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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City FAQ

Here are some of the most frequent questions people have been asking me about GTA: Vice City. If you have your own question, send it to with "vice city faq" in the subject line. Note: The first 15 questions were asked before the game was released, so they may seem kind of obvious now that Vice City is available to the public.

Last Updated April 19, 2004.

1. I was just wondering if there is some kind of replay mode in the game. Like if I do a stunt that I want to save and show to my friend later?

Sorry, only in the PC version. However, if you install a video capture card into your PC, you can hook it up to your TV and record your own movies from Vice City (or any game for that matter). You also need 3rd party software.

2. Can you swim in Vice City?

No. If you land in deep water, you're basically screwed. You can walk around in swimming pools though.

3. Can you change your clothes without using codes?

Yes. You can even change into a police uniform if you want to.

4. If you use that ninja sword or the chainsaw, can you cut people up? I mean, can you see limbs fall off like in Kill Bill?

Heads can come off with a sniper rifle but arms and legs don't fall off.

5. Do gangs that are mad at you still shoot when you get close to them?

Yes, they will still shoot at you in Vice City. It doesn't seem to be as bad as in the last game though.

6. Any word on Jet Skis?

No jet skis this time. Maybe in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

7. So, if you die while attempting a mission a taxi cab will appear outside the hospital and will take you back into the mission right away?

Yes. But sadly, it won't drop you off at a weapon store first so that you can prepare yourself before attempting the mission again.

8. I'm wondering if you can fit motorcyles into buildings?

Yes, they can fit in some buildings -- such as the mall.

9. Can you still lure hookers into your car? If so, can you see them move around this time?

It's just like in the last game, but this time the girl makes noise.

10. You reported a while back in your preview that the entire map might be open right when you boot up the game? Did they change this for the final build?

About half of it is open from the get go.

11. Are there Hidden Packages in GTA: Vice City?

Yes, hidden packages made a return.

12. Is there a map for Vice City because in GTA3 it was easy to get lost.

Yeah, there is a map that you can view in the game. You can even move it around and zoom in and out and crap.

13. You said that you can jump out of vehicles while they are moving, right? Well can you still do that while you are really high in the air or going off a jump?


14. If you decide to be careless on a motorcycle and crash into stuff, will Tommy realistically fly off of the cycle or will he magically stay on it?

He will fly off it.

15. Does Vice City support any type of progressive scan?

Not this time.

16. Why the hell is the game so blurry?

Try turning the trails off in the options menu. The lighting won't be as good, but it should clear things up. Most people play with the trails turned off.

17. Can you fly a blimp?


18. Just got the game but I can't find a helicoper to fly. I found a helicopter pad but no vehicle.

I know some of you might find this hard to believe, but not all the good stuff is unlocked at the beginning. Check out the roof of the northern police station on the second island. Or purchase the Hyman Condo and one should appear on the roof. One also appears on top of Tommy's mansion.

19. What is the purpose of the beach ball?

The goal is to see how long you can juggle the ball on your head. Numbers will appear telling you your progress.

20. Where do I find that ninja blade (katana)?

You can find it early on in the game at Starfish Island. It's located in an empty garage at one of the houses there. It's also in the tool store at the mall on the first island. Or if you can't afford it, there should be one in the back room of the coffee shop (looks like a Starbucks) in the same mall. Thanks to Josh M. for that tip.

21. Where do I find the flame thrower?

Once again, you can find it early on in the game at Starfish Island. It's in one of the swimming pools there. Or you can try getting 40 hidden packages so that it spawns at your house.

22. Where do I find that car with the sweet hydralics?

It's called the Voodoo and I've only seen it in Little Haiti or Little Havana. Press the R3 and L3 buttons to make the car bounce around. Also, dropping off 100 passengers will give all taxi cabs the ability to jump.

23. The dirt bike is really sluggish. How do I make it turn better?

It helps if you use the e-brake to slid around corners.

