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Home > Game Guides > Resident Evil: Dead Aim Guide

Resident Evil: Dead Aim Guide
By: Matt Chin

Last Updated: June 27, 2003

Resident Evil: Dead Aim is a fairly straight-forward and short game, so I won't do a complete walkthrough. Instead, I will provide tips for beating all four bosses and answer some questions people may have.

Mini-FAQ Guide

1. What is the best way to play this game?

Using the d-pad on the GunCon 2 is a major pain in the ass, so I recommend that you plug the light gun into the PlayStation 2 USB port, and place the Dual Shock 2 into controller port #1 as usual. This way, you can control your character by using the Dual Shock 2 in your left hand, and shoot enemies using the light gun in your right hand. You can even open doors and such using the L1 button, which makes things even more easy with this control setup.

2. What do I unlock when I beat the game?

Sadly, not much, but here is what you can obtain depending on your completion time and the number of enemies that you killed. Also, don't use first-aid sprays unless you really need to, because it reduces your rank.

Easy Difficulty with A Rank: All handguns and shotgun.
Easy Difficulty with S Rank: All weapons except the charged particle rifle.
Normal Difficulty with A Rank: All weapons except the charged particle rifle.
Normal Difficulty with S Rank: All weapons, plus infinite ammo! No charged particle rifle though.
Extreme Difficulty with A Rank: All weapons, plus infinite ammo! No charged particle rifle though.
Extreme Difficulty with S Rank: All weapons and unlimited ammo.

3. How do I play as Fongling?

Beat the game once, save your game, and then load the file that you just saved. Not much will change, aside for controlling a female character instead of a male one.

4. Are there cheat codes for Resident Evil: Dead Aim?

Resident Evil titles rarely have cheat codes and RE: Dead Aim is no exception.

5. What is the name of this game in Japan?

Gun Survivor 4: BioHazard: Heroes Never Die.

6. How do you know if a zombie is really dead?

A pool of blood will usually appear underneath them. Or if you can magically go through their bodies while it is laying on the ground, it is definetely dead. If you don't clip through, it is still alive.

Boss Tips

Boss #1: Tyrant
After you exit the bridge of the cruise ship, you will have to fight the Tyrant on the outside deck. Make sure you are at full health before battle. Always start with the Magnum and simply keep blasting away at his head and neck. If he manages to get too close, run away and deliver more bullets to his head from a safe distance. There is ammo located on the outer part of the deck, but you probably won't need it.

You'll probably run out of Magnum bullets, so use your Aassult Rifle and go for his head and neck once again. If the Assault Rifle isn't available, use the shotgun. Lastly, if the Tyrant hits the ground -- run away and get at a safe distance instead of standing still and blasting him. Ultimately, he should be dead in no time.

Boss #2: Alpha
Use the sneak button to move around the battle area without him knowing where you are. Use the Magnum and shoot one or two shots to his head and run and hide. If you stand still and shoot too many bullets, he will figure out where you are and run you over with his huge stomach. You'll notice that more goo flows out of him when you shoot his head, so you should keep shooting that area instead of his massive belly.

If you run out of Magnum bullets, consider using the grenade launcher or the shotgun once or twice and then sneaking away. Once again, standing still too long will give him a chance to pinpoint your location.

Boss #3: Morpheus
This isn't really a battle, but here is how to get past Morpheus if you are stuck. After picking up the crowbar, simply ignore Morpheus and exit the room with the rows of seats. Continue running (don't stop) and open the large steal door again. You should now be in the room with all the small crates that belong to the former crew members. Open all the crates as fast as you can until you get the crewmen keycard. It seems to appear in a random place each time, so I cannot tell you which one it is located in.

Of course, Morpheus will be attacking you as you open each crate, so use the sneak button to duck under his (her?) attacks. Once you obtain the keycard, run like the wind to the opposite door that you entered and continue to run to the opposite side of the donut shaped hallway. Open the locked door with your newly acquired keycard, and a cut-scene will ensue.

Boss #4: Mother Wasp
Equip your grenade launcher, stand in one place, and unload everything you have into the mother wasp. Or use the shotgun. Ignore the little ones that come after you. Once the mother wasp is dead, quickly exit the room instead of having to deal with the baby wasps.

Boss #5: Morpheus
You'll fight Morpheus again, but since you have the particle rifle, you can finally do some damage to him. Sometimes, he will attack you 5 or 6 times in a row with a dash attack. He'll do it so often that it won't even give you a chance to get up and run away. To get around this, simply press the sneak button (L1; default) and you will duck underneath his claw.

Morpheus will also do flips and other crap in the air. While he is coming towards you with an aerial attack, just shoot him with the particle rifle. If you hit him, he will stumble to the ground for a moment. Use this opportunity to run away and gather yourself up by using some health. Finally, Morpheus will charge himself up for an electric attack. While he is charging, try and hit him with the particle rifle, or ran as far away as you can. Before you know it, Morpheus will be dead...

Part II
As expected, Morpheus was just passed out, so he'll return in a much larger but much easier form. Arm yourself with the magnum and just shoot his head as it appears. Don't get too close, or he will crush you and you'll need to start over. Keep shooting the head until he dies.

Also, as you are traveling thru the maze of hallways to the missile silo, use the shotgun to knock the zombies down and simply run past them.

Congratulations, you have beaten Resident Evil: Dead Aim -- a fun but short-lived title. Now proceed to your local software store to return the game for something else.

[Note: Please show respect for the author -- do not take this walkthrough and claim it as your own. Thanks.]

© Copyright 2003 PlayStation Pro 2.0