dead, and dead may speak with dead, not the living. After one dies, they are able to follow the other player's movement by scrolling through living player's views. You are able to speak simply by holding the circle button. Occasionally problems were experienced but nothing that hurt gameplay.

Overall, this is THE online game to get. Many have already become addicted, and I know you will also, so come on and play. If you want to play against me, you can look for me online. My names are: SGT. Cal and [RMDF]Calirckr.

Overall Score: 8.9 out of 10

© Copyright 2002 PlayStation Pro 2