24. Where the hell do I find garages to store my cars?

First, you need to purchase a house that has a garage. Some homes do not have garages, while others have one or more. El Swanko Casa is a nice house to get early in the game. It only has one garage though.

25. How do I turn off cheat codes after I'm done using them?

You can't, unless you reset the game or load another saved file. Note: You obviously don't need to reset the game if you use a simple code (i.e. the armor cheat).

26. Does Vice City support DTS?

Yes. It sounds quite good, I might add.

27. How do I get a "good citizen bonus"?

Whenever you see a cop chasing down a criminal, run up and punch the bad guy. You will actually get money for your good deed!

28. Where do I find a helicopter?

Once again, there is a heli-pad on the north part of the second island. It is on the roof of the police station. If you can't find it, purposely get yourself busted and simply find the stairs to the roof after you get out of jail. Note: Some times the helicopter is not there. Leave and then come back in a couple minutes.

29. How do I get into the strip club?

You have to purchase it later on in the game. Once it has been bought, you can save your game there or go inside. Also, be sure to spend $600 (about 6 minutes) on the stripper in the back room so that the pole position can start making money for you! You may require this to reach the final two missions.

30. Does this game have nudity?

Well, there is a chick in the game wearing a thong and the only thing that seems to be covering up her chest is a small amount of body paint. I guess some people would consider that nudity. Also note that there are other suggestive cut-scenes in the game. Due to the cartoonish look of the graphics, it isn't really a big deal though.

31. Where do I find the Hayman Condo?

It is on northern part of the western island. Find the Ammu-Nation store up there and look for the Mars Cafe (you can't miss it). The condo is very close to the cafe.

32. Where do I get the sea plane (Dodo)?

It only appears after you purchase the Film Studio. It is always parked on the pier behind the studio after you finish the 2nd mission at the Film Studio.

33. Is Vice City more difficult than GTA3?

I find Vice City to be noticeably easier than the last GTA. For example, the final two missions aren't even that difficult. A lot of wimps probably complained about GTA3, so it appears that Rockstar toned the difficulty down a bit. Luckily there are more missions, so it kinda evens out.

34. Is it just me, or does the targeting system still suck?

Tommy only seems to lock onto enemies who are in front of him. Unlike the last game, he usually won't identify people who are behind him. Other than that, I find the targeting system to be just fine -- although aiming is a little sensitive when in first person mode.

35. Can you list all of the stores that you can rob please?

Good question. You need to rob all of the stores if your goal is to get 100%.

Vice Point:
Corner Store, Dispensary Plus, and Jewelry Store 1

North Point Mall:
Gash, Record Store, Jewelry Store 2, Tool Store

Little Havana:
Cafe Robina, Doughnut Shop, Laundromat, Screw This

Other Stores:
Bunch of Tools (Washington Beach), Pharmacy (Downtown), Jewelry Store 3 (Downtown), Ryton Aide Pharmacy (Little Haiti)

36. How in the world do I get into Hyman Memorial Stadium?

If you read all of the billboards just outside the arena, you'll notice that all of the events are at night. At about 20:00 on the game clock (which is 8:00 P.M.), the doors at the front will open. Each night, there is a different event to participate in. I recommend purchasing the Hyman Condos (since it is near the stadium) if you haven't already, and simply save your game to make the game clock move more quickly.

37. Where do I get the grenades with the detonator?

You need to beat Phil's missions first. Then you'll be able to buy them by visiting his property.

38. Where do I find 8-Ball's shop?

His shop is at Vice Port, right next to the airport. After visiting it, you'll be able to remote detonate your car from a distance! Check out the paper map that came with the game for additional help finding it.

39. I heard that there is an Apache helicopter in the game that has missiles and a chain gun. Where do I get it?

The Hunter can be found at the Vice City Army Base once you have collected 100 hidden packages. If you don't have time to find all the packages, simply beat the game and the helicoper will appear at the army base. Note: It's best to visit the army base with a cop uniform from the police station at Washington Beach. Otherwise, you'll be shot as soon as you're seen.

