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Home > Game Guides > Xenosaga: Episode 1 Walkthrough

Xenosaga: Episode 1 Guide
By: Derek Croft

Last Updated: May 14, 2003

Chapter 1 Woglinde

The chapter begins in deep space where the Woglinde (a large space ship) and it's fleet, salvage an ancient artifact, called the Zohar. Several salvage operators disappear when they come into contact with the artifact but it is eventually successfully contained and placed on-board the Woglinde. This is when the story starts. You start as Shion Uzuki in the KOS-MOS research facility on-board the Woglinde.

When you get control of your character, head directly to your left and climb the ladder. Shoot the red container inside the room on the second level to take out the enemy there. Open the door and grab the treasure. Go back down the ladder and take the path on the right that leads slightly down. Destroy the yellow container when the enemy is near it on the upper level to take it out. Then destroy the pickup truck. Climb to the upper level and either fight or avoid the enemy and duck into the open door into the main building.

Once inside the facility, head up the stairs and around to the left. Take out the enemy by watching your "radar" and waiting until he is off the screen to the left. Walk over to the yellow container and wait until he gets close and destroy the container to take him out. Head straight down and outside on the catwalk and grab the treasure chest. Head back up and kill the guard. Then head to the left and up. You will see another cut scene and a fight before the save crystal.

Drone SPX
HP: 280
Weak: Lightning
Item: Med Kit S

Have Shion call her A.G.W.S. and then attack once with a 2 AP attack using KOS-MOS. Then attack using Shion's A.G.W.S. Then perform a combo with KOS-MOS and another attack using Shion. That should easily finish him off.

After the battle, save the game and head to the right. Climb down the ladder and enter the room to the south. Destroy the crates and grab the treasure. One of the crates will have an enemy in it and you will get a little popup about crates containing enemies sometimes too. You will notice if you head to the right that you are now back at the beginning on the other side of the piled up shelves and boxes.

Examine the door and head back to the save point. Head to the right and into the room. Grab the key on the desk and you will get a message saying the enemies have been changed and re-calibrated to detect loud noises. From here on out utilize the the R2 button to walk and not attract attention. Destroy the debris blocking the exit to the right of the room and leave. "WALK" down the stairs to the right and use the key on the large bay door for another boss battle.

Drone GX
HP: 420
Weak: Slash
Item: Ether Pack S

Have Shion call her A.G.W.S. and attack with her sword weapon. This Gnosis is vulnerable to slash attacks so two of these will take it out.

After the battle a cut scene will show Xenogears players a familiar face.

To be continued...

[Note: Please show respect for the author -- do not take this walkthrough and claim it as your own. Thanks.]

© Copyright 2003 PlayStation Pro 2