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Home > Game Guides > Shadow of Destiny Walkthrough

Shadow of Destiny
By: Derek Croft

Last Updated: September 25, 2003


After the cutscene, pick up digipad and leave through door. Cutscene, go to the fortune teller, as indicated on map by (former alchemist's house). When digipad goes off, travel to before stabbing. Quickly run through the streets, looking for The Child, The Mother, and The Old Lady. They wander through the city, it really shouldn't bee to hard to find them. Look around the square. Go back to time of stabbing. Large group has formed, making stabber think twice. Save and continue. To get extra %, talk to the fortune teller in 'Maybe I can find a group of people' until the clock is right near 2:30. Then go to the dogs until the clock runs out. Die like this about 4 times until you see all the possible wakeup scenarios, then continue. I found that you can also tell only 1, or 2 people to go to the square while you're getting these death scenarios to get even more points DO NOT WAKE YOURSELF UP IN THE CAFE = GAME OVER.

Chapter 1

Go to the Bar Zun Ei. Talk to the boy crouching and crying. When faced with a choice, refuse to go in. Run to the square. After the cutscene with the juggler, go back to the boy. Go in. When you are given the option to go back in time, run around the bar until you see the person with the matches. You'll put them out. Fire Averted. Save and continue. You can also refuse to enter the fire the first time, run to the Marketplatz, and talk to the juggler to see a mysterious cutscene. After reading the note in the egg he throws you, go back to the fire and complete per se above. There is another way to stop the fire too: Go into the fire after getting the egg (or dying the first time), then when the Digipad goes off, teleport to before the fire, then quickly teleport back to the fire, and try to go down the stairs in the bar. Your way is blocked by fire. Quickly teleport to before the fire, but you'll be inside the locked bar now. Run downstairs and tell the barkeeper about the fire. He will thank you and run outside to put the matches out. This allows you to get your food for free in chapter 5, and also adds % to your game completed for that chapter.

Chapter 2

After you get shot, restart the conversation. When you are standing there with Dana, time travel to the past. Yes, she's supposed to come along. When you are surrounded with people, use either the lighter or the cell phone to scare them away. After all the cutscenes, grab the ladder in front of the bakery, and go talk to the boy in front of the Mansion gate until he asks for a trade. Give him the postcard you start with. He'll let you in. Use the ladder, grab the seal, and go back to the square. Show it to the worker and decide if you want to replace the tree with flowers or a statue, either will work. Time travel back to present. Save and continue. Note: Before the boy will ask for a trade, you must either talk to the worker planting the tree in the marketplatz, or try to enter the locked gate. Now he will exclaim that he has the key and will let you in for a trade. Also, you can just waste time talking to Dana until you get killed and make her watch it, then come back to life and make her watch you die 3 more times. Each time, you start finishing her sentences for her, and near then end you basically say all of them for her. Its rather funny really, and adds %.

Chapter 3

After your death, make your way to the museum. Go in, and find Mr. Eckert's office upstairs. He'll give you the book. Look at the paintings on this floor, then go back downstairs. When faced with a choice, ask for proof of the demon's power. Now you have to find an EU to return to the present with. Once there, go upstairs and ask Eckert about his daughter. Leave. Save. Continue. If you tell Homunculus to excuse you, you will push her aside, run out, and die via vase again. Make sure to do this at least once to get the % for it. Also, now is your chance to do something that will let you skip Chapter 4 entirely. Go to the bar owner in the 1980s if you got the egg from chapter 1, and trade him it. He will read the note and give you a metal frying pan. When chapter 4 begins, use it quickly and you will be saved. Make sure to get the Chocolate Sample from the Bakery before you finish this chapter, you can give it to Margie later, and the name of the chocolate changes to a Margarete. Not useful for anything, but it does increase your %. Apparently, Miss Allie says she's gotten into the 2k1 church in this chapter. I'll have to check this one out.

