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Ice Nine
By: Matt C. on December 9, 2002

Publisher: BAM! Entertainment | Developer: Torus Games | Genre: FPS |
Release: February 2003 | # of Players: 1 | Rating: RP

Here's an interesting fact: Ice Nine is loosely based on an upcoming movie called The Recruit. So why does the game have a different title than the movie? Well, as Ice Nine was in development, BAM! realized that it had the chance to expand on the storyline found in the movie. As a result, the title was changed since it is no longer fully dedicated to the Hollywood film.

The words "Ice Nine" refers to a computer virus that is capable of spreading via power lines and destroying major power plants. Unfortunately, Chinese terrorists get a hold of the virus, and as a rookie CIA agent named James Clayton, it is up to you to neutralize the threat. Sure, the storyline sounds simple, but much like Metal Gear Solid 2, the plot becomes more and more complex as you progress through Ice Nine. There will be some branching points in the game that will eventually lead to two possible endings.

Don't let the screenshots below fool you -- Ice Nine is played in a first-person perspective and it will mostly consist of stealth-based gameplay. In fact, stealth is a major key to being successful in the game. Your initial arsenal will include a silenced pistol and a PDA. The PDA can be used to download new information or act as a taser gun.

Of course, using pure stealth can only go so far -- so after dispatching an enemy guard, you can take his weapon and clothing to gain access to more areas. However, if you act suspicious, other guards will take notice. And if the crap hits the fan, Ice Nine has roughly 20 or so weapons for you to use. These include sniper rifles (naturally), assault rifles, remote mines, and more.

Ice Nine also features an impressive physics system. Apparently, almost every object that isn't bolted into the ground can be moved or kicked around. If you accidentally bump into an object, it will probably shake realistically.

Although still early in development, Ice Nine appears to have a lot of potential. When BAM! passes us some more information and screenshots, we'll make sure to share it with you guys.

Ice Nine Screenshot Ice Nine Screenshot 2 Ice Nine Screenshot 3

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