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The Suffering
By: Matt C. on June 9, 2003

Publisher: Midway | Developer: Surreal Software | Genre: Survival Horror
Release: March 2004 | # of Players: 1 | Rating: Mature

The PlayStation 2 has its share of bloody games, but The Suffering, Midway Games' upcoming entry into the survival horror genre, appears to be bloodiest of them all. Just glancing at the screenshots below makes Resident Evil look like an episode of Blue's Clues on Nickelodeon. "No children, the man in the 'pictars' didn't spill Kool-Aid all over himself."

The Suffering places gamers into the blood soaked shoes of Torque, a man who is next in line for execution when all hell breaks loose in the maximum-security prison that he lives in. This gives him a chance to escape, but the same creatures and ghosts (designed by Stan Winston) that created the diversion aren't looking for friends. They are out to kill everyone they encounter. Some foes you will fight include executed prisoners that have been brought back to life. Don't worry though, prison guards that can be found along the way will use their sidearms to help bring down enemies (12 different types of monsters in all) and open doors to other areas.

Of course, puny handguns never seem to get the job done these days, so Torque will be able to utilize ten different weapons -- including shotguns, Tommy guns, and magnums, which can be used John Woo style. In addition, if you fill Torque's rage meter, he will turn into a savage beast, complete with several extremely long claws on each hand.

The Suffering also features nine levels, some indoors and outdoors, and a total of three distinct endings. The game is primarily played in a third-person view, but users can switch to a first-person perspective whenever they wish.

By the time 'The Suffering' ends, you'll find out whether Torque actually committed murder or not. More information and screenshots will be posted once we receive it.

The Suffering Screenshot The Suffering Screenshot 2 The Suffering Screenshot 3

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