40. I have bought all of the properties in the game and I have finished all of the missions. Even the pay phone missions. But I have yet to see an ending sequence. Is there an ending to Vice City?

Even when you buy all 15 properties, you still need to make sure that you complete at least five or six assets. For example, I didn't think that the Pole Position generated revenue, but if you spend $600 with the stripper in the private room in the back, you will earn cash from that business. Some goes with the Boat Yard. Simply finish the checkpoint race and you'll start earning money. Once I did that, the two final missions opened up.

Of course, if you finished the assets mentioned above and the final 2 missions do not appear, you still have other assets to do. Try doing the Sun Shine Autos mission. That involves finding all of the cars on the list near the Street Racing map/poster. Also attempt the Ice Cream Factory asset, which requires you to deliver 50-100 cones to people around Vice City. I personally didn't have to do those assets though.

41. Can you please give me tips on how to beat the very last mission without cheat codes?

Yes. Tips for "Keep Your Friends Close" can now be found at this page.

42. What's the best way to make money quick?

Several people have pointed out that the best way to earn money quick is to do vigilante missions using the tank. I am not responsible if using the tank cheat messes up your game though.

43. What's the name of that song from the Vice City commercial?

"I Ran (So Far Away)" by A Flock of Seagulls.

44. How exactly do I rob a store?

Simply get a gun and lock onto the clerk behind the counter by holding the R1 button while facing him. Then he will give you money. Once he stops giving you money, jump over the counter and press R1 again. After that, he should give you even more money.

45. What happens when you get 100%?

I haven't gotten 100% yet (and probably never will since I always have other games to review), but people have told me that you get infinite ammo, max of 200 health and armor, a new costume, and any cars you drive can take twice as much damage.

46. Is it true that you can get turbo for the motorcycles?

No, but you can make them go even faster if you press "up" slightly on the analog stick. Don't push it up all the way or Tommy will stand up, creating even more drag.

47. Is it possible to get a Hunter to appear anywhere else besides the Army Base?

According to one of our readers, you can get it to appear on the EAST island on the helipad at the south tip (the one hidden in the bushes) once you complete enough "Brown Thunder" missions to attain the "150" body armor level. That should make it easier than going all the way to the Army Base if you start out on the eastern island.

48. Is it true that if you put a helicopter in a "Paint N' Spray" that it will come back out with wheels?

Maybe. Why don't you try it out for yourself? :)

49. Is it true that if you use cheat codes and save your game that it will corrupt your game file?

Yes, sometimes it will corrupt your game file. Also, don't save at the Ice Cream Factory.

50. How do I get to the other islands right from the start?

You can use cheat codes to get over there. The "cars drive on water" code should do the trick.

51. Can you help me with [insert mission name here]?

Yes. Our mission guide is now up.

52. Are there fish and sharks in the water?

Yeah. But who cares?

53. Can you list the names of all of the properties in the game?

Yes, there are 15 in all: The Malibu*, Print Works*, Film Studio*, Ice Cream Factory*, Sun Shine Autos*, Taxi Company*, Boatyard*, Pole Position*, 3321 Vice Point, Links View Apartment, El Swanko Casa, 1102 Washington Street, Ocean Heights, Skumole Shack and The Hyman Condo. (* = asset/revenue opportunities available)

54. Is there a money cheat for this game?

No, so please stop asking. Rockstar probably released all of the codes for the game already. They could still be holding back on a money cheat, but I don't see why they would even bother. If you want to make money, simply save up your cash by visiting those $ icons at least once everyday (everyday in the game, not in real life). Personally, this is how I saved up enough dough for The Malibu. Yes, it can take up to one or two hours, but you can do taxi missions while you wait for each property to build up with money again.

