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Home > Game Guides > Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance Walkthrough

Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance Game Guide
By: Derek Croft

Last Updated: April 6, 2003

Okay, Heres a quick run down. This is not like Metal Gear Solid 3 by any means, It's more of a 2.5 version. This guide has been wrote assuming you know how to play, so I'm going to skip the basics, like sneaking and what not.


Aft Deck

Now is the time to figure out the controls. Be warned though. It's raining, too long outside and Snake will get a cold. Colds cause sneezing which will get you caught or dead. Peering up in FPV you’ll see a guard on an above deck. Run to the left, avoiding the above guards’ gaze, to the aft deck portside. You may want to search the deck for some useful items like bandages. After you retrieve what items you wish, use the M9 and knock out the patrolling guard near the hatch on the portside. You have the option of throwing his body overboard by dragging him towards the small circle of white on the deck floor, but know that that counts as a kill. Go to the set of stairs but do not ascend them; all doors up there are locked. So, go through the hatch by rapidly pressing the triangle (/\) button.

Deck-A, Crews Quarters, Starboard Inside

Make Snake shake down himself to get him dry, otherwise he’ll start to leave footprints. Proceed down the hall. There is a guard patrolling this hallway; his route is only as far as the locker room on hard and easier, but on extream his route extends through the whole corridor. This may be an advantage, since his back will be turned longer, making it so you can hold him up or put him away, whichever one best suites your taste. If you kill him, make sure to put his body in one of the lockers. Remember to search the lockers as well, as Rations and posters of hot Chinese women (perverts) can be found. Note also that lockers can be used to hide in as well, should the need arise. So, continue the mission by heading through the sliding door on the opposite end of the corridor.

Deck A, , cutscene will commence, showing two guards patrol a lounge. The one patrolling back and forth along the hall is easy; just put a dart in his head when his back is turned. As for the other guard, east of the hall, near a bar: go up to the wall on the opposite side of the guard and bang on the wall, this will call his attention to you when he is range to draw him towards you. As he approaches you, drop him while you sit on the stairs. If you don’t want to take that risk, just ignore him and run up the stairs next to the lounges hall; he shouldn’t spot you. If you do put him to sleep though you can enter the lounge he guarded and search the bar to find 9mm ammo. At some point, you should go up the steps west of the hall and enter the slider door.

Deck B, Crews Quarters,

Starboard Approach the section on the map where a guard is marked to be. Cutscene will take over showing Snake’s awareness of him. You can either shoot him in his head while he’s not looking or get his dog tag; either way its a breeze because this one is so unobservant and secluded. There is no other guard detail you need encounter. Down the hall and to Snake’s right are a set of stairs next to an inoperable hatch. Climb them.

Deck C

FMV will focus on a camera examining the corridor. Sneak by it by holding Snake’s back against the wall and moving slowly by. Go up the stairs next to the locker.

Deck D

This deck is sparsely guarded, though it may seem otherwise because the area is so small. The first guard you’ll see will pass you. DO NOT go into the door where he went(the messhall); just go down the corridor. You’ll find a pair of sentries, one stationed to the left of the intersection and the other patrolling a hallway past the sensor panels. Put to sleep the stationary guard when he isn’t looking, then tap on the wall to bring over the patrolling guard. He cannot pass the sensor panels: he will have to go all the way around, through the messhall, to inspect the sound. You should have more then enough time to _crawl_ past the sensor panels and ascend the stairs.

Deck E

After some more cutscene, enter either hatch to battle Olga. This battle can be hard, so make sure you are ready with so rations. First when you start, move to the box on the far left (bottom of the screen) and duck. Go into FPV and take aim. When she tosses the grenade RUN! try to stay low and occasionaly she will lose site of you. Use this and pop up and shoot her once or twice then duck. Enough and she will shoot the light and blind you. take out the light and continue. When she ducks behind the shack or the equipment, go back to the far left box and stay low and just snipe her.Long enough and she will take a nap. After you defeat her, shake her down for her dog tag then make your way back into the bridge. Backtrack all the way down to the lounge. This time though, head towards the unguarded stairs to the south of the lounge. A slider door leading to the engine room awaits.

Engine Room
The engine room is densely occupied with Russian troopers. Don’t use your new USP, (you got the USP from Olga right?) otherwise Alert will automatically process. That leaves your M9. If your out of ammo, just use the choke technique for the following encounters. The objective here is get to the starboard side of this engine room. When you turn in the door, There is a single sentry patrolling the first catwalk; put him to rest, drag his body inside and stuff it in a locker. Check out the little raven action figure. He’ll shot BB’s at you if you shoot it. Go down the stairs, take out the pacing sentry from a position on the landing. He won’t notice you, unless, perchance, your on Extreme, in which case you should go into hanging mode, drop down and sneak up behind him. After he is ‘taken care of’ head down the next set of stairs to find another guard, this one a little harder to see as he’s right around the corner. Get as close as you can to the corner (his back will be turned), then drop him. Cross the bridge to the walkway. Convert along it, ignore the set of stairs to the right, and cross the next bridge. Approach the square block to the south, serving no apparent purpose except for something you can crawl under if your spotted. Climb the stairwells to the engine room starboard side. FMV will exhibit a guard coming out of the door, who will inspect this small room then walk back into the Engine Room. Avoid him by hiding in one of the lockers to the left(or if you want to have some fun, crawl around the floor, weaving in and out of the large boxes, and when he starts to leave…use your imagination). After he is past, take out your USP and shoot the bag of flour on the floor past the sensors. This will force show of the trip lasers that the sensor panels have equiped. To deactivate the panels, shoot out their green control units placed near them. The first one you’ll have to stand on the block near the locker to see. Once you destroy it, the first sensor panel will shut off. Pass it and get as close as you can to the second panel, then look to the floor to your right. Shoot it out then pass the second sensor panel. Get up to the third one and look down and to the left; its back is turned to you so you may have trouble spotting it. Afterwards, head on through the hatch.