Chapter 4

Don't worry about the timer and green stuff. Just die. When you come back, go to the new era, which is black and white (heh.). Now, go to the library. Theres a whole bunch of cutsenes about the picture, and Papa Brum's museum. When you get control again after the picture, go to the Photo Shop and take the sign. Alternatively, if you have the message egg from chapter 1, you can time travel to the 1980s and trade the Zun Ei bartender the egg for a frying pan. Also, you can go to the marketplace in the present and throw the egg to the Eike standing there, and automatically have the frying pan later. Then go back, and talk to Sybila again. Now go to the present, and when the timer appears, quickly use the sign or frying pan in your inventory. Save and continue. If you bypassed this chapter, all the stuff (with the photo and Sybilla) will occur in Chapter 5, increasing its % by a lot. Make sure to do this in both chapters to get full %. You can either get the cup of coffee from the outside bar now, or wait till chapter 7. If you don't know what I'm talking about, see the Egg Pocketwatch section in Chapter 7.

Chapter 5

Go to Zun Ei. After the long cutscenes, walk outside. Soon you will die. When you get alive again, go to the black and white era (1800's). Now, tell Mr. Brum, who is standing outside his house, that a library would be better. Talk to Sybilla again if you want, then go to the present. Go in the house and into the library room on the first floor. Read the book about the medicines, and time travel to Margarete's time (Middle Ages). If you haven't already, get some scrap meat from the Antique Shop/Butcher, and feed it to the dog. Go in her house, get the key, and travel to earlier that week. Unlock the lab door and go down to talk to her father. Now leave, and Margarete will give you the antidote. After the long walk you will be given a choice: Tell about Ancestry - Allows you to get endings A, B, and C. Say nothing. - Lets you get D and E, but not A, B, or C. Either way, go back to the present, and when the timer starts, use the antidote. Save, continue, blah blah. If you want to quickly get all the endings save this file in another slot, then reset and play your chapter 4 save again, and tell her the opposite. Then save, and you'll have 2 chapter 5 saves with diff. branches. Continue from the one corresponding to which ending you're going for.

Chapter 6

After the short scene, run to the gate and get the EU. Die. When it restarts, use the digipad and go to the 1980's (Cold day). When the man asks you for your ideas on his movie, Your choices change the appearance of the movie poster. your six choices are: Movie Theme, Motivation, Catch --------Time Trave,l Cause of Death, Love Story ,Meditating Man, World Domination Thriller. Dont pick Meditating Man. You always die. Time travel is best.. After he gives you the watch, make sure you have at least 4 EUs. After you collect them, run to the Covered Pass near the mansion. Eckert's wife is there. Time Travel to before the shooting, then find her. No matter what you choose, she will ignore you, and you will be blamed for her death. Now your digipad will go off. Decide:


Quickly travel to the present. AFter Homunculus's speech, you'll be running about the streets. Now, time travel again to the 1980s! The era name has changed to 'Can she be Saved?' or something along those lines. Now, do as you normally did, but this time you can chase after Miriam. As long as you don't let her out of your sight, you will save her! IF NOT: ------- Then go to the present, the crowd around the movie poster will make the driver back away. Oleg will talk to himself for a bit now. Save, then continue. (Note: Ok, heres what's up. You can do the following movie idea combos: Time Travel + Cause of Death + Love = 2 People on Clock poster + Egg Watch (You live.) Time Travel + Cause of Death + Thriller = Mysterious Poster + Watch (You live.) Time Travel + World Domination = Egotistical Poster (You die again.) Meditating Man + Cause of Death = Normal poster (You still die.) Meditating Man + World Domination = Egotistical Poster (You die again.) There are 5 different posters, but only 2 work to save you. Make sure to do all 3 bad ones, then pick a good one, and next game do the other good one. This ensures maximum completion % on the posters).

Chapter 7

After the call, go to the mansion tower, and go all the way up. Ignore the rope. Go to the top and... ow. After you come back, go to the night before, and try to enter the tower. After finding it locked, travel to the 1800s. Get the key from the box in the living room, and then walk around in the garden-type area, checking the doors. Try to go upstairs, then leave the house. Go in the tower here, and grab the new rope from the top room. Then travel to the night before, go to the very top, and tie the rope to where you fall from. Then go to the present, and do it again. When you get on the roof, run to where you tied the rope, and push X to 'pick it up'. Then go back down to where the 2nd door is, where Mr. Eckert will talk to you. Save, Continue. In this chapter is where I normally do two sidequests: _THE EGG WATCH_: If you drank coffee at the bar in the 1800s, then go there now with the watch and use it to pay the bar tab off. Whoo hoo!

