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Killzone 3 FAQ

Last Updated: November 23, 2010

Find out what you can expect in the 4th installment of the Killzone series. To search through this page, press ctrl+F.

This guide created by PlayStation Pro 2.0. Do not steal the guide and claim it as your own.

1. What extra items do I get if I buy The Killzone 3 Helghast Edition?

The Killzone 3 Helghast Edition (Collector's Edition) comes with the game and these extra items:

  • Authentic Helghast Helmet replica
  • Exclusive art book featuring imagery from the Killzone universe
  • Exclusive Cloaking Helghast Marksman action figure (6.5 inches tall)
  • Bonus video content giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the game
  • Killzone 3 soundtrack and PS3 Dynamic Theme
  • Retro Map Pack featuring two of the most popular multiplayer maps from Killzone 2
  • Double XP for the first 24 hours of multiplayer gameplay
  • Full access to all weapons and abilities during the first 24 hours of multiplayer gameplay

Killzone 3 Helghast Edition will cost $129.99 and will be released February 22, 2011, along with the standard edition of the game which will have a price tag of $59.99.

2. Is Killzone 3 a prequel or sequel?

It is a sequel to Killzone 2. It takes place right after the end of KZ2. Without giving too much away (for those of you who didn't play or finish Killzone 2), Sev and Rico will have to escape from the heart of enemy territory without reinforcements. So don't expect as many squad based battles. Guerrilla Games has said that the storyline will be more deep and involving than the previous game.

3. Will there be new environments or will it be the same as the last game?

There are still many unexplored areas of the planet of Helghan, so there will be new environments. The most obvious one are the new arctic landscapes, which is on the cover of the game and in various screenshots released by Guerrilla Games. Other environments include nuclear wastelands, lethal alien jungles, and space battles.

4. What new features are in Killzone 3?

One feature that Guerrilla Games isn't keeping secret are the inclusion of jet packs in both single-player and multiplayer. You can shoot while using a jet pack.

In most first-person shooters, there is only one standard melee attack. Killzone 3 will take it a step further to include the ability to string together your melee attacks to create combos. Guerrilla Games is also promising fully destructible environments. We are a little skeptical if there really will be fully destructible, but we believe they can pull it off.

5. Is it true that Killzone 3 uses 100% of the PlayStation 3's power?

Managing director of Guerrilla Games, Herman Hulst, has said that it will use close to 100% of the PS3's power. As a result, the game will look better than any Xbox 360 title, better than Killzone 2 and just as good or even better than Uncharted 2.

6. How do I get into the Killzone 3 beta?

The beta started in October 2010 for PlayStation Plus subscribers and expanded to invite more PlayStation+ participants on November 7, 2010. At this time, is it too late to get into the beta. It is unclear if there will be another round of invites before the release of the game.

7. Will 3D mode in Killzone 3 be a gimmick or actually be useful?

Killzone 3 was designed with 3D gameplay in mind from the very beginning so it should be better than most 3D games. You will need a 3D TV and 3D glasses to play KZ3 in 3D mode. It will be completely optional as most people don't have 3D TVs yet.

8. Will the graphics look worse when using 3D mode?

Early impressions indicate that the game will not look as good in 3D mode. However, the game has received "Best 3D Graphics" awards from E3 2010.

9. Will there be a single-player co-op mode?

Yes. Splitscreen mode only and it cannot be played online.

10. Will there be vehicles in online mode besides jet packs?

Besides jetpacks, there will be mech suits (called Exoskeletons in the game) the player can use. Other vehicles are a secret for now.

11. What other things will be new in the online multiplayer mode?

Killzone 3 will have 2 new online game modes, a new matchmaking system, more ranks, abilities and rewards than Killzone 2.

12. How do I earn all the trophies in Killzone 3?

Bronze Trophies

1. Aerial Superiority - Kill 5 Helghast while airborne. (Hint: Use the jetpack)
2. Bring It Down - Defeat the MAWLR defending the Space Elevator.
3. Cagefighter - Kill 10 Helghast using brutal melee attacks.
4. Completist - Destroy every destructible weapon on the MAWLR while on foot and on the Intruder.
5. Double Trouble - Reach the Corinth River in the offline co-op mode.
6. Eagle Eye - Use the sniper rifle to kill 6 Helghast without switching weapons or reloading.
7. Evening The Odds - Simply kill 500 Helghast.
8. Excessive Force - Kill a single Helghast using secondary fire button for the WASP.
9. Frag Out - Use 1 frag grenade to kill 3 Helghast at once.
10. Frazzle Dazzle - Kill 3 Helghast using a single shot from the StA5X Arc Cannon.
11. Go Down And Stay Down - Destroy the ATAC outside the Stahl Arms facility.
12. Handy Man - Simply repair an object in the game.
13. Iced - Destroy all 4 Helghast Ice-Saws and all 6 dropships.
14. In Your Face - Do your first brutal melee attack.
15. Into The Lair - Reach the cable car and go into Stahl Arms South.
16. Iron Man - Kill a player in Exo in any multiplayer mode.
17. ISA TV - Make contact with Earth.
18. Jail Break - Liberate Narville.
20. Medic! - Revive an ally for the first time.
21. Minigunned - Destroy everything while using the minigun on the Intruder.
22. Mopping Up - Kill 40 Helghast foot soldiers on the beach.
23. Never There - Sneak past all Helghast in the Jungle without alerting them.
24. No Witnesses - Destroy all dropships on the Highway.
25. Now You See Me - Cloak and kill another player.
26. One Each - Kill 3 Helghast using the shotgun pistol without reloading or switching weapons.
27. Pilot's Wings - Kill a player while airborne in any multiplayer mode. (Hint: Use Jetpack).
28. Pinpoint - Kill the Heavy using the StA-14 rifle.
29. Power Spike - Use the Boltgun to nail a Helghast to an exploding object.
30. Quick Exit - Exit the 2nd oil rig under 2 minutes.
31. Ready For Battle - Complete weapons training.
32. Save The Intruders - Assist defeating the Arc APCs.
33. Sawn Off - Defeat all chasing SawBlade APC's in the Senlin Beach section.
34. Shattered - Destroy all glass panes in the Stahl Arms South laboratories.
35. Smoking Wrecks - Destroy all the Helghast Tanks in the Senlin Beach section.
36. Spiky Personality - Kill a Helghast by shooting a Burster plant.
37. Spread The Love - Kill 5 Helghast at once using secondary fire mode on the WASP.
38. Spy Game - Kill a player while disguised.
39. Stranded Together - Reach the Extraction Point in Co-op mode.
40. Team Player - Join & completed a match as part of a squad.
41. Time For A Dip - Reach Corinth River with the convoy.
42. Turf War - Capture a tactical spawn point.
43. Turn The Tables - Melee Kill a Capture Trooper.
44. Up Close & Personal - Do a brutal melee attack on another player.
45. You Drive - Drive the Mobile Factory.

Silver Trophies

1. Close Quarters Killer - Kill 25 Helghast using brutal melee attacks.
2. Fight To The Last - Kill 1,500 Helghast.
3. Hand To Hand Master - Kill 50 Helghast using brutal melee attacks.
4. Now It's Personal - Kill 1,000 Helghast.

Gold Trophies

1. Grand Slam - Win a match in Operations, Warzone & Guerrilla Warfare modes.
2. Let's Go Home - Destroy Stahl's Cruiser and leave the planet on any difficulty.
3. Victory - Complete every mission on elite difficulty.

Platinum Trophy

1. Platinum - Earn all trophies in Killzone 3.

[To Be Continued with more details about the online multiplayer mode]

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