55. Can you list the benefits for doing the various vehicle missions?

60-100 Taxi Cab Fares = Jumping Ability for all taxi cabs (don't have to do all fares at once)
Complete Level 10 for Pizza Deliveries = 150 HP from health icons (instead of 100)
Complete Level 12 for Ambulance = Infinite Sprint
Complete Level 12 for Vigilante Missions = 150 Body Armor
Complete Level 12 for Firetruck = Can't catch on fire; plus get flamethrower
Get Score of 45+ at Firing Range in Ammunation = Reload more quickly

Do these before you beat the game or they will be quite useless.

56. What is the easiest way to take down a helicopter if you don't have a rocket launcher?

Try and shoot the pilot if you can with a weapon that can go into a first person view. The laser scope sniper rifle is usually the best.

57. Is it possible to shoot down the full winged Dodo with the advertising banner attached to the back?

According to one of our visitors, it is possible if you use the Hunter helicopter.

58. Where can I find the Sea Sparrow?

After collecting 80 packages, go to the back of Diaz's Mansion/Vercetti Estate. For those of you who didn't know, the SS can land on water and it has a mini-gun attached to it.

59. I figured out that when you shoot the moon with the sniper rifle that it grows and shrinks with each shot. What does this do? Does it open anything up?

It doesn't do anything except make the moon larger and smaller. Just like in the last game.

60. Is there anyway to keep the camera after you finish the voyageur mission?

Nope, sorry.

61. Is it true that some of the phone numbers in the game actually work?

Yes. You can find the numbers on billboards or during some of the radio commercials.

62. Is it ture that if you look up into the sky at night that you can see the Rockstar logo?

Yes, there is a constellation of stars that make up the Rockstar Games logo.

63. How do you get the bulletproof Admiral?

During the "Guardian Angel" mission, purposely fail it and steal the Admiral that Diaz drives up in (I think it is a white car). Naturally, you'll want to save it in one of your garages.

64. Which missions are require to beat the game and which ones are just there for replay value?

Required: Ken Rosenburg, Juan Garcia Cortez, Ricardo Diaz, Kent Paul, Tommy Vercetti, and the property asset missions.

Side-missions: Avery Carrington, Umberto Robina, Auntie Poulet, Love Fist, Mitch Baker, Phil Cassidy.

65. Where is the best place to take a hooker?

The beach.

66. What happens if you complete the car list at Sun Shine Autos?

You get rare cars that you don't normally see on the street. It's best that you do this ASAP, as these rare cars aren't as useful if you have already beaten the game.

67. Can you cut people up with the helicopter blades?


68. On the stats screen, what does "fishes fed" mean?

Its the number of times that you have fellen into the water and died.

69. How many types of motorcycles are in the game?


70. What do I need to do to get 100%?

You have to do everything. Duh. That includes finding all of the unique jumps, robbing all of the stores (see question 35), finishing all of the rampage missions, beating the RC missions, and the R3 missions as well.

71. I just beat the game and it only says I am 60% done. What gives?

See the question above.

72. Does anything happen after the credits screen? Any new missions?

Yes, you can fly The Hunter now if you didn't get 100 packages yet. No new missions appear despite the cell phone calls. Remember, not all of the missions are required to beat the game (such as Phil's missions), so go finish those if you finished the "story" missions.

73. How do you get hookers?

Get a decent or fancy car and wait until night time. Then slowly drive by sidewalks until you see a hooker walking down the street. They tend to hang around run-down areas, so don't waste your time at the docks or shopping centers. Pull up next to her (you don't have to get really, really close) and hopefully she will approach your car and eventually get in. Once she is in the passenger seat, take her to the beach or another private area and fully park the car and watch your health rise as the car rocks back and forth.

This will sound obvious, but don't use a police car. Also, some times the girls simply do not want to get in. Try getting a different car, and make sure you are parking next to right type of chick. Some look like hookers, but they really aren't.

74. How do you look straight down while in a helicopter?

Press and hold R2 and L2.

75. Can you create your own gang?

You know the guys with guns who hang around all of your businesses? That is supposed to be your gang. That is why you can shoot them up and they won't fight back.