Deck 2

Your object here is to...make it to the other side of the corridor. The corridor is darkly lit because of all the malfunctioning light bulbs, which helpfully makes it difficult for the enemy to see you. However, each light bulb just happens to light back up when you approach them, revealing your location at most inopportune times. The remedy? Whip out your M9 and shoot out all the lights beforehand. You’ll find some dead U.S. marines along the way; shake them down to find useful items. This deck has only 3 total guards, but when ANY of them sees you, even for a second, a never-ending Alert transpires. You may exit back through the hatch if this happens, ending the Alert. Anyway, two guards regularly patrol the corridor. Equip thermal goggles and shoot them out from a distance. At the point where the corridor turns at a 90° angle you’ll have only to face one more sentry. This one has a hangover: he falls a sleep for a second, awakes for a second, then calls into his commander with a lazy ‘Nothing to report...’ then falls asleep again. Memorize the pattern he follows, then dash by him through the loading point. There will be a cutscean, and you’ll have a big gun fight with about 15 Russians. I recommend USP ammo to do them in; if you run out there is a couple of boxes behind you. Though they may seem never-ending, they aren’t. Just blast the pigs from the cover of your crate until they all fall. Note that they WILL throw grenades; you should take out thermal goggles to better see them incoming. You cannot continue down the corridor until all the guards are dead, but you CAN however move from crate to crate, getting a little closer to your objective point. After they are all dead, cutscene will take over.

Hold 1
Dems alota Marines. Here you must make your way through 2 Holds to get to the hold the Metal Gear is in, then you must take a series of pictures of the Metal Gear from 4 different angles. The holds you’ll try and sneak through are filled with marines, currently in a long briefing(speech is more like it) via a projector screen. The marines don’t know the ship has been taken over. If you alert –any single one- of the marines the game is over. This part is especially overwhelming to most newbies, but really it isn’t all that difficult. The only tough part is pulling the whole job off under the time limit, 6:00 on Hard. When the FMV concludes, open the hatch and grab the ammo, then climb down the ladders to the bottom of the hold. Stay close to the back wall and approach the projector. Put to sleep the marine standing next to the projector, then CRAWL under its light beams, because if you don’t Snake’s shadow will appear on the projector screen and its game over. At the other end of the hold, make your way, hugging the walls and putting to sleep as necessary, to the door.

(If this is all a little complicated there is a simple way. ON the far left side of the hold past the marines, there is a little door in the floor you can open and go down. Once inside just crawl through.)

Hold 2
Turn right, towards the projectors. This is the hardest hold your going to have to trek. Crawl under the projector’s beams, silence the troublesome guard. Continue to hug the wall past the projector. SLOWLY make progress down the stretch heading to the loud speakers. Try move only when the sliders for the projector change’s frames and the room darkens, or you may hide safely when the Commander starts to have the whole crew ‘exercise’ by turning their necks in various directions. Put to sleep anyone you might think will notice you. Once your through the door, you’ll arrive at Hold 3, where the Metal Gear is located.

Hold 3
There are 4 total pictures required by Otacon. He needs a front left, front right, front, and a picture of the MARINES logo. First, take out the single pacing sentry, as he’ll prove to be a real pain in the ass if you let him stay awake. (seriously, don’t kill a marine. We need them to kill Saddam for us. Remember, the longer he lives the higher gas is).

Afterwards, move left, past the platform with the cameraman on it, to the back of the troops. You won’t be noticed unless you stupidly make noise. At the middle ground between the camera’s platforms, snap a photo of the Metal Gear, taking care of the front shot. Now climb onto each of the platforms the cameramen are on and snap a photo of Metal Gear from there, which takes care of the front-left and front-right shots. Now you must get a shot of the MARINES logo. Go to the stage where the Colonel is babbling. There is a passageway underneath the stage: enter it and cross it. You won’t be noticed unless you let the roving sentry stay conscious, which I told you not to. Hang a right at the end and you’ll be in a perfect position to take a pic of the logo. Do it. Return to the entrance to Hold 3 and go to the computer on the desk and activate it. Otacon’s Sprite program will take over. Eventually a pixilated Otacon will show his smiling face. If your photos are acceptable, Otacon will say ‘good job’ or ‘we can use this’ or something along those lines. If not, go out and try again, as he’s pretty particular with these things. Once you snap the photo’s he needs, cut scene will take over.

To Be Continued.....

[Note: Please show respect for the author -- do not take this walkthrough and claim it as your own. Thanks.]

© Copyright 2004 PlayStation Pro 2.0