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NFL Street
By: Matt C. on July 22, 2003

Publisher: EA Sports | Developer: EA Tiburon | Genre: Football |
Release: Out Now | # of Players: 1-4 (+ online)| Rating: RP

Wanna see NFL Street in action? Check out the new movie that we have posted for it.

NFL Street Trailer (7.52 MB)

* To download, LEFT click on the link. Using "save target as" will not work.

July 9, 2003 Update

Given the huge success of NBA Street and NBA Street Vol. 2, it comes to very little surprise that Electronic Arts today announced a new member of its EA BIG lineup, dubbed NFL Street. Revealed at the California-based company's annual Camp EA press event, NFL Street, which is being developed by the same guys behind the legendary Madden NFL franchise, promises to deliver the same adrenaline-packed gameplay found in NBA Street and Midway's NFL Blitz series.

Keeping with tradition, NFL Street reduces the number of players on the field with seven-on-seven gameplay. Other rule changes include the omission of all penalties, field goals, punts, and extra-points. In addition, the game will feature outrageous tackles, jukes, passes, pitches, and a turbo button to make players run more quickly. And much like NBA Street, there will be a trick system that allows the user to rack up "showboat" points. Earn enough points and your team will enter "gamebreaker" mode, which gives you the opportunity to plow through the opposing team or knock the ball loose on defense.

The game can be played on various surfaces as well -- including grass, sand, and mud.

NFL Street will offer more than 300 current NFL stars and legends such as Barry Sanders. Users can also create his or her own team using 40 randomly selected NFL stars. On top of that, gamers can build his or her own custom teams using the robust Create-A-Player mode. Here, you can edit your custom player's clothes, hairstyle, tattoos, and more. As you progress through the game, development points can be earned to beef up your created player's attributes.

Lastly, the PlayStation 2 version of NFL Street can be played online with gamers all around the country. As usual, a broadband connection is recommended for best results. If online gaming isn't your style, NFL Street will provide a four person cooperative or head to head mode.

Expect more information when it becomes available.

NFL Street Screenshot NFL Street Screenshot 2 NFL Street Screenshot 3

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