76. How many missions are in the game?

Not including the RC missions and the vehicle missions, there are about 51 -- give or take 1 or 2 missions. I also included the pay phone missions in the count.

77. How come I can't buy any properties?

A LOT of people have been asking this question as of late. You must reach a certain point in the game first. To be specific, you must beat a mission called "Shakedown". Once it has been completed, you are free to purchase all the properties you can afford.

78. Is it true that you can walk up palm trees?

Yes, as long as it is bent over a little bit. You can walk up it or if you are really good, you can drive a motercycle up it. Good sniping point too.

79. I unlocked the Little Havana outfit but when I try to get it a force field stops me from picking it up! What gives?

Someone sent me this e-mail regarding the Little Havana outfit:

"What you do is drive a bike in the door of the havana clothes place. Make sure it falls on its side. Then go in and walk into the bike and he should walk up it. Then jump towards the counter and your head should be stickin through the roof (Its a glitch). You might have to jump a few times. Then don't move but use R3 to find where the outfit is and then jump to it. You should fall through it and fall through the ground and then appear next to the shop wearin it. If you miss it try again."

80. Where is the Skumole Shack?

You have to climb some stairs to find it. The stairs are located across the street from Mitch's Bar (aka The Greasy Chopper Bar). It is not directly across from the bar but it is fairly close.

81. How do I unlock 2 player mode? I know it exists cause I saw the code for it but it doesn't work.

The PS2 version of Vice City is not a 2 player game. Rockstar would list it as a 2 player game on the back of the case, as it would bring in additional sales. If it did exist, they would also tell game magazines about it and such so that they would mention it in their reviews of the game and give it a higher score. You have to use common sense.

82. How much do the properties cost?

Each one has a different price tag.

83. I heard that you can get your thugs at the hyman condo in a car. Is this true?

In one mission, they will get into the car with you and follow you around, but thats about it. I guess you could try and park a car next to them, but I doubt they will get in.

84. I went to visit 8-ball's shop, and now my weapon window is stuck on the detonator thing! I press R2 and L2 but it is still stuck. How the hell do I get it off?

All you have to do is kill yourself or get arrested and it will go away.

85. Is it true that using cheat codes will ruin my chance of getting 100%?

In some cases, the answer is "yes". It depends on the cheat code that you use though. Just don't use codes if you want 100%. Simple as that.

86. Can you be more specific on what I need to do to get 100% completion?

1. Complete all the required missions to beat the game, and the side missions. If you are wondering, there are five pay-phone missions.
2. Purchase all 15 properties.
3. Finish the RC missions. Look for the "Fun Toys" vans to participate in those. One mission is called 'RC Bandit', another is titled 'RC Baron', and the last one is called 'RC Raider'.
4. Finish the stadium challenges. There are three total, and in the Hot Ring race, you must finish in 1st place.
5. Find all 100 hidden packages.
6. Complete the helicopter checkpoint missions (4 total).
7. Visit the two dirt tracks in Vice City and finish the missions there. (Test Track and Trial by Dirt).
8. Find and beat the PCJ Playground and the Cone Crazy missions.
9. Beat the rifle range mini-game. You need a score of 45 or higher.
10. Rob all 15 stores.
11. Finish the Pizza Boy (reach level 10), Paramedic (level 12), Vigilante (level 12), Fire Fighter (level 12) vehicle missions.
12. Complete the Taxi-Cab R3 mission.
13. Find and use all 36 unique jumps (not an easy task)
14. Beat all 35 Rampages.

87. Can you shoot people through the car windshield?


88. I found a cheat code for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City but it doesn't work. Please help.

There are A LOT of bogus Vice City cheat codes out there. If it's not in our cheat code section, or if it sounds too crazy, then it is probably fake.

If you would like to add info to a topic please e-mail me. Also, if you find a mistake, please kindly tell me. Thanks. BTW, our Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Mission Guide is now up.

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