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Splinter Cell Game Guide
By: Derek Croft

Last Updated: May 13, 2003



Basic Training

THIS is very simple. If you get stuck there are hint boxes on the walls. If you can't get past this, then you WILL NOT beat this game. After you talk with Lambert you'll be asked to calibrate your equipment. (look for the red light) do that four times, and you'll be asked to climb a wall.

On the left side of the pool there is a set of yellow arrows. Run close to the wall and use triangle to jump. You should now be hanging from the wall, so move Sam to the right and when in the middle press up to climb over the wall.

Lambert will call in when done properly. Jump off the wall and make your way to the back corner, and climb up the ladder. When on the platform above, jump on the zip cord and slide across. Now use the pipe to get back down to ground level. Press circle to duck down and walk under the barbed wire, and take a left into the narrow corridor. Now you must complete a split jump.

Move next to the wall and jump with triangle then push triangle again to kick off the opposite wall, and then triangle again when at the top of the second jump to do a split jump. Press triangle again to return to the ground floor. Proceed to the next room. Jump onto the bar and move to the wall. When at the wall press O to draw up your feet, and continue through.

Climb over the fence and move to the yellow arrows pointing at the wall. Here press L3 to get up against the wall and move in between the two walls. When you reach the end, press L3 to get off the wall, and use the pipe to climb over the wall in front of you. To get over the next gate, all you have to do is a wall jump. Get over the wall and go into the garage.



Covert Ops Training

Here, the object is to get through with out being detected. Press left on the control pad to turn on Night Vision, and go open the door in the corner with X. The next door you have to use the lock pick. Simply rotate the left analog stick until the controller rumbles, then slowly move it until it clicks. Repeat for the rest of the pins.

Go into the next room and Lambert will tell you that you have to sneak up on the guard. Press O to crouch and SLOWLY walk around to his back and SLOWLY walk up to him. When Close enough grab him and interrogate him to find out the code, which is 28469.

In the next room slowly sneak up on the guard, grab him and stuff his face into the retinal scanner. After, feel free to knock him out with R1. Proceed to the next room. Here you have to shoot out the lights. Press R2 to aim, and then R1 to shoot. Shoot out the one light above you and the one around the corner. When both are shot out, go through the door under the camera. In this room, you have to shoot out the camera. Just get close to the edge of the wall and shoot out the camera with your pistol. In the next room, the camera (which is inside the metal cage) moves back and forth. Time your movements so that you are in the dark when it points at you, and you are moving when it points away.

The door is in the corner across the room. Go through it, and crouch down immediately. This room you have to hide bodies, a skill which is very important. Sneak up on the guard and grab him. Walk him over into one of the pitch black alcoves in the wall and knock him out. Stay hidden next to his body and wait for the patrolling guard to walk past you, and then go back into the other room. Once the coast is clear, move to the door where the guard once was, and enter. This next room is a sound test. You must be extremely quiet.

This means crouching (O) most of the time. When you start, just walk slow and hop down. Climb up the next two levels. Now start crouching. Walk slowly through the mist, and WATCH OUT FOR THE DANGLING CHAINS! There are three. Nest, you must walk over some egg shells, just so VERY slowly and its nothing to worry about. After Lambert feeds your ego some, its time to Start your first real mission.



Here is the run down. You have to locate agents Blaustein and Madison, who have been stationed in Georgia for about two years and have disappeared.) Right off the bat most of this mission requires little or no stealth. Just remember, this about the only time. Turn on your Night Vision, and leave it on for now. In this first area, just stay out of the lit area, from the start go strait to your right, and up a small bit of stairs, at the top jump and grab onto a latter thatís hidden just about your sight. At the top go straight and in front of you will be a trap door.

Open it and drop down. Staying crouched, walk trough the passageway. When you reach the end of it, you'll be in a small square room. In one of the corners there will be a thick pipe, use it to climb out. Once you reach the top, you will notice a zip cord. Take it and slide into the burning building. There are no guards in this building so donít worry about the optic cable and such (unless you want to, because you know you wana be like bond).

In front of you when you enter should be a door. Go through it to go into the hall way, and then turn to your left, and there will be another door. Enter that one and then run to the opposite side of the room, where there will be yet another door. Go through that one and turn to your left, there will be a stair case. Run down the stairs and when down as far as possible, and STOP! Take a right and enter the hall slowly. There is a big huge fiery hole in the floor, and if you try to jump it, you will turn into a large American Secret Agent shiskabob.

To get across it you will have to use the pipe above you and cross from above. Take a left, enter the door, then go straight and enter the next door, then up the stairs, just like Grimsdottir (I think thatís how you spell it.) said. The contact is in the room on the left. Enter it and you'll find that the contact was just buried under some flaming rubble in the center of the room. But heĎs not dead so talk to him. Talk to him ( its easiest to find him with the nightvision) and leave the room using the door behind you in the corner.

