James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing Preview

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James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing
By: Matt C. on June 7, 2003

Publisher: EA Games | Developer: EA | Genre: Action
Release: February 2004 | # of Players: 1-4 | Rating: Teen

I don't know how I missed this, but James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing will indeed have multiplayer support. Four-player multiplayer arena modes will be available as usual, but this time EA is finally putting in some 2-player co-op missions as well.

Bond will travel to several locales, including Moscow, Egypt, Peru, and New Orleans. We'll have more later.

June 1, 2003 Update

There are already two James Bond games on the PlayStation 2, and as expected, the third installment appears to be the best of the bunch. And that's saying a lot, as the previous Bond title, NightFire, is arguably the best 007 related videogame since Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64.

Instead of playing through the game in a classic first-person perspective, James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing has you controlling James Bond in a third-person view, much like Splinter Cell and Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain. As a result, Everything or Nothing will have an auto-aim and target lock-on feature, complete with green indicators over each bad guy. You can even grab stuff in the environment and throw them at enemies.

And once again, some missions in Everything or Nothing will be all about driving. Except this time, you'll eventually have access to tanks, helicopters, dirt bikes, and typical sports cars. In some situations, the player can choose which vehicle he or she wants to use. Of course, you'll be able to take advantage of a nice variety of powerful weapons and gadgets while using said vehicles. Lastly, Shannon Elizabeth (American Pie) is going to be the official Bond Girl in James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing. As you can tell from the screenshots below, charismatic Pierce Brosnan will also reprise his role as Bond himself. And yes, Brosnan will be jumping in the recording studio this time to provide his voice for the game.

Personally, I am not too keen on the third-person perspective, but this game appears to be just as exciting as NightFire, so I shouldn't be complaining. Everything or Nothing will be out this November. Additional details (such as a possible multiplayer mode) will be posted when we receive it.

James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing Screenshot James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing Screenshot 2 James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing Screenshot 3

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