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By: Matt C. on November 15, 2000

Although lacking in some areas, TimeSplitters is easily one of the best console FPS ever created. Not to mention that it's the fastest console FPS ever made.

Unlike previous FPS titles released on the N64 and PSX - TimeSplitters runs at a full 60 frames per second. That's more than twice as fast as Perfect Dark, which usually ran at 25 or 30 fps, depending on how many enemies were on screen at once. This leads to some very smooth and fluid gameplay.

However, despite the extra frames, TimeSplitters features some amazingly average graphics. Everything looks sharp and fluid, but textures are often reused and lack detail. Don't get me wrong, the environments are well designed, but none of them really stand out.

Another complaint I have with TS, is the cheap enemy AI. Bad guys have super human reflexes and always seem to magically know where you are. Because of this, the element of surprise is nearly nonexistent. As soon as you round a corner, you'll be attacked. Even if you peer around a wall to get a clear shot, they'll still manage to hit you 90 percent of the time. Granted, TS is all about action, not stealth, but running out with your guns blazing almost always leads to you being killed within a matter of seconds.

AI and graphics problems aside, TimeSplitters has some really good redeeming qualities. For example, you can tackle the "single-player" missions with a friend or go at it head to head with 10 bots of your choice. That's a hell of a lot more bots than Unreal Tournament offers in it's multiplayer mode. I only wish that levels were bigger and had more sniping points.

Overall, TimeSplitters is a really good game for a first generation title. It was obviously rushed to make the PS2 launch, but everything still manages to hold its own against other console FPS games. Good not great.

Graphics: 7 Sound: 8 Music: 7 Replay Value: 10
Overall Score: 8.0

Good Stuff (+) Bad Stuff (-)
Fast Gameplay Small Levels
Plenty of Game Modes Cheap AI
Lots of characters Lacks polish
Cool weapons '

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