Once you're in the hall you'll see a black door frame on the right side. DO NOT GO IN! That black stuff is smoke (the number 1 killer of all Americans that walk into black smoky rooms) Grimsdottir will tell you to "shoot out the sky lights" if you donĎt know what a skylight is I will beat you with a tackhammer. Hehe just kidding, skylights are windows in the ceiling. One shot will break the glass, but you'll have to wait a second before you go in there, so the smoke has time to exit. Go in and there will be a door on the right side of the room, go in there and you'll reach a save point.


Finding the Black Box Open the door and walk out onto the balcony. Run as far as you can to a wall with ivy on it, and turn to face the other balcony. Directly overhead should be a pipe, jump onto it and move as far as you can with it. When it stops you, bring up your legs and continue on to the next balcony, where immediately you should crouch down.

When you walk a little ways further, you'll here a man start talking. Here is your first guard. Stealth is not just necessary, it is now a necessity. When you reach the end of the corridor, there will be a bottle, pick it up. Still crouched, quietly sneak down through the plants, and if you canĎt see him just rotate the camera. Move down into the corner (still in the plants) Throw the bottle in front of the guard and he'll walk over to see what it is, then walk near you. Before he has a chance to fire, drop him with one shot to the temple.

There is a second guard in the apartment, and he'll hear you. Stay in the plants and keep out your gun. When he opens the door, unleash more lead into his diet. Now you must hide their bodies. I hide them in the same corner where I threw the bottle from, and if you want to drop their bodies quicker, press R2. (very funny, sometime you hear a crack sound) Go into the house. Use the computer on the right to get a data stick.

There are no guards left so you donít have to sneak around. Run through the halls until you get to a point where a door should be. On the floor there will be a Med Kit. Pick it up and use if needed. Go into the next room. On your left there is a wall in the opposite corner of the room there is a painting.

Press X near it to slide it up, revealing a computer. Use it to get a data stick containing the code to keypad for the door. Go to the door and use the keypad entering the code 091772, and walk out onto the balcony. You come out onto a balcony turn to your left, and walk to the edge of it. Here there is a zip cord, take it to cross over the street. When you get off, walk into the building and down the corridor, turn to your left and there will be a small room. Use the pipe to slide down, and open the trap. You have reached a save point.


Once it has loaded, walk to the door and use the lock pick. Open the door and immediately crouch down. In this next room, stealth is key. A drunk citizen (sitting) has passed out and two guards (walking) are watching him until police arrive. You must only kill the guards. Silently walk, and take a left being very quiet.

Then silently walk down the stairs, making sure the guards don't hear you. Creep down the stairs, and don't make a sound. There are a few ways to do this, when he/you get close enough, sneak up behind him and put him in the choke, using him as a shield, shoot the other guard in the head. Alternately, aim for the first guards head, and take him in one shot. The other guard will either see you and open fire, in which you take cover behind the tree and ice Ďem, or he will freak out and panic, and not see you, where as you ice Ďem.

Easy enough. Hide both their bodies in the dark area near the stairs. Once thatís done run to the end of the corridor and take a left. Go up the stairs and into a building, exit the building and you'll be in a plaza type area. There are no guards here yet (key word YET) so move quickly but quietly to the opposite side, where one corner (on your right) will be covered in shrubs, and there also will be a red light, take off your Night Vision to see it more clearly, but don't forget to put it back on. Go there. Crouch down, and walk into the small passage way.

Continue to the end, and there will be a room with a computer. Use the computer, get the ammo and the two Med Kits (one on the floor one on the table), and go back to the plaza area. A guard will now be patrolling, so when he comes close enough, drop him with a shot to the head before he sees you (Remember, ammo is kind of rare, make your shots count.) Move his body into the passage way. Go through the newly opened gates. Quietly walk down this next area stopping in the darkest area ( theres a roof over head)

A man will start to sway down the street, BUT DONíT KILL HIM, heís a civilian, instead knock him out silently so you don't attract attention from the guard behind him. If he makes a sound, the guard will open fire. Knock out/kill the guard, and hide both bodies. Silently walk around the bend, and there will be another patrolling guard.

If he comes too close kill him before he has a chance to act. If he walks to the end of the corridor and stays still, he will stay still for a long time, sneak up on him and knock him out, (Remember, NO need to kill when you can knock out---saves ammo) and hide his body. Now go through the gates and run to the opposite side. There will be a dumpster. Jump on to it. Do a wall jump to get over the wall (It may take a few tryís to line yourself up right) Jump down and save.


After it loads, walk down the stairs and use the optic cable on the door. When the guard turns his back, wait a second, then open the door. Silently and SLOWLY creep down. The guard will enter a door, so go near one of the brick sections of the wall and do a split jump. Wait for the guard to come back out, and when heís under you press triangle to do a drop attack. Hide his body someplace dark, and walk to the end of the hallway, and go into the room where the guard went.