If you haven't been there yet, go there now and drink, then pay for the cup with the egg. Do both of these to get the full %. Also, you can show the Egg Watch to Mr. Eckert to get him to talk to you about the 'Weird Kid that he went to school with' or something. I think he's talking about Oleg. _Oleg The Filmmaker_: Once you get rid of the watch, go to the movie poster. Oleg should be standing there admiring it, and you can talk to him a bit. At the end, you give him some more inspiration for another movie. This adds %, but I haven't seen any visbile effect. Maybe in the sequel? :) _The Cutie Kitty_: If you've promised Sybilla a kitten, then go to the Night Before and get one from Brum, then bring it back to her. Otherwise, talk to Sybilla about her bordem until you remember the cats. Now go get it and give it to her. In the future, the house will be ovverrun with kittens (they're all over!) The scene you get when Mr Eckert apologizes to you changes depending on what you've done. It is based on 2 things, and has 4 possibilities. Tell Margarete about Ancestry - Y/N Save Miriam - Y/N Y/Y, Y/N, N/Y, N/N.

Chapter 8

TIME IS OF UTTER IMPORTANCE: The Fated Hour is 4:30 am! Now you are looking for Dana and the Red Stone. Go to the Middle Ages, and run to the photo shop. Dana will talk with you. Now, if you told Margie about her being an ancestor, you will be unable to ask Dana to come back with you, no harm, no foul. Otherwise, you can either ask her to (To get ending E later on), or tell her nevermind, and get ending D. She will 'refuse' if you ask her to, and ask you to give her boss a message. Go to the present, and to the cafe. Pick up the memo and hold on to it. Now go back to the middle ages and to the west side of the Town Hall (outside, not inside) and talk to Dana. After reading the note, she will come back. After the cutscenes, go to the Middle Ages again, then go in the basement of the house, and: If you brought Dana back already: Margarete is there. Asks you to find Hugo. If you haven't brought Dana back: No one should be there now. You want to find both of them.

Either way, go to the present. You get a call, and are asked to go to the towne square. Go. After the cutscenes, you have more choices to make. If you told Margarete about the ancestry: You can either: Go to the middle ages and burn the research notes, the go back to present square, watch cutscenes - C ending. Go to the fourtune teller fast, then come back to the towne square - B1 ending. Go to the Cold Day, and find Homunculus near the stairs south of towne square, then come back to present and go to square - B2 ending. Do both, but find Homunculus first - A ending. If you didn't tell Margarete: Go to the past and burn the notes in the basement, then come back to present square and watch the cutscenes without having brought Dana back. - D ending. Go to the past and give the memo to Dana, then go to the middle ages and watch the cutscene about Hugo. - E ending. Again, I wouldn't save over your chapter 7 save. Choose not to save, and then proceed with the next chapter: I'll tell you why.

After the ending movie, you can save your game as a Completed File. Save this in a third slot, then load your chapter 7 save, and play through it again, getting a different ending. Again, don't save, and SAVE YOUR COMPLETED FILE OVER THE OLD ONE. You will retain the record of beating both, and full %'s. Now, play the chapter 7 again to get the last ending (if it was the ABC file), or load the old chapter 5 save I told you to make with the other ending branch. Now play through this, and get the remaining endings. Remember to always save the new completed file over the old, it will carry over. Now you have 1 Chapter 8ACB save, 1 Chapter 8DE Save, 1 Completed save, and tons of extra slots for saving Epilogues (to watch the endings over again), or EX game saves! _The Alchemy Book_: If you have time remaining (which i'm sure you wont), you can actually return the Alchemy Book to Mr. Eckert. This does nothing except make him talk about some weird stuff and add %.


This chapter just basically shows your ending.

[Note: Please show respect for the author -- do not take this walkthrough and claim it as your own. Thanks.]

© Copyright 2003 PlayStation Pro 2.0