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By: Matt C. on June 3, 2003

Publisher: Sega of America | Developer: Pseudo Interactive | Genre: Action/Adventure
Release: TBA 2004 | # of Players: 1 | Rating: Rating Pending

Long time Sega fans will remember an enjoyable side-scrolling action title called Vectorman, which was released on the legendary Sega Genesis in 1995. The game didn't turn out quite as popular as Sega wanted, but it still managed to produce solid reviews from publications.

As the title suggests, players are once again cast into the metal shoes of Vectorman; a modular robotic soldier, who is looking for his creator, Aura, and free his land (Gamma 6) from an oppressive robot dictator, named Volt, bent on galactic conquest. This time, Vectorman is played from a third-person view, but the overall action-based gameplay remains relatively the same (although you don't have to go through the entire game with guns-blazing). Vectorman himself will have access to 15 different weapons and 25 high-tech upgrades -- including Incinerators, Freon Cannons, Starblasters, Bazookas, and Grapplers.

Of course, this next-generation update to the Sega Genesis classic still takes advantage of the PlayStation 2 hardware. For starters, Vectorman features an advanced physics engine that allows for massively destructible, fully interactive 3D environments. Want to topple over that pillar to crush that imposing bad guy ahead of you? No problem. According to Sega, the game will also provide a feeling of being in a living and breathing world, thanks to complex artificial intelligence, with Orbots going about their daily lives, working and reacting to your actions. In addition, enemies will take cover when fired upon and use different strategies in an attempt to disable you.

We'll have more on the PlayStation 2 version of Vectorman soon.

Vectorman Screenshot Vectorman Screenshot 2

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