Use the computer here and leave the room. Depending on you timing a guard may come out now of the room directly in front of you when you leave the room. IF not, wait until he does, cap him, hide he body from the room where he came from, and take a right and continue down the corridor. I advise shooting out the lights, but there is only on civilian left on this floor so you don't really have to.

Walk a little further and you'll see windows into a morgue, so silently enter it. There is two parts to the morgue. The first part, obviously, is the one you enter from the hallway. Depending on how you killed the guard, the civilian in the second part could have ran into the first, but all the same you must knock him out before he hits the alarm.

As soon as you reach the doorway to the second room, inch through and take out the camera on the opposite wall, and then knock out the guy if you already haven't. Get the Med Kit, and you have located Agent Blaustein and Madison, and the sub dermals, or have you? Accessing the Security System You have now been instructed to go to the top floor and access the security system.

Leave the second part of the morgue and directly in front of you is a computer. Use it to get a data stick. Leave the first part of the morgue, and take a left and go to the end of the hallway, open the door, you will reach a save point.

Part V

After it loads, go up the stairs and open the door. Take a quick right, and position yourself so that you have a clear shot at the guard through the window. Once the two people start talking and stop for a moment, kill the guard by a direct head/neck shot, and run over and knock out the civilian.

Pick up his body and hide it with the guards, use the computer, then switch off the lights. Leave the room via a door on the opposite wall of that which you came into the room. (NOT the double doors) You will reach a checkpoint. Crouch immediately. Two guards will be sitting at their desks. They are for some reason deaf and dumb. You can sneak up on each on individually, so do just that.

Hide their bodies, and go through the door on the on the far side of the room on the right side. In this room there are curtains in the middle. Silently creep through them and sneak up on the guard at the computer, and knock him out.

Use the computer, and you have accessed the security system. Congrats. Backtrack a few rooms, to where the double doors were, and you will complete the mission. Nicely done.



Note: In this mission it is imperative you save ammo! Remember, donít kill when you can render unconscious!

From the beginning walk to the small chimney and press X to rappel down press triangle to jump or you can just walk. Go down and into the window. Walk to the far end of the book case and wait for the guard to walk down and turn. Wait for him to look at the book shelf, and take him out as you see fit. Donít hide his body, it is already cloaked in darkness. At the far side of the room, above the door is a camera, shoot it. Use the computer on the desk to get a data stick. Exit the room and take a right. Use the Optic Cable on the next door and watch for the guard to walk up, then turn around.

Wait for him to turn around, then Open the door. It is impotant that you slolwly sneak up on the stationary guard first, since he is closest to the alarm. Grab him and press R2 to use him as your human shield, and shoot the patrolling guard, then knock him out. Hide them both in a dark corner. Walk back and on the right side of the room there will be a door, which leads to a stair case.

Go up it and walk across the wood planks to get a Med Kit, then go back to the door you came from. Go down one flight of stairs, and turn to your right, and start going down the second. There will be a camera on the second landing, shoot it. Go down another flight, then another but on the fourth, make sure to shoot out the camera. You must move slowly to avoid being detected, and shooting out the lights helps but is not necessary because you are saving ammo (you are right?) for this mission. After you shoot out the second camera, there are no more, so continue down to the bottom of the staircase, where you will reach a check point. Open the door and enter the parking lot.

There are two cameras here but you do not need to shoot them. Turn left and walk in between the pillars and the walls until you get to the wall, where you turn right and walk straight, until you pass the car. Take another right and walk between the pillars and the wall. You will see the driver. Wait till he goes to the corner to take a leak, then start sneaking up on him. Grab him, interrogate him, then knock him out.


Now backtrack all the way back to the room with the two guards. Go into the room at the end of the hall way that you previously could not get into. Open the door, and before you walk one step shoot the camera thatís directly above you. Then jump on the desk, and jump up into the trap door. You will reach a save point. When its loaded, turn on your night vision and walk through the air ducts. (you'll have to crouch down.)

You will soon see a quick cut scene with a chef. Continue through the rest of the ducts and drop down. When you land, quickly turn around and switch off the lights. Then sit back, and listen to a very funny conversation. Once it is over, the guard will exit the room, so you can sneak up on the chef and knock him out. Hide his body in the kitchen, then turn off the lights.

Open the door, crouch down and sneak up on the guard that had just been in the kitchen. Grab him and move him into a corner, then turn out the lights. The light switch is on the wall in between the coke machines and the two chairs. Go back into the kitchen and grab the bottle on the counter. You will need it for the next room. Leave the kitchen and go back down the corridor where the guard was standing.

