PlayStation Pro 2.0 - Eidos officially announces Hitman: Contracts

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Eidos officially announces Hitman: Contracts

December 16, 2003

Eidos today revealed the third installment in its multi-million selling Hitman series, titled Hitman: Contracts. Developed by Io Interactive, Hitman: Contracts is scheduled to be released on the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, Xbox, and PC in spring 2004.

"Hitman: Contracts will reveal a new side to Hitman," said Janos Flosser, managing director of Io Interactive. "The game will be epic, highly disturbing, but most importantly an enjoyable experience. The technology we are employing will make it one of the most advanced games on the market."

Players will once again take on the role of Agent 47, a highly trained assassin from the first and and second installments of the Hitman series. Hitman: Contracts begins in Paris, where Agent 47 has managed to become wounded and trapped in a dangerous situation. Nothing else was revealed regarding the storyline, but Hitman: Contracts promises to be the darkest and most disturbing chapter in the series yet.

Along with a more mature plot, Hitman: Contracts will feature an improved control system, a larger arsenal of firearms and close-combat weapons, and a brand new graphics engine built from the ground up.

"The Hitman series has massive mainstream appeal and is already well established as one of the industry’s biggest original intellectual properties," said Mike McGarvey, CEO of Eidos.

We'll have more information on Hitman: Contracts when it becomes available. While you wait, check out the new Hitman trailer we received from Eidos today in our media section by clicking on the link below.

-Matt C.

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