There should be a staircase, so quietly go down it. You will soon hear a guard talking. Once you get down the stairs, turn right and walk up to the guard rail. One both side of you there will be stair cases, and there is one guard directly below you, and one guard on patrol. Stand up and throw the bottle at the guard directly below you. If it connects, it will knock him out, if not, you'll have to kill him, and the other guard. If you miss, the guards will get suspicious, but quietly wait, and the guard will return to staying still.

This is the best time to kill him. Kill the other guard before he has a chance to ring the alarm, and hide their bodies underneath the stair case. After you eliminate the guards, use the comp, you'll be instructed that a Colonel is coming .Colonels are the only people that can open retinal scanners, so you need to sneak up on him, take him over to the scanner, and stuff his face into it. Bring him under the stairs where you hid the guards, knock him out, and take his satchel. It contains a Med Kit, use it if necessary.

Go through the door the scanner opened, and you have reached a check point. After it saves, you will hear the whir of a camera. Shoot it out and go through the double doors. The best way I have found is to, go B2W and moving left untill you reach the corner, take out your pistol and shoot it. It doesnít matter how you shoot it, just that you do.

In this next room, which is the courtyard, you need to laser mic the conversation. In the short cutscene, the elevator is marked by a blue flourescent light. Take off your night vision and look for it. It will be directly in front of you, a little to your left. Scroll your inventory for your laser mic (it looks like a microphone) and shoot it at the elevator. The elevator Move upward, so make sure you are moving it up, keeping the bow in the center of the targeting reticule red.


As soon as you hear Lambert speak, get out of the Laser Mic, and switch back to the gun. There are two guards now, the first one on patrol. Before he sees you, shoot him dead, then turn around and wait for the other guard to come out of the double doors. There is a dark area right in front of you I reccommend hiding in, but the gravel is loud so its not really worth it.

The guard that was on patrol has a satchel containing a data stick, and the other guard doesn't have anything. Hide their bodies in one of the dark areas, the best place is in the shrubs. After the guards bodies are hidden, run to the opposite side of the courtyard, and get the Med kit on the wall. On the other side of the double door (which you can't open) there is a fence. Climb up the fence, and you will reach a save point. When it loads you'll be in a corridor with a door that has a counter above it.

Actually, its an elevator, and those are the floors. You are going to want to run to your right and hide in the very dark area. Two soldiers (with automatic guns, no less) will come out of the elevator. One will walk near you, and the other will walk to the opposite side. When he turns around, silently walk into the elevator, and press up. When it reaches the seventh floor, get off. When you get off go B2W on the pop machine. Use B2W shooting to take out the camera.

Get off B2W and look down the hallway. There will be a guard on patrol. You must shoot him. Two other guards will run down the hall way after you shoot him. Take out one before he starts shooting, and start shooting at the second. Head shots help save ammo but they have Fully automatic weapons, so donít bother aiming.. If you drop them in the hallway, you don't need to hide them because the hallway is already dark. Go to the end of the corridor and turn right.

At the end of this corridor, there is a camera, shoot it. Then, turn right and go into the lounge/cafeteria area. Use both computers on the desks and get two data sticks then exit the lounge. continue down the corridor and take another right. At the end of this corridor, you will see a trap, but you can't get up so it doesn't matter. Open the first door on your right, and get the med kit and ammo, then climb the ladder and open the trap to the roof. Turn right and walk You will come to a duct type thing, jump on top of it.

Look for the small chimney on top of the duct, and rappel down. You're going to want to walk down the wall, so you don't break the glass. When the guard in the room sits down in the chair, shoot him in the head. This one shot will break the glass, so enter the room. Pick up the guards satchel to get a frag grenade, something that will help in a few minutes. Use the computer and Lambert will talk to you, and you have to keep on using the computer to relay more data back to Lambert. Just keep tapping X, and soon you will hear a guy on the radio say that Nikoladze's office has been entered. Just keep tapping X, don't pay any attention to it.

If somebody does come in, duck down, and shoot him, or wait until he leaves. Sooner or later, Lambert will say "thatís the end of it". Time for some serious strategy. If the door is already open, chuck the Frag Grenade in there, then wait till it blows up, then run for the door. If not, open it, then throw it. When you step out of the room, you will reach a check point.

Turn left, and go to the door that has a red light above its door. Run down the stairs, and grab the Med Kit, and use it if necessary. When you open the next door, there will be a guard there, so shoot him as quick as possible. Once heís dead, there is an opening behind him. Slowly move to the edge, and he will grab on, and press triangle to let go.

Keep on pressing triangle to get down to the ground floor. You now are in the parking lot. Run to where the driver was, there will be a guard in front of you, but he will be killed by Vernon Wilkes, the field runner. Walk up to him to end the mission.

To be continued...

[Note: Please show respect for the author -- do not take this walkthrough and claim it as your own. Thanks.]

© Copyright 2003 PlayStation Pro 2